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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Product Review: Shiseido Sheer Mattifying Compact

I love Shiseido Supplist Poreless Powder Foundation but since it has been discontinued, I thought that trying what supposedly replaced it is a good idea so I can tell if I should forget about Shiseido foundations and just stick to Kanebo. Although I still have Supplist, I decided to buy the Sheer Mattifying Compact and it's what I have been using lately. Here is my review on their newest foundation.

I like the sleek black compact better than the dark purple one for Supplist.

My perfect shade is O20 though I have O00 in Supplist because I am acidic. But I have Sheer Mattifying in O40.

Description on the box:

Coverage: Medium
Finish: Matte
Skin Type: Normal to Oily, and Combination

An oil-free powder foundation that maintains a silky-smooth touch and a natural sheer matte finish all day long. Can be applied with a dry or moistened sponge.


What I like:
- Texture is smooth and silky and powder is finely milled, amazing overall.
- Powder makes the skin feel smooth, soft and silky.
- This feels so much lighter on the skin that Supplist.
- Although it says that it provides medium coverage, I find that it provides light or sheer coverage which I like but may be a con to those who prefer heavy coverage foundation.
- Since the shade I have - O40 - is a tad dark on me, it still works especially when I use it to set a lighter shade of foundation or BB cream. When used alone, the shade difference isn't too obvious as this goes on sheer or light.
- Did not break me out nor did it cause any allergic reaction.
- Oil-free
- It has SPF10 which is pretty okay for a powder foundation.
- Staying power is pretty decent. It does not last all day on my combi-oily skin but 3-4 hours is acceptable in my case. :)
- Locally available at selected malls.

What I don't like:
- Just like any Japanese brand, it's pricey. SRP is PHP1650 (introductory price and may or may have already increased to PHP1850) for the refill and a more or less than PHP1000 for the compact alone.
- I find this darker than the O40 shade I had in Supplist before so it seems pretty inconsistent to me. (see swatches)

Overall rating: 4.5/5 I actually like this better than Supplist.

Will I buy again? Yes! But I have my heart set on trying another one from Kanebo. :P


What's your fave powder foundation?

Happy Saturday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. Hi dear! You have such a lovely blog! Following! Follow back? Kiss

  2. Base on your swatches, the supplist 000 seems like the perfect match for your skintone. As the sheer mattifying looks a bit dark on you, but maybe perhaps it looks better in person and the staying power is good too. This is a great buy:-)

  3. Haven't tried this, but I have a feeling its great, Japanese makes great makeup and my favorite is Paul & Joe Dual Powder Foundation :)

  4. you can't beat Shiseido's quality!

    I have always wanted to check out their base line.

    I love the Dior 4x4 pore control powder foundation (besides lancome mineral foundation(

  5. Marella, thank you. Sure. :)

    Mina, I thought so too, it's perfect since I am acidic and makes it oxidize. If I will buy Sheer Mattifying again, I will get a lighter shade. :P

    Nikki, I still haven't tried Paul & Joe but if it's your fave, then it must be really good. I should probably try it. :P

    Nic, Shiseido gives consumers value for money. I haven't tried anything from Dior but I will definitely check it out and the Lancome one that you reviewed and made me want to try. :P

  6. Pammy, the Sheer Mattifying powder does not fit in the old Supplist compact? Oh no!

  7. Mel, don't fret. It DOES fit in the Supplist compact. :P

  8. nice review i want to try this but its just so expensive so i use in2it because it is good.

  9. Hi sis I have this too and I agree with your review this applies sheerly but beautifully.

  10. Anonymous, I used to have In2It and I thought it was pretty good too. :)

    May, you nailed it with your description. :P

  11. Really nice review! :) Thanks! I really like these types of foundations because you can bring them on the go or keep it at home :) Does it last you awhile? :)

  12. Btw, I am a new follower to your blog :) You had me at your Shiseido review! hehe :)

  13. It's good Pam. I prefer shisheido than Kanebo:)
    But Kanebo pencils are the best. I like the way you pick something.

  14. Great review. I've been wanting to try a SHiseido product myself. I've been so loyal to Lancome's powder foundation for YEARS but I think it's time for a change.

    Loved the makeover and Creme blush reviews. I can rave all day about how much I love NYX products.

  15. I love Shiseido! especially their eyelash curler(:

    Great Blog! New follower..

    visit my beauty blog

  16. Rainy Days and Lattes, haha! Thank you for following my blog. :P

    gingerSnap, I haven't tried Kanebo pencils but someone told me they are really good. I really like their foundation though. :P

    Angeltea7, thank you. Yeah, you may want to try Shiseido foundies. Though I have been itching to try something from Lancome. :P

    Furkie, I've read good reviews about their curlers. I might give them a try when my Shu curler retires. :P Thanks, will check out your blog too.

  17. Anonymous, the refills cost either Php1650 or Php1850 and the compact costs less than Php1000. :)

  18. This is next on my Christmas list!

  19. very impressive! thank you so much for making this review. i've been searching for something good about shiseido, i'm glad i found your blog! just so you know, i'm always confused every time i'm about to buy foundation. i want to get the best one but somehow i always ended up disappointed. do you have any idea about acidic face? i have a fairly light face...but it becomes horribly dark after using a light foundation. so depressing!

  20. Katrina, oh yes I do! I am acidic myself too and most, if not all foundations oxidize on me. True, it can be depressing especially if you really want to love it but oxidizes so bad. :( What I just do and most girls who are acidic do is buy a foundation a shade lighter so when it oxidizes on them, it'll match their skin tone. :)

  21. thanks for the advice pammy... and why haven't i thought of that? teehee

    and thanks for following. i love reading your blogs =)


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