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Monday, October 26, 2009

Outreach + ELF Studio Blushes & Saizen Charcoal Masque

Been meaning to post this last Saturday but internet connection's acting up, haven't been able to connect since Saturday.

We all went to the daycare center at Tumana, Marikina armed with the goods and meals we are going to give the kids. The place was jampacked with parents and kids that the owner had to ask the parents to leave because it was hard to breathe. We were there for 3 hours. It was tiring yet we felt so happy after.

Outside the daycare centre

Some of the kids

Some of the goods


(Blurred. Sorry, I was already tired when I took this shot)

Some of their stuff at the daycare centre

Kids enjoying their meals

Some of the goods we gave to the kids

There were more than 150 people and what we had wasn't enough for everyone. But at least we made some of them happy. We had fun and games with the kids, they sang and danced Nobody (even though I hate that song), we gave them toys, rice, canned goods, noodles, medicine and alcohol. We made a joke that we now know what it feels like to be a farmer because we had to keep on bending while packing some of the goods and giving them to the kids. Some parents, no comment. It just annoys me. We gave the kids hotdog and rice meals and we were surprised that some parents took the food from their kids, leaving some of them hungry. Jeez! But I can't blame them. Still, it's not good. Anyway, we were all exhausted after and we headed to Gerry's Grill for lunch and had a few beers. Thirst quenchers. :P I was supposed to go out that night but I had migraine and splitting headache. It felt so good helping out other people that we decided to do it yearly. Next year would either be a home for the aged or an orphanage. :)

And when I got home, here's my reward.

The ELF Studio Blushes in Candid Coral and Blushing Rose and the Saizen Natural Pack Charcoal Masque. :P

Special thanks to sis September (WhizDy) for dropping by Saizen and buying the charcoal masque for me and including it in my ELF package. Mwah! :P

Candid Coral

Blushing Rose


Blushing Rose and Candid Coral

The blushes are so NARS-ish save for the small window on the compact which allows you to see the actual shade or color of the blush. I am so happy with them I want more. :P

Reviews next time. Ta, ladies! :P


  1. awwwwww... i bet the kids were so happy :)

    you have a good heart pammy...

  2. awww hugsie sis, such kind hearted you have..I love seeing those kids happy!

  3. wow sis, i salute you for that good deed, you're a flood victim din then you take time and effort to help those who were badly hit by Ondoy! *hugs*

    uy, another charcoal mask? mine's still sealed haha

  4. That is so generous of you! I'm sure that felt really good to have helped all those children! :)

  5. elf studio blushes do remind me of nars! i have yet to get my hands on them but the colors look cute

  6. aww you really have a heart of kindness and love pammy :)

    i also got the elf blush too in blushing rose heehee <3 i wish the studioline blushes will arrive here in the Philippines soon :) i would like to get other shades heehee :)

  7. Jing, thanks. The kids were so happy when we handed them toys. :P

    Nikki, thanks. Yeah, seeing them happy made it all worth it. :)

    Sol, thanks. I guess being a victim shouldn't stop anyone from helping others too. :P That's a back up charcoal masque. :P

    Nina, yes it does. That's why we'll do it yearly. :)

    Amy, go get your hands on those studio blushes. :P

    Cha, thanks. I hope they arrive here too and I really do hope they won't be overpriced. :P

    Trizh, yes they're pretty. :P

  8. Bless your heart sis. Aww! I can't imagine those parents grabbing their kid's food. So heartless! I am a parent myself but I still don't understand why they did that to their kids. So greedy! Argh!


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