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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Golden Green Eyes

Alright, played again with eye shadows. So I decided to use green and gold. I only used two colors - green marbled eyeshadow and golden brown baked eyeshadow both from Elianto. And of course, used Maybelline Gel Liner once again.

Here's one more.

And another one.

I think I should learn to blend colours more and line my eyes better. :) I am loving Clinique Lash Power Mascara. I think it could be my HG mascara. Happy Tuesday! :P


Monday, August 30, 2010

Black Gold Eyes

I once again decided to play with eyeshadow. For some reason, I am now having fun with it. Anyway, I decided to use gold and black this time to get away from the usual green and purple. So here are photos of what I did to my eyes.

I only used the Elianto marbled eyeshadow (gold-brown) and ELF Studio Single Eyeshadow in Mystic Moss. Used white eyeliner at the inner corner of the eyes. Then applied Maybelline gel liner and Clinique Lash Power Mascara in Black Onyx. I know you can't see the gold that much but I just couldn't capture the true colours. I may need to get a digicam (but not a dslr) that will be able to do such.

Anyway, happy week, everyone. :)


I died...of too much cuteness!

Seen this video?

And this one too. But with this one, I died of laughter.

Sorry, I can't help it. :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

How lipstick can transform one's look...

Okay, I've probably said this a couple of times now but I will say it once again - I am on a lipstick phase. :P Now I know that most, if not all, of you are aware as to how it can transform one's look. And I would like to show you guys how wearing two different shades of lippies has transformed my look. But first, I'd like to share what I did to my eyes. :)

I hope I am getting better at it though.

And the first one with red lips.

Then changed Clinique Party Red lipstick to MAC Cosmo.

Stuff I used:
- Biore Pore Perfect Shine Control Moisturizer
- Maybelline Natural Perfecting Mineral Concealer - Ivory
- Shiseido Supplist Poreless Powder Foundation - O00
- In2It Eyebrow Shadow
- Elianto Marbled Green-Gold Eyeshadow
- ELF Studio Line Single Eyeshadow in Mystic Moss
- Maybelline Gel Eyeliner - Black
- Clinique Lash Power Mascara - Black Onyx
- ELF Studio Line Contouring Blush and Bronzer Duo - Bronzed
- Shu Uemura Glow On M Pink 30
- Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lip Balm
- Clinique Party Red Lipstick - MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Cosmo

I hope you all had a great weekend and may you have a great week ahead of you! :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Product Review: L'Oreal Total Repair Deep Repairing Mask + Tag

I wasn't much into hair care until I noticed that my hair was hard to manage and felt rough and dry. I started checking the internet for products and scourged groceries and department stores for hair care products that aren't as expensive as Kerastase and the like. I was happy with the hair treats hair spa in coco milk from Watson's and Creamsilk Precision Hair Treatment. I used them as conditioners and the results were good. I don't buy the Creamsilk mask in tubs because I realized that buying in sachets is cheaper as I get more product in total. But then I realized that these two stopped working for me so I was once again on the lookout for a new hair product and that's when I crossed paths with L'Oreal. I tried Elseve but my scalp became itchy. Then I saw the Re-Nutrition mask and tried it and was also happy. While buying a couple of sachets of the Re-Nutrition mask, I saw this really cute pink, white, and red packaging and being the pink lover that I am, I instantly grabbed a couple. I found myself in love with it more than the Elseve one. So here's my review.

What I like:
- The scent. It smells really great and not overpowering.
- My hair feels smoother and softer.
- My hair feels hydrated and isn't dry.
- Helped my hair become more manageable.
- No scalp itchies and flakes.
- The packaging is cute as it is pink. :P
- Cheap. I buy these from the grocery and got 3 sachets for only PHP57 as compared to buying it individually which costs a little less than PHP20 each. I save almnost 3 bucks!
- Locally available.

What I don't like:
- None!

Overall rating: 5/5

Will I buy again? A big YES! I've never loved any hair product this much.

