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Sunday, May 20, 2012

In the Limelight: Becca Beach Tint in Guava - A Product Review

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts once again, I have been spending my nights and the past couple of Sundays reading the books I have yet to read. Anyway, over the years, I have read that lip and cheek tints are perfect for summer. They last fairly better for oily-skinned individuals when the summer heat has the ability to melt your makeup as compared powder blushes. That's why I have been alternating between my Becca Beach Tint in Guava and powder blushes. Now, as I type this post, it is raining and it feels awesome but it was freaking hot earlier so I am not so sure if summer is over or if it's here to stay. Same thing as yesterday on our way home from a training in Nueva Viscaya, the rain was crazy and we had to stop and limit our speed to 20kph because the wind was unbelievably strong as well. Luckily, we got home safely this morning. And before I stray from the topic, I'll go ahead and review the product in the limelight tonight.

What I like:

  • On most times, I easily get overwhelmed by scents. This isn't one of those. When I first unscrewed the cover, I noticed the scent which I am really fond of. It smells fruity and simply nice.
  • The shade is a very very pretty medium pink with a slight hint of coral. I can't say that the shade is very natural but you know how non-powder blushes look more natural, right?
  • It is not as watery as other lip & cheek tints and has more of a water-gel consistency. It is easy to spread and does not dry quickly. I do not have a hard time blending this on my cheeks.
  • Pigmentation is decent. I only need two dots on each cheek to see some color.
  • The packaging is cute. Nothing too fancy and I actually find the nozzle pretty easy to control as compared to those in pumps. I find it more hygienic than those with doe-foot applicators.
  • No allergic reactions and no break outs in using this product.
  • Locally available in Adora, Greenbelt.

What I don't like:
  • Most people claim that it lasts a very long time on them but it proves otherwise in my case. It is there for only 3-4 hours.
  • The tube is very tiny and contains only 7mL of product. Since its consistency is like that of a water-gel, it seems less than liquidy products. So you have to use very little unless you want to use it up pretty quickly.
  • Pretty pricey for $25 and definitely costs more here in the PH. Php 1750, if I am not mistaken. *feel free to correct me though*
  • Drying on the lips.

Overall rating: 4/5 I still gave it a 4 because I love the color, the scent, and the consistency. Even though it does not last as long on me as it does on others, I still gave it a 4. It might just be me.

Will I buy again? I am contemplating on whether I should get a back up of this shade or go for Watermelon instead.

Tip: Before squeezing out some product, shake it as hard as you can because the oil in it tends to separate from the pigment. Not good if you're in such a hurry. Having to shake it a lot sometimes annoy me so I sometimes put it in the fridge and let it stay for a couple of minutes and when it's out, it's already in gel form. Saves me time and energy. :)

Swatch | On me

Have you tried Becca Beach Tints?

Have a great week, super awesome peeps! :)

Disclaimer: Product is purchased using the sponsorship funds from Apothica.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

DUPED: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural - Fake Alert!

Remember the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural - Light on my previous posts that even became part of my Current Favorites last February? Yes, that one. It is FAKE. I liked it initially but that didn't last long so I sold it. And unfortunately and fortunately, the person who purchased it is much more aware of the fake MAC circulating in the market and is much more vigilant when it comes to such products. Unfortunate that she got the MAC MSF from me and fortunately, she informed me and now I know I also got a fake one.

Sadly though, I have stopped using MAC products a couple of years ago and I have never used a MAC MSF before - just the blushes, blot powder, studio fix, lipsticks, lip glasses and brushes,all of which I have all purchased from the store - so I am not familiar with the qualities of the MSF Natural and simply relied heavily on the sellers' positive feedback. Yes, I know that it's no longer safe to buy such products online but little did I know that these darn (pardon my language) counterfeiters are getting damn good at it! I used to think that I can tell fake makeup just by looking at the pictures but I guess that is no longer the case.

If you need to know more about FAKE MAC MSFs being sold online at almost the same cost as the authentic ones in stores (just a couple of hundreds cheaper though), please go to this post by Jaime of Mizzmakeup.

Embarrassing as it may seem, I was duped. Lesson learned, though. :)

Have a blessed Sunday and an awesome week ahead, everyone. :)



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