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Monday, November 8, 2010

Product Review: Charm Luxe Mini Kabuki

I love soft and fluffy brushes and pink is my favorite color. What else can be the perfect mix of both the things I love other than Charm brushes? I have been seeing reviews of these brushes everywhere and haven't brought myself to buying one but seeing Tara's post about the Charm Luxe Mini Kabuki made me want to get myself one on Christmas. I go back and forth her post then finally ordered on impulse and I was a happy girl. I was even happier when I finally received it and I never knew such a small little cute pink brush will bring such a huge smile on my face. I kept playing with it and looking at it because it was the cutest thing ever! The cutest brush I have ever had! :) Okay, I am once again blabbing so I should stop now and go on with the review.

It comes with a cute little pink pouch too. I store my Kryolan Anti Shine Powder on this pouch together with the brush which is perfect for touch ups.

I can't get over the cuteness of this pretty little thing! :P

What I like:
- The color. It is suuuuuper cute. :)
- The bristles are really soft and fluffy and not in any way scratchy. Using this on the face is a lot of fun because I find it kinda relaxing. :P
- It comes with a cute pink storage pouch that you can easily put in your purse and won't eat a lot of space. Perfect for touch ups.
- It has not shed on me and it did not bleed either.
- Dries easily when washed.
- Bristles are synthetic, thus, no animals became baldies when these brushes were made.
- Inexpensive at only PHP300. Locally available and can be bought from Beauty and Minerals.

What I don't like:
- Picks up a lesser amount of powder as compared to my Ecotools Mini Kabuki so it takes a little more time to completely buff in the powder on my entire face.

***Those who do not like pink may find the color a con.***

Overall rating: 4/5

Will I buy again? I'm hoping this will last for years but if I have to, I will definitely buy again. But I have my eyes set on the bigger one though. :)

Ecotools Mini Kabuki and Charm Luxe Mini Kabuki looking so comfy and happy together. What a cute couple. :P

Kryolan Anti Shine Powder snuggling inside the storage pouch with the baby buki. :P

See how small this is? :P

Have you tried this brush? If not, you better try it and prepare to be Charmed!
Happy Manic Monday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. Ahihi :) I'm so glad you got one, too! I was a little wary of my raves kasi I'm very inexperienced sa brushes but I compared and wow, ok talaga sya. Lalo na when I read your review :)

    Ang soft no? :) Yay! We have the same brush! :)

  2. Tara, glad I read your review because it really enabled me to buy it. Yay for this baby buki! :P

  3. very cute nman.. :D i love pink pag nasira KO ang kabuki brush from elf i will buy siguro.. nice review pammy

  4. Donna, it's super cute lalo na in person. :P

  5. it sure is cute. if it were a bit bigger, it would still be nice and cutesy (as big as that ecotools kabuki) plus the fact that it can hugely cut down on your buffing time!

  6. ang cute noh?! I have their retractable kabuki brush and super soft nya!

  7. Argie, yeah. That's why I'm planning to get the bigger on on Christmas. :P

    Kim, super cute. Hmmm. Maybe I should just get the retractable one. :D

  8. This was my first brush na lemming. but i find this too small. haha. btw,sis i followed yo, hope you'll do the same :) Good day :D

  9. Frumpy, it's too cute to pass up! Thanks. :)

  10. Sunflowers, who wouldn't like something this cute? :P

  11. Hi Pammy! thanks for the love! :) so happy you like it! :)

    As for the size, I had it made that small so that it would also be "swak" ( ok internationally, let's call it "it perfectly fits" as a definition of the filipino slang "swak ) for the cheek ( apples, to be precise ) area so this blush doubles as a brush to buff in foundation, and blush! :) ( ok, make it a triple-use as you can set powder with this ) :) hope that helps! :) Happy Holidays everyone! :)

  12. Hi Sophie, thanks for dropping by. Seriously, what's not to like about this cute pink brush? :P Happy Holidays too. :)


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