Tip: I found buying in sachets cheaper. I compared the amount of product in a jar and the amount of product when buying these in sachets and considered the price too. Say, 10 of these sachets cost almost the same as the cost of one jar but I get more product in total (a rough estimate). Yes, I can be a cheapskate. :P

And here's a long overdue tag from the cutie Cha.

1. What inspired you to make a blog?
- I love reading beauty blogs and I learned a lot from it so I thought I might as well also share my own experiences with products.

2. If you could buy makeup from only ONE brand, what brand would that be?
- This is kinda difficult. Shu Uemura.

3. If you can change your name what name will you pick and why?
- Ingrid. I love the movie Casablanca and Ingrid Bergman was the lead female actress. :)

4. What is the theme song of your life right now?
- I think it's Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

5. Who are you 3 years ago?
- A corporate slave. Haha! And someone who isn't sure of what she wants to do with her life.

6. What is your all time favorite food?
- Pasta and pizza and chicken.

7. What is your favorite make up as of the moment?
- Shu Uemura Glow On M Pink 30

8. If you can talk and have coffee with anyone tonight, who would it be
- If you're not free tonight, then I'd probably just have coffee with Simon Cowell. Talk about sarcasm being sexy. :P

And I am so loving this song.

Anyway, happy weekend! :)


Friday, August 27, 2010

Yum Moments: BBB - Big Better Burgers

Earlier, I went to Gateway Mall to have late lunch with a friend. And it was really a late lunch at 3:3opm. We dined at BBB or Big Better Burgers at SM and it was my first time to try their burgers. I have always loved Wham! and Charlie's so I wanted to try it and know if I will also like their burger. We only ordered their value meal and here are pictures.

This is their quarter pounder burger with fries and iced tea. It costs only PHP135 so it isn't bad at all.

The meat is tender and juicy and really tasty. In fact, I like it better than Wham and Charlie's because it is tastier. I realized how Wham's patties are more fatty than meaty and how Charlie's is kinda bland though it is 100% pure beef. The fries are chunky though a bit salty for me and my friend. Plus the patty is thick and their mayo is really delish. I think they use Japanese mayo. And the tomato and lettuce are fresh and crisp. I wanted to try their jalapeno burger being the spicy food lover that I am but I want to try the basics first before venturing into something more adventurous for my tastebuds.

Overall, I like BBB's burger and I will definitely go back and try what else they have to offer. Oh, they also have burger and rice meals as well as pastas.

Inside their Cubao branch

Sorry for the poor quality of the pics as I am using only my phonecam. Anyway, til the next yum moment. :)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm hoping...

...that someday, there will no longer be violence.
...that we will no longer live in a sick and sad world.
...that no man will ever lose his life in the hands of another man who has no divine right to take another person's life.
...that mankind will have high regard for a person's life.

No more killings, please. I'm getting tired of the news all over the world about murder, violence, deaths. But I can only hope.


After the torture incident, the rest of the world will once again despise us for the hostage taking that took place earlier here in Manila. I'm sure videos are now posted in YouTube and are getting nasty comments that sometimes attack us as a nation - a country so violent where innocent tourists gets hostaged and shot to death. Double whammy as the earlier incident involved a policeman and now, another policeman (or ex) got involved. What's happening to our policemen is beyond my understanding. All I know is that no one deserved to die, not even the hostage taker.

My sincerest condolences to everyone who lost their loved one.

No one in that incident deserved to die. Not a single soul. Read more...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Product Review: Bourjois Docteur Glamour Lipstick 14 Rose Toubib

For the Nth time, I am on a lipstick phase so sorry if I've been posting nothing but lipstick stuff. I've been raving about this lipstick for the past week and I'll tell you why this has become one of my favorites in a span of a few days.

What I like:
- Let's start with the packaging. It's really cute and I dunno, it doesn't look cheap to me at all. I like the pink cap and the silver tube.
- A really pretty shade of pink with no shimmer nor glitters. Brightens up my face in an instant. Color is so soft and feminine.
- Texture somewhat resembles a lip balm and it is quite moisturizing. Works like a tinted lip balm. But it will look prettier with a touch of gloss on top.
- Glides on smoothly on the lips.
- Pigmented.
- Lasts for about 3-4 hours and there's still a tint left even after eating or drinking.

