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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Product Review: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup (Liquid Foundation)

Whether your skin is dry, dry-combination, combination-oily, or oily, there will always be a foundation that will suit your skin type. That is the reason why there are different types of foundation - powder, liquid, creme or stick, mousse, gel, loose, etc. Having a combination-oily skin, I have stayed away from anything other than powder foundations as I have been told by many that that is the most recommended type for such skin. But being the curious cat that I am, I tried other types.

I have tried Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel foundation, Palladio Rice Stick Foundation, Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, Kryolan TV Paint Stick, Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse Foundation, and Revlon Colorstay Liquid. While some of them worked for me, I wasn't entirely satisfied with the results. So I stopped trying other forms and decided to stick with my trusty ol' powder foundations.

It wasn't until I read about Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup that I once again wanted to try a liquid foundation. Since most of the raves came from oily-skinned individuals, I knew I had to try it. And I did last August. I was easily matched with a shade - Sand - and even though I do not usually allow SAs/MAs to apply makeup on me, I agreed without hesitation. I was even more impressed that the SA wasn't pushing me to immediately buy it. She even told me that she just wanted me to see how this foundation works, which doesn't happen everyday on my encounters with different SAs. I was satisfied that I immediately included this on my lemming list.

I sort of forgot about my lemming for this foundation but when I passed by Rustan's Gateway Mall and saw the Estee Lauder counter, I once again remembered how much I wanted this. I was really happy when I finally got my hands on what I can say my HG liquid foundation. And you'll find out why I consider this my HG.

I love the gold cap. It gives the bottle a luxurious feel. Plus this foundation has a shelf life of 24 months so I have 2 years to finish this up and it won't definitely go to waste.

I was matched with 2W1 Sand 26, which, I think is the second lightest shade (next to Bone) on the W category. I based it on the shade chart at the Estee Lauder website.

What I like:
- The shade Sand matches my skin tone perfectly as it has enough warm tones in it.
- This foundation is indeed long-wearing and lasting power is superb! Since my T-zone is oily, I am expecting to see some shine on it in a few hours. There was a little shine but not as shiny as when I use other powder foundations. It's actually more of a dewy look. I've had this on for 9 hours now and though it doesn't look like it's freshly applied, I still have foundation on and it doesn't look greasy and ugly.
-Does not break me out. I would usually get a pimple or maybe even more overnight if I try a new product that doesn't work with my skin and I did not get any with this foundation despite its being long-wearing.
- It does not look unnatural or make me look made up. It blends well with my skin and looks as if it's my second skin. Of course, I had to wait for a few minutes for it to totally blend.
- Unlike other foundations, this is absorbed by the skin and does not sit on top of it. Therefore, I don't look like a have a layer of mask or cement on my face. It doesn't feel heavy (could very well be due to the fact that I apply a very thin layer of this on my face).
- It smells just a bit like foundation but nothing really unpleasant as it does not trigger my allergic rhinitis.
- A little goes a long way. I only need a pea-sized amount to cover my face and neck.
- It has SPF10 so I know my skin is still protected even if I skip sunblock.
- It does not transfer to cloth and tissue unless you rub it too hard. Basically transfer-resistant.
- I only had to use very little concealer on my under eyes. Coverage is amazing and has a flawless finish.
- The packaging is really sturdy. I once dropped it on the floor and though there were a few hairline scratches, there was no crack on the bottle. Whew! (My friend told me I went pale like a ghost when I dropped it.)

What I don't like:
- This isn't really a cheap foundation as it costs PHP1900 so with the price, I think it would've been better if it came with a pump to also make it more hygienic. I have to use a spatula to get just the right amount of product as I might spill too much if I just let it pour out of the bottle.
- I have a few dry patches on my cheeks and this emphasizes them so I have to slather on a lot of moisturizer on my cheeks.
- The price may be too much for some but come to think of it, this is a foundation that can last for more than a year so you can do the math. Math is my Achilles' heel. :P
- You have to be like Flash Gordon in blending it on your face - it dries easily and may look blotchy.
- I'm just sad that this doesn't work very well with my Kryolan Anti Shine Powder.

Overall rating: 4.75/5 This gives me the coverage I need and keeps oil at bay in a superb way.

Will I buy again? YES! I would in a heartbeat as I think this is "The One". :D

Tip: S
ince this is recommended for those with combi-oily skin, dry to dry-combi skinned individuals may have a hard time using this foundation. Simply mix it with your moisturizer for a much lighter feel and for something that isn't matte and drying. :)

I badly wish it came with a pump. :(



A few minutes upon application, no setting powder. As you can see, it is not totally matte.

