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Monday, August 24, 2009

All About Blushes! My blushes as of August '09

It's pretty much obvious by now that I am a blush girl. I love how it brings a pop of color on my cheeks and make my otherwise boring life a little more colorful. :) But I have this very bad habit of reselling my blushes when I no longer feel the love for them. Only last week, I sold 2 of my pretty blushes- The Balm Hot Mama and Pop Beauty Blush Cake in Pretty in Pink - with the hopes of finding them a better owner. I think Hot Mama was lucky as she found refuge on someone I have met a decade ago. Funny because I only realized how familiar her name was when I was about to ship her item. We met at Ateneo's SEP classes way back in '98 or '99. Such a small world, she is a fellow eBayer and GirlTalker. One of the nicest gals I've met. As for Pop Beauty, I dunno, I hope her new owner loves her the way I did. Anyway, here's a photo of my blushes up to date. I have 21 of them but I cannot find one so I only have 20 on the picture.

TOP: VS Very Sexy Mosaic Blush in Afterglow, NARS Deep Throat, NARS Orgasm, Shu Uemura Tranquil Pink, ELF Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder

2nd ROW: T. Le Clerc Powder Blush in Brun Rose, MAC Mineralized Blush Grand Duo in Intenso, MAC BPB Joyous, NYX Mosaic Powder Blush in Paradise, Physician's Formula Baked Blush in Baked Berry, Ever Bilena Powder Blush in Cheek

3rd ROW: Kryolan TC2 Blusher, Kryolan T1 Blusher, Elianto Baked Blush in Plum Red, Clinique All Over Face Color in Peony, ELF GlowPalladio Shimmer Strips in Beige, Neutrogena Plum Blush

BOTTOM: Covergirl Tanfastic in Soleil, Ellana Lip & Cheek Tint in Ruby

Sorry for the crappy photos. The pictures do not give enough justice to the pretty blushes. :(

I know this isn't much as compared to what other girls have. I might add two more this week if I feel like it. :P

Anyway, I had my nails done late this afternoon.

French tips on the toe nails. :P

And check out my meds. >_< Good thing they're not in syrup form. :P


  1. I love your nails, very girly!

    hey you have a huge blush collection!
    And do get well soon! that's a lot of medication!

  2. wow!
    that's a lot!

    how awesome
    is The Balm Hot Mama actually a dupe of Nars orgasm?
    i just heard it

    love the nails

    lots of meds...
    i know how it feels
    i have lots of meds too

    hope you feel better asap,girl

  3. wow, nahiya ako sa blush collection ko, it's like the mini version of your collection haha

  4. Nikki, thanks. I'm a minimalist when it comes to nail polish :)

    But I want more blushes! ^_^

    Yeah, that's a lot of meds. Thank you. :)

    Thiamere, Hot Mama is somewhat a dead ringer dupe of Orgasm but it's more powdery and more pink.

    It feels awful to have to take lotsa meds, right? :(

    Thank yo for the hug. :P

    Lelila, you have mostly MACS and NARS blushes, I saw your collection. :P They're all pretty. Naku, what more if we get to see other GTalkers' blushes, baka mini pa yung sa akin. :P

  5. that is soo weird.. had myt nails done last saturday, had my fingernails french-tipped and my toe nails painted in almost the same hue as your fingernails.. :P

  6. Haha! Yeah, that sounds weird. Almost the same. :P


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