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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Product Review: Chanel Glossimer 48 Jean Rose

I like lipglosses because they add color and shine on the lips. Better if it is moisturizing because it becomes a multipurpose product - lip color, lip shine, lip conditioner, and lip prettifier. If there is one thing I hate about these products, it's the stickiness. I cannot stand wearing anything sticky on my lips as it makes me feel uneasy and really uncomfortable. I know some girls prefer stickier ones over those that are not because they seem to last longer but I don't. I like licking and biting my lips and I end up eating that gooey lip gloss and its taste is the least appetizing. Plus, don't you just hate it when your hair gets on your face and a couple of strands get some glosses on them and you end up with streaks of gloss on your cheeks? That's why I have given up on MAC lip glasses. I really can't wear them for a long time and end up removing them and settle for lip balm instead. Of course, not all lip glosses are like that. I have found love with NARS and Stila and yes, Styli-Style because they are not as sticky as MAC. ***Sorry MAC, I love some of your products but I can never bring myself to love your lip gloss.*** And here is another addition to the exception - Chanel Glossimer in 48 Jean Rose. I saw this brand new lip gloss for sale and did a little research on it only to find out that it has been discontinued. That's really sad because I might end up liking this shade and I'm left with the task of finding a substitute for this when I run out. But heck, I still purchased it and now I am reviewing it.

Of course, it comes in a classic Chanel packaging. Simple yet classy.

The Chanel logo

What I like:
- This is a lovely medium-bright shade of pink with a hint of rose in it. There are flecks and sparkles of different colors, somewhat like rainbow reflects when light hits it.
- Pigmented. I find it best to apply this as a lip tint rather than as a straight on gloss as it will look too loud and bright for my liking. I dot a little on each lip then spread them evenly on my lips using my pinkie.
- Not drying at all. I can apply this directly on my lips without the fear of having dry and flaky lips right after.
- A little goes a long way and staying power is really good. Even though I applied only a little amount, it stayed on my lips for 4 hours even after eating, drinking, and even puffing.
- The stickiness is just right. Nothing overly sticky like those from MAC. :D

- It does not settle on the lines of my lips.
- Can be layered to build intensity of the color.

- No annoying glitters that make it feel gritty.
- The packaging is really simple yet it has a hint of sophistication.
- No annoying sweet and fruity scent.

What I don't like:
- This particular shade has been discontinued so there is no hope to get another one.

- Although it does not settle on the lines of my lips, it emphasizes them so wearing a lip balm under it is a must.
- Glossimers are expensive and cost PHP1450. Glad to have gotten this for less than half the price. :)

Overall rating: 4/5

Will I buy again? Yes but not any time soon. I would like to try another shade though. :)


Lip swatches - applied sheerly

What do you think of Glossimers? :)

Happy Sunday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. love the last pic.. :D very nice shade pammy..

  2. looks so great on you, sensuous lips huh! :)

  3. Madz, thank you! Haha on the sensuous lips. :P

  4. the shade is so pretty!!! (if only chanel stuff don't cost a bomb, lol)

  5. Tin, thank you. :P

    Jennifer, I agree. I wish all Chanel makeups will be cheaper. Haha! :P

  6. O M Gee! isho pretty on you!!! :) such a shame its discontinued! i like glossimers, very smooth and not sticky. :)

  7. G, thank you. I agree that they are smooth and not sticky. :P

  8. I'm glad you liked it! It really looks great on you. I would have kept this for my own if only I love gloss..But I really can't wear them coz I end up having peeling lips hehe :)

  9. Wow! I super want this!!!! It looks good on you! :-)

  10. Nadine, yes it is. :P

    Gale, awww. Too bad, I'm sure this shade would've suited you. :)

    Efril, thank you. :)

  11. Too pretty! I'm looking for a gloss this shade, it looks very flattering on you dear. :) Good thing it's discontinued, I'm so tempted to get one but it's too expensive! My hubby might just kill me. ;p

  12. Juicybear, thank you. :) Haha! Tell him, "Honey, you love me right? Promise you won't kill me if I buy just one Chanel glossimer." :P

  13. Pammy, so pretty! a shame that they no longer carry this shade. but im pretty sure there's a good dupe out there. we just have to keep searchin :) i miss you! let's meet up (together with Crystal!)

    LOL at the 'can i kiss you' comment. haha.

  14. gingersnap, haha! A lip gloss that looks yummy. :P

    Argie, yeah, I hope there is a dupe that isn't sticky. :P Let's set a date with Crystal. Oh no, I'll look like your and Crystal's mom. :D I didn't delete that comment because it cracks me up, whoever Anonymous is. :P

  15. It looks really pretty. I'd love to try a couple Chanel products but I just can't bring myself to spend the money.....I love their sunglasses though.

  16. Angel, the sunglasses are more expensive than the makeups! But it can last for years unlike makeup. :P

  17. Hello, my dear Pammy!
    I have just found your blog!
    I can see that you are a great fan of Chanel makeup products, lust like me!
    I love their glosses and this shade in particular is ismply gorgeous!

  18. Catanya, thank you for dropping by my blog. :) Yeah, this shade is gorgoeus.

  19. Lol I asked him to buy me a set of ecotools brushes and he went, "what? this is expensive!". Now I know i'll never ask him to buy mac stuff. I have to train him pa. Haha.

    Oh please make an entry when you do find that dupe. I hope its not as expensive. :p

    Love reading your blog dear. It looks fresh and pretty, as well as easy to navigate. AND my eyes don't hurt from glaring grammatical errors. =D

  20. Juicybear, thank you. :) Haha! Your husband's reaction is funny. Makeup is something most men will never understand. :P Tell him it's just like a man's passion for cars and gadgets. :P Will definitely try to find a dupe and blog about it.

  21. I can't help it, I keep going back to this entry of yours dear! Haha. Yes the hubby is incredibly funny. To think he was the one who kept telling me na bagay sakin naka-makeup kasi I look pale without it. I should remind him about that. :P

    Oh happy day when THE DUPE is found! :)

  22. Juicybear, yes! Your hubby definitely needs to be reminded of that. :P


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