What I don't like:
-There is quite a strong scent of rose and I'm not digging it.
- Not locally available.

Overall rating: 4/5

Will I buy again? Yes, I am lemming for another shade. Though I bought another shade which I will review some time next week.


Lip swatch

Happy weekend! :P

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Covergirl Tru Shine Lipstick in 465 Peach Shine

Here's another addition to my lippies. I guess I am on a lipstick phase after all. The latest one is Covergirl Tru Shine Lipstick on 465 Peach Shine. It has a high rating at makeupalley and that's one of the reasons why I decided to get this product.

This is definitely peach with a slight hint of pink. It is not too orange and looks really pretty. It is like a hybrid of lipstick and lip gloss as this one is definitely glossy without the stickiness of a lip gloss. I do not find it drying but it's not super hydrating either. Goes on creamy and sheer but you will definitely get color in just a couple of swipes. Color may be uneven on lips upon application but nothing a few more swipes will fix. Downside is that you need several swipes to get an even color if you want "full coverage" but if you want just a lovely wash of color, then you will like this a lot. Lasts for a couple of hours so reapplication is needed but I wouldn't mind reapplying this. The packaging is holographic which seems cute but kinda cheap. It doesn't bother me that much though because I really like this lipstick and the color is just perfect, imo. Makes my lips look radiant and healthy too.


Lip swatch

I'm seriously considering buying a back up of this. It looks lovely on the tube and even better on the lips.

Happy Wednesday! :)


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First FOTD at 26! (I'm a year older again.)

An FOTD to welcome my 26th year of existence. :P

Alright, I'm not getting any younger. I turned 26 last Sunday and it was such a super awesome way to celebrate my being in the mid-20's by staying in bed the whole day. I was down with flu. :( Saturday night, I was on my way home with a friend after having dinner and we were both a little tipsy. We hit a small tree. And I have scoliosis so my back hurt a lot. Let's do a little backtrack.

I was about to go home Saturday afternoon after meeting a friend at Megamall. Had snacks at Wham! and coffee at Krispy Kreme then checked out Forever 21. I felt dizzy because it was super jampacked. I can't stay long in an enclosed space that is really crowded. After that, he dropped me off at EDSA Shang to take the MRT but I received an sms from another friend saying he'd treat me for dinner since it was almost my birthday. Thinking that it'll be easier than taking the MRT (it was rush hour and I already have fever that time), I agreed. He picked me up from EDSA Shang and went somewhere in Timog. After having dinner and a pitcher of zombie, we decided to go home. Alcohol took effect and we were both a little tipsy. While singing along with Afroman's Because I Got High (mind you, we weren't high, i just like the song a lot), his sense of direction was kinda clouded and sorta got lost. I have very poor sense of direction to begin with so I cannot drive. We didn't notice we were nearing the dead end and good thing is there was a small tree and we hit it instead. No one was majorly hurt except that he sort of hurt his shoulder and I strained my back when we suddenly went to a full stop. After realizing we were both okay, we decided to go home and the tipsy feeling was gone. We were suddenly sober.

Lesson learned 1: Never ever drink and drive. Or at least never let the one driving drink a lot. If there's someone who gets drunk, it shouldn't be the person sitting on the driver's seat.

When I woke up the following day, I have flu, cough, and cold. And it was my birthday! Realized that it's because I walked under the rain a few days back. They say that if that happens to you, you should immediately take a shower. I didn't because I just took a shower then went out to 711 and was on my way home when it rained. And our house is just one house away from 711. Until today, I'm still a little sick.

Lesson learned 2: Heed the elders' advice. Take some, if not most, of them seriously. You might not be able to cook and celebrate your birthday.

