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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Product Review: Etude House Dual Fibre Cheek Brush (Glow)

Time to review the Etude House Dual Fibre Cheek Brush. Been using it for a couple of days straight so I can give it a detailed review.

- Short-handled, very handy and can easily fit in any purse.
- Reminds me of MAC 187SE, only cuter.
- This brush is perfect for blushes, works even better with NARS blushes.
- It doesn't pick up too much pigment like MAC skunk brushes do so it won't be easy to overdo your blush.
- Cheap at PHP535 for the pre-order price.
- Has a sleeve? Protects the bristles from getting deformed. (Mine's a little too loose, dunno about the others)
- Did not bleed when I washed it twice.
- Shedding's not bad at all. Lost just a couple of tiny hairs and that's it.
- Bristles are soft and not scratchy at all. Unless of course you let the black hair touch your skin which isn't supposed to be done anyway.

- Not locally available. I do hope Etude House will branch out in Manila soon.

Here are a couple of pictures comparing it with MAC 187 and MAC 188.

This brush is denser than 188. I find this brush almost as soft as MAC's,

Will I buy again? Yes, if I need to replace this one or if I lose it (which, I hope won't happen).

Overall rating? 5/5. :P


I went to an interview last night. Recruitment hours are odd, from 9pm-3am. I underwent lotsa essay exams which included a sample email and a sample food review. And an impromptu story telling during the interview. I also had a typing test and I have lost my typing mojo. From 86wpm with 99% accuracy, it went down to 53wpm with 97% accuracy. Sucks! Anyway, after the interview, I was told to wait at the lobby for the results from the Human Resources Department. After almost an hour of waiting, 3 of us who were done with the interview received 3 letters. Usually, getting letters means bad news. When I opened the letter, it has the word CONGRATULATIONS! It also said that the results are generally favorable and I am short-listed and being considered for the post. Yey! I will be receiving a call for the scheduled final assessment and possible job offer. I hope I get hired. The job would have something to do with make up. ;) Wish me luck! I was praying to pass the screening process and I did. Now I've got one last step to pass and I'm cool with them. :) Thank God.

I hope you're all having a great weekend. :P I am having a great weekend so far as I just bought a Benefit Coralista blush on eBay. I had to check each seller and item location to avoid receiving a fake item. I found a power seller located in CA, USA and my instincts were telling me she's the real deal. I was super hesitant from the sellers in HK and China because their feedback included at least one or two stating that the items they received are fake. Yey! I am so excited. Now I have to wait 2 weeks to receive it but it'll be worth the wait. :) Plus I got the item for only $18.99 and added $4 for shipping and handling. Not bad, right? :P

WOOT: My mom had a sudden thought. Maybe writing is really for me. I was choosing between Behavioral Science and Journalism back then and I chose the former because my family doesn't want me to take up the latter. But now she realized maybe that's what I'm meant to do and said maybe I should do freelance writing. I dunno. Maybe. Maybe not.



  1. awww yay for the weekend and yayness for buying Benefit Coralista...

    So true, writing could be for you especially if that's what you want in the first place. Goodluck!

  2. great review sis! Is it also okay for stippling liquid foundies/bb creams? :)

    congrats on passing! I hope you get hired..and thanks for the heads up..I'll contact them ^_^

  3. Nikki, it's really a yey for Coralista. :P Thank you. :)

    Gale, thanks. I hope so too. Sure, I hope they hire you. :) Re: brush - i don't use liquid foundies and bb creams eh. :( Not sure too since it says cheek brush?

  4. Congrats! I also get this paranoia about buying stuff online. An ebay seller actually ripped me off before, and his score was 99.9!

    I spend a lot of time of considering before purchasing, especially from local multiply sellers :)

  5. congrats pAAMMMYY!!I HOPE when its my time to do the job interviews and exams i will be as good as you are!..i love reading your work related job interviews,huntings,etc etc..i also read gales posts,and it inspires me,cause im the kind of gal who gets anxious too fast,i hate interviews,am not that good in public speaking,i stutter a lot,feels like im suffocating,and since i never had any experience in that matter,i read yours hehe..but i love writing though.. ^_^.keep it up pam..THANKS

  6. Kaye, that sucks! Like what I said on GT, fakes take the joy out of online shopping. I was once duped. When I was still into Kenneth Cole bags, I saw one and the price was not bad so I clicked on the buy it now button. But I received a fake one. I didn't know KC was being faked too. :(

    Shobe, you can do it. You just have to be confident about yourself. The interviewers can tell. Just trust yourself and know your capabilities. :) You'll do well in the future. :P Just don't walk out too much like I did. Haha!

  7. Me likey the Etude Brush. Early Christmas present? :p

  8. Me likey the Etude Brush. Early Christmas present? :p

  9. Pusit :P

    Nikki, yep! Just right for the cheeks. :)

  10. THank you soooo much for stating that the etude dual fibre is denser than the 188! I've been trying to debate on which one is better for me and since I dont have access to either MAC or Etude in my area, I have to search the Web like CRAZY! I already have the ecotools dual fibre and I soooo love that one, but I was also looking for another brush (you know you cant have too many stippling brushes! lolz...) Again, thanks for the review!

  11. Anonymous, glad this post helped. Yeah, we can never have too many stippling brushes! :P Have you tried AwG ingenue dual fiber? That is pretty close to MAC 288. :)

  12. Oh my! I don't have ingenue dual fiber in my area either... ebay is my only friend in this area. Hmmm... I've been looking into Skinfood's stippling brush lately. I think it's called a premium touch pearl brush something.. I saw a review that it's actually bigger than the etude brush. now I'm lemming for that one too as a back up for my ecotools! ugh! I think I'm addicted to stippling brushes now...

  13. Anonymous, I saw that brush too on eBay! If you are in the PH too, just look for mini stippling brush and it's PHP285. Almost the same price as the one from Skinfood. :)

  14. hey thanks! Yeah Im from the PH too. In the wonderful make up wasteland that is Minda... lolz! ooooh! steal! im def buying!

  15. Hi again. :) Yeah, that mini stippling brush is the one from Adorned with Grace which I find kinda similar to MAC 188.

  16. is it just me or are the white fibers denser on the MAC brushes? does that make much of a difference?

  17. Hi anonymous. I find the white bristles of this one denser than the MAC 188. But if it is compared to MAC 187, this isn't as dense as 187.

  18. love it.

    i'm having a giveaway, if you have time drop by!!


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