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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bright Red Lips + Uh oh. I think I'm on a "lipstick" phase

After my blush and mascara phases, I think I am now on a lipstick phase. Back then, I'd always check out blushes when I go to the mall and even on eBay. But now, I always check out lippies. So I guess I'm over my blush phase. The same goes for my mascara phase early this year. I like how lippies can transform one's look from the sweet girl next door to a sexy and sultry siren. Although the sexy and sultry siren isn't the case for me (:-P). Anyway, here are the 3 lippies I bought over the weekend.

L-R: Bourjois Docteur Glamour Lipstick in 14 Rose Toubib, Clinique Long Last Lipstick in 97 Party Red, Wet 'n' Wild Wildshine Lip Lacquer in 926 Flirtatious.


I received them all at the same time yesterday and it made my day. I originally bought Rose Tendre but received Rose Toubib instead. I'm glad though because it is really pretty. There was some sort of mismatch because on the box it says Rose Tendre so I informed the seller about it. But I later on decided to get Rose Tendre too, which I will have next week. :P So tell me, do you also agree when I say I think I am on a lipstick phase? :D

What I also had for lunch yesterday.

And here's moi using Clinique Party Red lipstick.

My mom said she thought I looked like a pimp. Said warm reds work better for me. Guess what? She can pull off this shade and it looks really good on her. I guess she just wanted the lipstick after all. Haha! Anyway, I might give it to her and buy the Maybelline one I saw at the mall. It's red-pink and I thought it might work for me.

Will review the other lippies soon. :P Happy Wednesday! :)


  1. i beg to differ, you look hot ms. P! hindi na uso manang ngayon! hahaha! the Clinique party red lippie looks sooo vavavoom! on you!

    maybe you can share with dear mom? hahaha :)

  2. Aww, thanks G. Maybe I'll buy her a red lippy instead. :P

  3. bagay sayo pammy! you're maputi so warm reds or blue-based reds look good on you..

  4. Thanks, Khymm. I knew it! Gusto lang talaga ni mommy ng red lipstick. Haha! :P

  5. I think the red lipstick on the picture looks good on you. It looks fierce. I love it!

    Lots of love,

  6. Thanks, Golden. Have you tried red lippies too? Try them! Weee! :P

  7. red lips look great on you. it makes you look whiter.

  8. Oh dear, don't you just "love" and "hate" those phases, i'm glad I'm done with lipstick phase! I was just floored with lipsticks when I was addicted to it a couple of months ago!!!! Enjoy!!!

  9. Pammy, another great red lipstick that looks so great on your coloring! You know what, I'm stuck on the lipstick phase too! Everything seems to be a great lipstick for me!!! :)

  10. May, thank you. :)

    Nikki, I love the phase but my wallet hates it. Haha! :P

    Fash, so true! Every lipstick seems to be a great one when you're in such a phase. :P

  11. you look so pretty with the bright red! i love it on you :) pretty!! :)

    btw, i'm on my lipstick phase too! for months now! :))

  12. Those red lip looks amazing on you! So nice!

  13. Mia, thanks. Oh no, I hope this phase won't last for months. :P

    Anastacia, thank you. :)

  14. I like! :) I am sure those bright shades flatter you! - Trace

  15. By the way Pam, where did you get the Bourjois lippie? I'm itching to buy one! haha

  16. lol we all go through different phases. after years of buying makeup, i'm on a clothes phase right now! haha. i still buy makeup though but not as much since i already have a lot.

  17. Fash, I got it on eBay. :P

    Crystal, haha! At least you're over your make up phase. Though I no longer buy make up as much as I used to. :P


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