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Friday, October 16, 2009

Lipstick Dupes: MAC Cosmo, Stila Pixie, Clinique Blushing Nude

I have noticed how similar the three lippies look like last week so I decided to take pictures and make swatches.

MAC Cosmo, Stila Pixie, and Clinique Blushing Nude


They all look pretty much the same except for Clinique Blushing Nude which is a tad darker than both MAC Cosmo and Stila.

I'll let the photos and swatches speak for themselves and you guys be the judge of it. :)

Cheapest would be Stila for PHP595, next would be MAC Cosmo for PHP950, and the most pricey amont the three is Clinique Blushing Nude. The last time I bought it, it is priced at a little under PHP1000. Now I'm not sure if the price is still the same or if it has already increased.

This might work as a spend vs. save too. :P

Have a great weekend, everyone. :D


  1. wow, they all really do look the same! now you've got me lemming for stila :D

  2. Ida and Crystal, go go go to Stila! :P But the Stila lip color smells so lipstick-y. >_<

  3. they're like triplets. :) me want stilla too! heehee oh but i don't like too much lipstick-y scent :(

  4. ^
    That's the only prob with it. :( But it is an MLBB, Cha ;)

  5. they do look similar! I have the Clinique Blushing Nude so I'll steer clear from both shades from MAC and Stila ;)

  6. Nikki, you have MAC Twig, right? I was checking on that buy the MAC MUA, Jovie, told me that if I have Cosmo, I can pass on Twig. So you can definitely pass on Cosmo. :P

  7. Yup I do have Twig, and lucky me I didn't purchase Cosmo when I had the chance, nagdalawang isip ako eh! :) hahaha :)

  8. Hi :) I have Cosmo & Blushing Nude. The two are quite similar. Stila Pixie looks pretty. I'm now kinda lemming for it :)) Even if the three look alike hahaha.

  9. Hello. :) Stila Pixie is pretty on its own. More brownish-pink than the other two. So go get pixie. :P

  10. Wow sis this really nice eye! I think I wanna get stuff from Stila, but omg I'm so brooooke!

  11. Chrissy, go get Stila stuff. Save up for them. ;)

  12. this is very helpful, thanks! I'm almost out of my Clinique Guava Stain, and was looking for another MLBB. almost bought Cosmo. I think I'll try Stila because it's a tad cheaper. :P thanks again. :)


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