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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Product Review: Marionnaud N32 Slanted Blusher Brush

Can I just say "Eureka!!!" first?! It was love at first... uh, touch? with this blush brush. I saw this yesterday at Watson's Market Market while checking out some of the items they have on sale. I wasn't sure if customers are allowed to open the case as there is some sort of a lock but naughty me managed to discreetly open one so I can brush it at the back of my hand. See, we can't just buy brushes without first feeling the bristles as they may be scratchy and hurt the skin, right? What got me even more excited is the price. It's on sale for only PHP153! I forgot the original price but it's not more than PHP200. Here are some pictures.

It comes in a resealable plastic pouch which can be used as a pencil case or a liner case or whatever purpose you think it might have. Let's re-use and recycle such things to help save the Earth. :P

A closer look at the bristles.

The logos.

Side by side with MAC 188.

What I like:
- The bristles are made of synthetic fibers, thus, making it super soft.
- Bristles aren't scratchy.
- Angle is just right for contouring.
- Dense.
- Looks posh and not cheap, given the cheap price tag. See side by side pic with MAC. They kinda look the same.
- Did not shed after 2 washes. Bled a little but at least I got rid of the dye.
- Not made of animal hair.
- Cheap. Sale price is PHP153, original price is not more than PHP200.
- Has a reusable zip pouch.
- Locally available at some Watson's branches and Marionnaud.

What I don't like:

Overall rating: 5/5
Will I buy again? Yes! I hope there will still be stocks of this brush next week even if it's no longer on sale. Planning to buy one for blushes and use this one for bronzers.

Was supposed to review this next week but I'm really excited to share with you guys how nice this brush is so I decided to do it today. I've had this brush only for a day but that's how much I like this brush.

Happy Saturday! :P


  1. Oh my gosh!! I wish I saw this and I wish it's available in the Watson's stores near me! I'm pretty sure it will always be OOS, but wow. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these.

  2. Chrissy, this is an inexpensive brush yet it is of good quality. Go get one when you see one. :P

  3. I saw this on here @ SM Bacoor. they've got also brush set.Too bad, I didn't get a chance to get those! :(

  4. Nurseonduty, I saw the brush sets too. They were also on sale for only PHP236, I think. I checked out the brushes but I found them to be a little too small for my liking but the case is nice though. Too bad you weren't able to get any. :(

  5. this looks interesting pammy sa marrinaud siya available?

  6. Shobe, I think this is available at some Watson's branches. It's probably available at Marionnaud too but I'm not sure.

  7. wow, the price is really good! Glad you found it! I haven't been shopping much recently!

  8. I saw this one at Watson's Ayala Cebu last weekend. But I was hesitant to open the zip lock. Thanks for this review!

  9. You're welcome, Ran. This brush is really nice, I just bought a back up today. :P

  10. d brush seems promising. bcoz of ur review i got myself one of this and a powder brush. wasnt disappointed. i trust ur reviews. stay pretty.

  11. Thanks for trusting my reviews, Maila. Such kind words from you. :) Oh no, na-BI ba kita? :P

  12. Sis Pammy, after reading your positive review about this brush, I immediately asked my friend who lives in manila to buy me this. And I am not even a second regretful because this is under uber nice. I like it even better than the stippling of Etude. Aside from this brush, what other brush would you reco? will ask my friend to get me a back-up of this na ASAP. thanks again.

  13. Emily, I haven't tried any of their other brushes at the moment but I am planning to get their retractable brush next week. :P I'm glad that you like this brush and will also get a back up of this. ;D

  14. hi! i bought this brush because of this review, and i'm so glad i did! i featured your blog and this review in my blog.. here's the link:

  15. Laarni, I'm glad this review helped and the brush did not disappoint you. Thanks for featuring my blog and this post. :P

  16. bought their pointed eyeliner brush that looks like MAC's pencil brush and i super love it! ito next buy ko.. di pa ako bumili nito last time coz i thought scratchy sha..

  17. Khymm, this brush is definitely not scratchy, I promise. :P I have two and they're both super soft. :)


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