How I celebrated it? I took a walk down memory lane by watching movies in the 90's that I loved as a kid. I watched the following:
- 3 Ninjas
- 3 Ninjas Kick Back
- 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up
- 3 Ninjas High Noon at Mega Mountain (with Hulk Hogan)

I couldn't get enough of Tumtum, Colt, Rocky, and of course, the ninja grandpa who is like Mr. Miyagi. :P

I also watched Power Rangers the Movie! I like the Yellow Ranger a lot. :P

I just remembered what happened 2 weeks ago. I went to 711 to buy a pack of cancer sticks then the lady at the cashier asked how old I am and when I told her I'm 25 with a confused look on my face, she asked for an ID. I was thinking, "This isn't the first time I bought ciggies from you."
Anyway, that just made me laugh and it makes me smile just by remembering that.

Anyway, sorry for the long post about my birthday misadventures. And oh, I think I had another misfortune just now. I received these lippies in the mail this morning.

And now, one of them broke. It's the Bourjois Rose Tendre that broke. The lippie on the right. Gah! :(

Anyway, happy Tuesday! :P

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Product Review: VO5 Perfectly Smooth Frizz Defense Creme Healthy Lengths

This is my first time to review a hair care product as I mostly review make up and skin care stuff. Anyway, I bought this last week and has been consistently using it enough to make a review.

What I like:
- Smells really good, reminds me of a perfume which I can't really point my finger to.
- Creamy and not oily.
- Does not make my scalp itchy and there are no flakes.
- Holds my curls very well.
- Controls my frizz for a while.
- My hair looks and feels smooth.
- Brings out the natural brown color of my hair.
- Really cheap as I got the 102g bottle for only PHP100 at the American store thingie here.
- Perfect for those with long hair be it straight or curled.

What I don't like:
- None.

Overall rating: 5/5

Will I buy again? If I can find another bottle of this because there was only one bottle left when I bought this.

This is how it looks like:

Happy weekend, guys! :P

Oh, I had this last night at EDS Shang Streetscape.

My fave apple martini. :P Now I know why I got even more sick. :P

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Product Review: Wet 'n' Wild Wildshine Lip Lacquer in 926 Flirtatious

While I've had this lippy for only a couple of days now, I was able to immediately put it to test. And I am excited to share with you guys another inexpensive but good product. Normally, I would wait for a few days to review a product but I developed this habit of immediately reviewing it once I get to test it and like it. But before my review, here are a few pictures of this lippy.

What I like:
- Creamy and glides like butter on my lips.
- Pigmented. One swipe and I can see the color on my lips.
- Texture is really smooth.
- Long lasting. A little goes a long way. I applied this last night and even after having dinner, I can still see color on my lips.
- The color is really pretty. Looks peach brown on the tube and upon application. But after a few minutes, it turns to a nice pink-brown shade with a hint of peach on my lips. That's probably how it reacts with my body chemistry but it's another MLBB for me. The color somehow reminds me of NYX RLS Frappucino but without the nasty scent.
- Moisturizing. I applied this the other night and I fell asleep without removing it. When I woke up, my lips felt so smooth, hydrated, and there's still pigment. The lines are less visible and my lips just felt great.
- It works like a tinted lip balm that is super pigmented.
- No shimmers or glitters. Gives a glossy finish that is just pretty.
- No annoying scent that makes me sneeze.
- Cheap. Got it on eBay for only PHP60 (around $1.50). I get value for money.

What I don't like:
- The slim tube is fine. It's just that the lipstick doesn't go all the way down into the tube and I have to very carefully remove or place the cap back on; otherwise, the lipstick that is exposed will get nicks and cuts and it doesn't look nice.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Will I buy again? Maybe. Not sure if I will get a back up of this but I'd like to since this is one of the most moisturizing lipsticks I've ever had. I hope it becomes available at Wet 'n' Wild, Watson's in Megamall.


Lip swatch

Happy Thursday! :P

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bright Red Lips + Uh oh. I think I'm on a "lipstick" phase

After my blush and mascara phases, I think I am now on a lipstick phase. Back then, I'd always check out blushes when I go to the mall and even on eBay. But now, I always check out lippies. So I guess I'm over my blush phase. The same goes for my mascara phase early this year. I like how lippies can transform one's look from the sweet girl next door to a sexy and sultry siren. Although the sexy and sultry siren isn't the case for me (:-P). Anyway, here are the 3 lippies I bought over the weekend.

