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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Product Review: Purederm Cell Illuminating Hydro Pure Gel Mask

Pampering ourselves definitely do something good for our health and wellness. It helps us relax during times of stress and "haggardness" and we sometimes want to just go Houdini on other people and have a little "me" time. But there are times when we are too lazy to drag ourselves to a spa and have facials and treatments and all the other types of pampering we need or we just don't want to splurge on those things. Thank goodness for face, hand, foot and all other kinds of masks that we can easily get from malls and drugstores. Last year, I hoarded several types of masks from different brands and got to try each of them. I like how I get to treat myself to a little pampering at home so I keep stocks of those masks. I'm going to review the latest face mask I was able to try. This was really something new to me as I am used to wash off and plain sheet masks. This one is different as it has gel. It's the Purederm Cell Illuminating Hydro Pure Gel Mask.

What I like:
- This mask instantly brightened my face.
- Comes in a sealed packaging so you're rest assured that the mask is fresh.
- No stinging sensation and no allergic reactions for me.
- Has a little scent which I cannot tell but it is so faint my highly sensitive nose just ignored it. :P
- Not your ordinary sheet mask because the mask literally felt like gel on my face, I wanted to think it was solidified gel. Hehe.
- It has two separate sheets for the upper part of the face and another one for the lower part of the face. I sometimes find applying a whole sheet on my face kinda difficult.
- The usual problem with sheet masks is that it's not super easy to smoothen out the bubbles formed on the face. With this one, the bubbles were easily gone by gently patting on them til they disappear.
- Locally available at Watson's and SM department stores. Not sure about the price but will get back to you on that.

What I don't like:
- Kinda messy to apply due to the gel-like texture. I had gel all over my hands and hair and it felt like I had slime on my face.
- Since it goes on really smoothly on the face and because it has a gel-like texture, it does not easily adhere on the skin. It slides off and found one of the sheets covering the airways on my nose and the other one on my lips. I had to keep pulling them up so they will stay in place.
- Other than brightening, I didn't see any other significant results.

Overall rating: 3/5

Will I buy again? Maybe not. I am off to try their other masks and besides, I am too attached to their Dual Wellbeing Pack and the Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask.

On me

What are your favorite face masks?

Happy Thursday, super awesome peeps! :P

NOTE: Product received for review but has not in any way influenced my experience and review on this product.


  1. the texture of the mask looks interesting!! speaking of which, i really need to start doing sheet masks more often!

  2. haven't tried this one yet though...

    i hope that i would somehow see a brightening effect on me if ever. it somewhat feels like facial masks doesn't work on me

  3. I have used this one in another variant and its a totally different story! hahaha Will blog about it once I have time!

  4. Anastacia, I find them nice but I like clay and wash off masks better. :)

    Amy, yes, I also thought the texture of this mask is also interesting. Go put a mask on and pamper yourself. :P

    Thiamere, try these masks, they're nice. But the brightening effect was only temporary. :)

    Nikki, uh oh. I wonder what happened in that story. :P

  5. haven't tried purederm masks pa. im too lazy to use masks eh hehe

  6. Khymm, me too! But I do my best to use masks at least once every two weeks? Haha! :P

  7. i am loving the purederm brightening essence mask.. i love to try this one! good review =)

  8. i've tried this one just last night and i love how royal it feels on my face. ive never used a mask that's got some jelly stuff in it.

  9. Arg, me too! T'was the first time I used a jellyace mask. :P


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