After 5 hours. I had to blot my nose though. You can see a streak on my chin-cheek.I brushed my teeth and I must've wiped hard enough to create that streak. :P

Have you found your HG liquid foundation? :)

Happy Tuesday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. This foundation looks awesome. I'll definitely check it out on my next visit to Rustan's. Lovely post! :)

  2. Bec, thank you. Go check this out and I hope you'll like it when you do. :)

  3. Ooh cheaper than NARS. I should probably check this out. Sana naman may shade match ako!

  4. Mel, the SAs at Shang are really helpful in finding the right shade. I hope there is a shade for you. :)

  5. Ohh, the foundation looks awesome. Agree with bec. I wonder how much you spend for makeup. It seems like your reviewing a makeup everyday. LOL! I can't imagine myself spending lots money for makeup (especially expensive makeup ones). Hahaha! I lied. Maybe, someday. When I get to earn my own money. Anyways, nice review. :) I always drop by to see your new reviews!

  6. Lysa, thanks for always checking out my reviews. Haha! Not all of these makeup I'm reviewing are new. I've been using some of them for almost a year now. I haven't been buying much makeup lately. Yeah, I'll look forward to that day. :P

  7. the foundation sounds nice, i'm always looking out for a good foundation that is long wearing and keeps my oilies at bay and doesn't oxidize on me :)

  8. Hi pammy, I'm sold by your review :)
    will definitely check this out and also the shu FA. Can't wait na for my payday. hahahaha.

    Been using revlon's colorstay, I must say it's really good but I need another foundie to play around with.

  9. Haven't tried much of EL products on makeup, I think the closest I've tried is their lippie! :) thanks for this review

  10. Amy, that's what I was looking for in a foundation and I found it with this one. :)

    maria, yey! I hope you'll like it when I check this out. I checked out Shu FA too but I read on some reviews as makeupalley that it's not long wearing and it won't last on my skin. :)

    Nikki, I think this is only the second EL makeup I've tried, the first being one of their mascaras. :)

  11. thanks for the review!!! i haven't tried anything from EL, but i know i will ;)

  12. Jennifer, you're welcome. I hope you'll like whatever your first EL product will be. :P

  13. it looks very nice and natural on ur skin but hmmm... the packaging isn't such hygienic :( for those money i want get 5 stars foundation! Thanx for the detailed review!

  14. Anastacia, yeah, that's my biggest beef about this product - it's pump-less. :(

  15. sounds like a very nice liq. foundation, i should check this out, just like others here, i was sold on your review. thank you for making comprehensive and well written reviews on products. love reading your blog, btw.

  16. Why do you always have to review expensive make up? Can you not use cheap and local one? Not everyone of all of us can afford all of the make up that you use. Use cheap one so we can find good cheap make up and not too bad for our pockets. t

  17. Jena, thank you. I hope you get to try it. :)

    Anonymous, I have reviewed a lot of inexpensive products on this blog, drugstore and local brands. :)

  18. My HG foundation is Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse in the summer & Missha Perfect Cover BB cream in the winter.

  19. Tammy, glad to know you have HG's! I have that liquid mousse too though I have not used it yet. And I break out with Missha. :(

  20. LOL at the .75. Estee almost made a perfect score on your list!

    Wear it naman when we catch up. Are the Estee people in Gateway not tamad in matching shades? I got my Clinique Superfit from Gateway and sadly, not a good match. Sayang, i loved the feel pa naman...

  21. Argie, almost! If it weren't for the pump and drying quickly, it would've gotten a 5! I will. I'm not sure, I haven't tried checking out the Estee counter in Gateway. I'll give you a sample if you want when we meet. :P

  22. I love this foundation too... I guess it is my fav

  23. Beauty Addict, glad you also love this foundation :)

  24. I was at the mall earlier and then I remembered your review. I went home with this foundation. This review is such an enabler.

  25. Anonymous, oh no! Still, I hope you'll love this foundation as much as I do! :P

  26. dear pammy,

    I'm using MAC NC25, what ELDW foundy shade do you suggest for me? is it sand? or ivory beige?

    help me..
    thanks in advance :)

  27. ohhhh we share the same shade! what a coincidence :)
    I long to see the blogger which has the same shade with me...
    thank God i found you hahahaha

    this is gonna be my very first EL product :) yaaaay

    thanks Pammy

  28. @nixnako Yey! Good luck on your first EL product. I hope it'll be a good one. :)

  29. you can use a pump from MAC that they sell individually and it fits perfectly...u just have to trim the stem a tiny bit

  30. how much is the EL in singapore?


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