L-R: Bourjois Docteur Glamour Lipstick in 14 Rose Toubib, Clinique Long Last Lipstick in 97 Party Red, Wet 'n' Wild Wildshine Lip Lacquer in 926 Flirtatious.


I received them all at the same time yesterday and it made my day. I originally bought Rose Tendre but received Rose Toubib instead. I'm glad though because it is really pretty. There was some sort of mismatch because on the box it says Rose Tendre so I informed the seller about it. But I later on decided to get Rose Tendre too, which I will have next week. :P So tell me, do you also agree when I say I think I am on a lipstick phase? :D

What I also had for lunch yesterday.

And here's moi using Clinique Party Red lipstick.

My mom said she thought I looked like a pimp. Said warm reds work better for me. Guess what? She can pull off this shade and it looks really good on her. I guess she just wanted the lipstick after all. Haha! Anyway, I might give it to her and buy the Maybelline one I saw at the mall. It's red-pink and I thought it might work for me.

Will review the other lippies soon. :P Happy Wednesday! :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I think I lost a few inches off my waist!

I don't know if I'm just imagining things or I really lost a couple of inches off my waist. I have worn my yellow shirt once and it felt extremely tight and uncomfortable. When I wore it today, it felt just right and suprisingly, it felt comfy enough. So I took a picture and I looked for a shot a few weeks ago. Here they are.

Third week of July


Funny I'm wearing the same boxers on both pics. Haha! :P

There were less bulges on my waist and tummy. Haha! I dunno. I never went on a strict diet but it could be that I haven't eaten chips or junk food for weeks now and less soda. Even my jeans no longer feel tight. And the same goes for my other shirts that usually hugs my body making my bulges look more obvious but now, they look better. I'm liking it and I will continue doing it. I still eat regular meals though. Whaddaya girls think?

Anyway, I'm heading out for the day and
here's my simple make up of the day.

Have a great Tuesday, ladies! :P

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Red Lips: A First for Me! Using Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Berry Freeze

I took pictures of me wearing my very first red lipstick - Clinique Berry Freeze. I have always been scared of red lipsticks but I read somewhere that every girl should have at least one tube of red lipstick. Let me know if it's a Yay or Nay for me wearing red lipstick. :-)

I'm wearing shades on the pictures, I know. But I was on my way out when I decided to take the pics. Was going to the church, sit on the ground in front of it with a donation box beside me and play the guitar while singing. Kidding. Anyway, lemme know if I'm okay with reds. Thanks!

Happy weekend!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Skin Consultation with Clinique + ELF Studio Eyeshadow

I was scheduled yesterday to be skin typed by a Clinique consultant at the Clinique Counter in Rustan's Makati. I received an invite from Ms. May Samson of Clinique, unfortunately, I was not able to meet her yesterday as my Mom and I already left Makati when I read a couple of SMS from her that she was already at the counter. :(

The Clinique stuff + the 2 Elf Studio Eyeshadows I bought from a fellow girltalker.

When I was skin typed, I was surprised that I have Dry Combination skin, which is Type 2, as opposed to what I have thought all along that I have Combination Oily skin. It is because my cheeks are dry and there are sometimes flakiness and tightness on that area without moisturizer. I was given samples of the 3-Step Skin Care System and I started using it last night. Will post my review once I have finished all the samples.

I also received a sample of Long Last Lipstick in Berry Freeze and a Lash Power Mascara in Black Onyx.

Here's how Berry Freeze looks like.
I will do a separate review on this lipstick but I like it. I was lemming for a red lippy and this is somewhat red with a hint of brown. Really nice! :P

Anyway, here are the 2 eyeshadows from ELF Studio Line - Mystic Moss and Pebble.

Left: Pebble; Right: Mystic Moss

Swatches (Pebble and Mystic Moss)

I will do a review on these eyeshadows too. Between the two, I am liking Mystic Moss more. :)

Anyway, weekend's almost here. :P


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