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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Product Review: ELF Brightening Eyecolor Quad in Ivy

Here's another ELF makeup review, this time, it's the Brightening Eyecolor Quad in Ivy (Greens). I only use drugstore eyeshadows because I'm obviously a newbie when it comes to eyeshadow and I can't bring myself to spend a lot .just for something I don't often use.

What I like:
- The color combination is great. All four colors work together.
- Pigmentation is pretty decent. Not super pigmented (which may be a con to some) and can still be used for a natural look.
- Texture is creamy for a powder eyeshadow.
- Not chalky though some complained about it being chalky but this one isn't.
- Did not experience having fall outs.
- Inexpensive at only PHP129.75 (around $3 which could already be the Studio Line in the US).
- Locally available at selected Watson's branches and department stores nationwide.

What I don't like:
- Lasting power is kinda poor if used without primer especially for those with oily lids (like mine).
- Packaging is pretty flimsy and tacky. There is a small mirror where the applicator compartment is, designed for touch ups but kinda useless since it's too small.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Will I buy again? I would like to try the other quads. :)

Swatch. Each shade swiped just once.

On my eyes.  Applied lightly with no primer.

(See the concealer settling on the line under my eyes? Bad.)

Have you used cheap drugstore eyeshadow? What do you think of them? :)

Happy Wednesday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. My current makeup kit consists of drugstore cosmetics (mostly e.l.f) I'm currently addicted to it 'coz it's friendly to my oily and acne prone face yet the price is so cheap.

    As for the eyeshadow, I have e.l.f. Essentials Brightening Eye Color Quad in Butternut and e.l.f. Essentials Duo Eyeshadow in Mocha swirl. I use the latter more often 'coz it's easier to use for a noob like me. :)

  2. The swatches are nice! And you look like tinkerbell in these colors :)

    4U2 eyeshadows are the first ones ive tried. ive blogged about it even! but i decided to give it away because [i received a shu fleur de source palette!!] it was too chalky for my liking (but the color pay off is really nice --- i juts had a thing with the powder falling off the lashes).

  3. Clariza, I think there are lots of great drugstore makeup. But I personally think that it's a hit or miss with ELF. Some failed me miserably but some made me a happy girl! :P

    Argie, the tinkerbell comment made me laugh. That was cute. :P My first eyeshadow palette was 4U2 Impressionist but I found them a bit chalky, I agree with your observation. :)

  4. This would have been way way better if the lasting power is not only after a few hours. But the color is really nice, i like the shimmers::-) Havent checked elf here yet, but do they have the quad in purple?

  5. Mina, I think they do have purple quads! I like that it's not over the top shimmery. :P

  6. I already tried the EB single palette, and it's not good. It's chalky. Good thing, it only costs 40 pesos. =p

  7. I like the color combination it's definitely cute and safe fore everyday wear! Sucks it doesn't last too long because my lids are super oily too! most shadows don't last very long on me :(

  8. funny how I was lemming for these cute palettes when they're not available locally pa, now that we have it, I totally forgot about it, thanks for sharing

  9. Trizh, aww that's bad. Yeah, good thing it's not expensive. :)

    Amy, I love green eyeshadows and this one's safe for everyday use. Sucks to have oily lids, no? :)

    Nikki, the colors on the website make them look cute. But they look so much different in real life. :)

    Aika, thank you.:)

  10. oh how i love greens ^_^ thank you hun for leaving some love on my page..

    blog hop on my onsugar blog here:

  11. i own two of these before... super ok for the price!

  12. Kim, agree. Thinking of getting another quad. :)

  13. I've tried this one but with different color combinations (the one with black, gray, white and silver). i guess, hindi ako sinwerte gaya mo sis:( The one i got is chalky. Tapos daming fallouts. Para akong nagblush on ng eyeshadow. LOL! I don't like the brush/ application that comes with it. Buti na lang 130 lang no? :)

  14. Lysa, oh no! I guess there will always be bad apples in any product. :( Yeah, at least it's cheap and does not cost a fortune. :)

  15. I like the colors! I've tried ELF cream shadow duos, good consistency but its a crease-fest extravaganza! LOL XD a primer def. helps though. so im not going to complain. :P

    RYC: how many names do you have Pammy dear? :P me too, i was shocked when i saw the price, but I dont think i can fight the lemming for this, its just too precious! it had me at hello G! hahaha >:))


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