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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Make Up or Culinary School?

My mind was set on enrolling at a culinary school since I love cooking. But now, my love for make up has grown and I found myself checking out make up schools. Now I want to enroll at SOFA (School of Fashion and The Arts) and take up the short course for Basic Make Up. I am now confused and torn between culinary school and make up school. I love both! Gah!

Culinary School or Make Up School? Hmmmm... It's gonna be a difficult decision.

I'm thinking I can always cook. But then I can also apply make up anytime. Jeez! I can't decide.

If you were in my shoes, which would you go for? :P (Although I know you are all make up lovers.) I mean if you were to decide for me, which one would it be? :)

Haaaalp! :D


  1. Make up school! :) take it at lci instead :)

  2. wow I didn't know SOFA has make up classes... it depends in my opinion though I love make up, what do you think is more fulfilling for you? Also you can weigh the practicality in what you are investing in, I'm not sure though which is more in demand from the two XD

  3. Cabi, really? LCI is better than SOFA? Hmmm... I'm thinking of MUFE Academy too.

    Think think...

    Chelle, you're right. But I'm bad at decision making. :D

  4. Well I dunno ill be taking school MU School in LCI this november hehe

  5. i wouldn't be able to decide either... but i would probably go for make up because i love to apply make up but i don't really like to cook but i love to eat! does that make sense? hehe

  6. Caby, awesome! If it's not too much to ask, I hope you can give feedback about LCI ha. :P

    Amy, it's really tough. I love make up and I love to eat too. But I also love to cook. Haha! :P Toughie

  7. No problem :) I had a hard time choosing too but i decided to go with LCI since they have comprehensive ojt :)

  8. you can go for both sis! :) One step at a time lang! :) Go with what you can do first..if you have enough makeup at the moment, then go for makeup school muna :) Or vice versa ! Goodluck!!!

  9. Makeup school! =) Im enrolling next month.. konti lang makeup school dito sa cebu..

  10. Thanks, Nikki. Hmmm.. If you can't pick just one, go get both. Or go do both. :P

    Khymm, I heard ABA is there in Cebu! :P

  11. I agree with Nikki..attend whatever you feel like doing first then do the other one after ^_^

  12. both~! weeeh~! i love both cooking and make-up hahahaha.

    Style Studio offers basic make-up = 8000 for 42 hours (i think). :D

    culinary... CSB? where? i'm not sure where... but i want to enroll hehehe.

  13. Hey Geli. I love both too! :P Hmmm, I haven't heard of Style Studio yet but I'll check it out. As for culinary school, I am planning to enroll at ISCAHM. :P

  14. Makeup! hehehe. I cant imagine having to choose between two things I love. I guess choose the one that you are more likely to pursue? :D im bad at decision making though hahah

  15. Sush, I knew it's gonna be make up for you. Haha!

    Anyway, I'll just heed all your advice - Make up.

    And what some suggested I do instead - Both.

    One at a time. :P

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