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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Top Picks: Creme Blushes

I love powder blushes as they work well with my combi-oily skin. However, I was once addicted to blushes that I tried out creme ones too and found some that I really like. I sometimes use them when I'm home or as a base for my powder blushes to make them last longer though I most of the time skip that step or just simply forgot about it. My first ever creme blush was from In2It way back when I was still in college and I never liked it so I used powder blushes instead. Then two years ago, I purchased NARS Penny Lane but found that it made me look pale when a few people I know, including my ever so observant mom, asked if I was sick or something. I tried the Nichido South Beach which a lot of girls claimed to be a dupe of NARS Orgasm The Multiple but I hated its consistency. It felt sticky and made me look sunburnt. I decided to stop trying out creme blushes and stick to my trsty ol' powder ones but I think it was destined that I find a couple that I will really like and keep. Oh, I sold Penny Lane and Nichido - it just got lost never to be heard from again. No remorse or sad feeling at all. :D Since these three are the last "men" standing, these are basically my top picks out of the creme blushes I've had.

NARS Lokoum - this is a reddish-brown shade of blush that needs a very light hand when applied as it have the tendency to be overdone and give you a natural flush. This is a pigmented blush too so all you need is one gentle swipe. Texture is smooth and a little creamy with very fine shimmers that is almost non-existent.  I find that this is best used with the fingers as it looked splotchy when I used my stippling brush to apply this. This has a compact but I switched this one with my NARS Torrid tester.

NYX Glow - a very creamy bubblegum pink blush that is really pigmented. You will end up with doll cheeks if you do not apply this sparingly. The texture of this blush is unbelievably creamy and you have to very carefully dip your finger or your brush on it as you might just suddenly hit the pan. Best used with a stippling brush to get that pretty pink cheeks.

NYX Natural - my favorite among the three. A peachy-beige shade that has a very faint hint of pink. The name of the shade says it all - Natural. It also has a very creamy consistency just like Glow and lasting powder is great. A little goes a long way as this is also pigmented. Out of the three, this is what I use the most.  Best used with a stippling brush as well.


What are your favorite creme blushes?

Happy Tuesday, super awesome peeps! :)


  1. Hi Pammy, I have both nyx natural and glow. I love them both :)

  2. I agree nyx natural looks the best amongst the three base on your swatches, i think it suits your fair skin very well:-)

  3. I'm not actually a fan of blushes. For some reason, i only have 2 or 3 blushes..hehehe

    So naturally , i don't have cream blushes too. I have tried the Stila All Over Color before but i just sold it for i don't like it. I already have oily skin & adding up cream on my skin doesn't hold an appeal to me, but i guess it's good for that naturally flush look,no?

  4. Do you think Nyx blushes are so similar to each other?

    Looking at Nude and Glow, they kinda resemble each other. I've reviewd Nyx cream blushes hot pink and red cheeks. they look waaay different when swatched and on the pan, but they are very much similar in shde when worn.

  5. i love cream blushes before as in naadik ako!! i tried to collect bloom's kasi i love the scent.. i was in love with red paula dorf's and yung rouge ng bloom.. but i love nyx now hot pink but i love Bobbi brown more..

  6. Mina, I love using it on the lips too for a nice peachy nude lip color. :P

    Thiamere, I heard Stila cc is super sticky. Yeah, it's nice for a natural flush but it has to be reapplied after every couple of hours (I have oily skin too!). :P

    Argie, I saw your review of those, they looked pretty much the same. Nude on Glow kinda look the same on the cheeks sans the blue tones of Glow. :P

    Donna, I can really tell how much you love cream blushes! Haha! I saw the excitement. Good thing creams work for you, your skin's not oily naman eh. :P

  7. I don't think I have found a fav cream blush yet. Most of the ones I tried were just okay for me since I have oily skin as well! So right now I'm just sticking to powder lol

  8. I'm not a fan of cream blushes but i kinda like how NYX cream blushes looked on your swatches, so I might give NYX Glow a try some time.. =)

  9. i like nyx glow! very pretty :)

    RYC, yes that was the 'photoshoot' i was telling you about! hahaha didn't bring everything, almost lang! LOL :P

  10. My favorite cream blush would be from Stila! I like how subtle it glows and I don't need a lot!

    Would you believe I never own any NYX cream blushes? I think it's just too big! hahahha I can't finish them up even when I use them for clients!

  11. I am in love with NYX Natural. I think it's perfect for prime look with cream contouring and cream blush then pink lipgloss :)

  12. Glow looks pretty! haven't tried NYX cream blushes though. yung MAC blushcreme lang na try ko before pero di ko nagustuhan coz its sticky =(

  13. HAvent tried creme blushes cause I think they're not easy to blend

  14. Amy, true. Creme blushes do not last a long time for those with oily skin. But they work very well as a base. :P

    Mitchelli, if in case you don't end up liking it, you can use it as a lip color instead. :P

    G, Glow is a very pretty pink shade indeed. :P

    Nikki, I have tried the Stila one and it was too sticky for me. :( I really have no idea how I can use up these creme blushes too.

    Aestheticallysavvy, that sounds like a very simple yet pretty look! :P

    Kim, I think might like Glow and I also think it will look great on your skintone. Sticky lip glosses are okay but not sticky blushes! :P

    Nadine, that's what I thought before but not until I got to try NYX creme blushes. Maybe you should give it a try one of these days. These are so easy to blend. :P

  15. Wow, i love your blog! ;) Where to buy NYX? i'm very curious about the blush..:)

    P.S. Hello to your new follower..:D


  16. Hello Mickey, thanks for following my blog. :) Those NYX blushes are available at :)

  17. haven't tried NYX creme blushes.. but i will now. my girl friend said it's way better than NARS!

  18. Joice, in terms of blending and being creamy, I'd pick NYX. :P

  19. sorry to hear penny lane didnt work on but the NYX creme blushes' pigmentation look amazing and pretty!

  20. Nic, yes. These two are pigmented like crazy! That's why they're also nice on the lips. :P

  21. Oooh I love Nyx cream blushes too! I have them in Red Cheeks and Boho Chic, I want to get Glow, and Orange, though! But your review wants to make me get Natural as well! :D

  22. Tin, go try Natural. It also loos great as a lip color. :P


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