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Friday, November 12, 2010

Top 5 Picks: Blushes

I decided to do another Top 5 Picks post today and this time, it will be blushes. You might think, "blushes again?!" but my preference in blushes have changed from wanting pigmented ones to sheer ones. So I basically have new favorites. :)

My Top 5 Picks

In no particular order - Chanel Joues Contraste Tea Rose, Chanel Irreelle Blush In Love, NARS Deep Throat, Shu Uemura Glow On P Pink 30, Shu Uemura Glow On M Pink 30

Chanel Joues Contraste Tea Rose - I did a Revisited and Reviewed post for this blush a couple of months ago. I like how smooth and velvety and silky this blush feels on the skin. It is a very pretty sheer pink-peach shade which turns rosy pink on the skin (at least mine). What's great about this blush is that even though it isn't as pigmented as NARS or MAC blushes, it gives that lit from within look.

Chanel Irreelle Blush In Love - a very lovely coral-pink blush which imparts a natural looking flush (at least on my skin tone). It is more pigmented as compared to Chanel JC Tea Rose. I have swatched the JC version of this shade (because Irreelle has been discontinued) and this is much more pigmented with very fine glitters. This has to be very carefully applied as it can look overdone and you'll look sunburned.

NARS Deep Throat - a pretty peach-pink shade with more peach tones than pink. This has very fine shimmers and pigmented. This is the only peach blush that works for me and does not oxidize and look muddy. I like this better than NARS Orgasm on me as I find this a little less shimmery.

Shu Uemura Glow On P Pink 30 - the Pearl version of Shu Uemura Glow Ons; however, this is far from being shimmery. It gives a very pearlescent and iridescent glow, thus the variant - pearl. A very nice shade of pink without a hint of peach, as far as I can tell. 

Shu Uemura Glow On M Pink 30 - the matte version of Pink 30 but this is far from the P one. This has a very slight hint of peach on it. At first, I thought of this as being too chalky on me like I have chalk on my cheeks. I learned the trick in using this blush and that is finding a brush that works with it. Next thing I know, this is now my go-to blush. I use this almost every day, especially on days when I am not sure which blush to wear or when I want a barely there makeup look.


Among these Top 5, I really cannot decide which one I like the most as I like them all, I really do. It's just hard to choose just one as each is unique in its own way.

And here is another shot of my niece, Reese, while she was hugging me. :)

What are your favorite blushes?

Happy Friday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. Aweee, ur niece looks so adorable!
    Love peachy shades of ur blushes!

  2. adore the one in MPink 30! i used to have P47 Peach but i didn't like it, it's not pigmented at all >< but i have my eyes on P33B and P 33C, both are violet shades <3

    my fave is Cargo Blu-ray Blush/Highlighter in pink (awesome formula), Benefit I lotused you looking (LE and perfect glow from within), Dior Coral Riviera!

  3. super into pinks eyeing on nars desire..shu p and m pink super nice din ng pagkapink

  4. i commend you for being able to pick 5 faves out of your stash Pammy! hahaha! I had a photoshoot last weekend and they told me to bring my "favorite" stuff, i ended up bringing almost everything! LOL

    Chanel Irreelle Blush In Love is shoooo pretty! i'm glad its discontinued! hahaha! ;)

    ps. great review! thank you!!! :*

  5. I think I'll go for Chanel In Love blush. Awww, your niece is so cute! Parang nagpapaawa magpahug!

  6. I think I'll go for Chanel In Love blush. Awww, your niece is so cute! Parang nagpapaawa magpahug!

  7. thanks for this post sis. NARS deep throat is really pretty ! :)

  8. your niece is sooo cute! its so cool that you were able to have your top 5! I can't even pick my top 5 blushes just yet..hhhmmm..maybe after I do a review on all of them

  9. Jennifer, I haven't tried any purple blushes but I bet those look pretty! I'll check them out. :P

    Shobe, get the NARS Desire, I'm sure it'll look great on you. :P

    G, that was cute, you brought everything. Dear, there is still In Love in Joues Contraste blushes. :D

    Justine, great choice! In Love is really pretty. Yeah, she's nagpapa-cute and nagpapaawa at the same time. The kid loves the camera! :P

    Trizh, if you like NARS Orgasm, you'll like Deep Throat too! :P

    Marshy, thank you. I'll look forward to knowing your Top 5! :P

  10. love both of your chanel blushes! too bad i can't afford them. i like NARS orgasm on my face more than deep throat because it's more pinkish. i'm biased hahaha

  11. The Blush Whore is back! LOL *sorry for the whore term* but you know its positive! I love your top 5 picks! thanks for sharing

  12. Crystal, they're expensive, I agree! That's why I haven't bought any new blushes from them. I think these two will do for now. Orgasm is really pretty too, I remember being in love with it. I was just delighted to have a peach blush finally work for me. :P

    Nikki, no matter how many times you've already called me the blush whore, it never fails to make me laugh. :P

  13. oh I really want to get the Nars blush!! I hear soo many great things about it

  14. I don't own any of the blushes mentioned!lol I need to get my hands on some Chanel blushes they sound amazing :)

  15. ur niece is damn cute! i've only ever used cream blush (except the daiso powder one) are powder blushes better u think?

  16. Julie, NARS blushes are nice especially if you want pigmented ones. :P

    Amy, go get Chanel blushes! They're amazing! :P

    Caroline, thank you! :P Since I have combi-oily skin, powder blushes work better for me. I have cream blushes though but I can't use them alone. :)

  17. very pretty colors Pammy! i want to try Shu blushes soon..

  18. Kim, go try them! I think you'll like P Pink 30 or P Wine 25. :P

  19. I love the shade of Shu P Pink 30 :) nice pick Pammy.

  20. Nadine, Shu P Pink 30 is a really pretty shade. You should try it. :)

  21. your niece is very cute :)

    I have yet to try chanel blushes.. I have never been fond of Chanel makeup.. I am too scared of being disappointed after splurge on a very expensive blush! lol

    I have heard a lot of deep throat, looks pretty! i heard it's comparable to orgasm but much pigmented!

  22. Nic, thank you. Yeah, I think Orgasm and Deep Throat are sisters only the latter being more pigmented. :P


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