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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I think I lost a few inches off my waist!

I don't know if I'm just imagining things or I really lost a couple of inches off my waist. I have worn my yellow shirt once and it felt extremely tight and uncomfortable. When I wore it today, it felt just right and suprisingly, it felt comfy enough. So I took a picture and I looked for a shot a few weeks ago. Here they are.

Third week of July


Funny I'm wearing the same boxers on both pics. Haha! :P

There were less bulges on my waist and tummy. Haha! I dunno. I never went on a strict diet but it could be that I haven't eaten chips or junk food for weeks now and less soda. Even my jeans no longer feel tight. And the same goes for my other shirts that usually hugs my body making my bulges look more obvious but now, they look better. I'm liking it and I will continue doing it. I still eat regular meals though. Whaddaya girls think?

Anyway, I'm heading out for the day and
here's my simple make up of the day.

Have a great Tuesday, ladies! :P


  1. its great then! But I hope you're not stressing on something to lose weight ha/ If you're losing a lot at a short span of time, have a check ha? take care

  2. Nikki, thanks for the concern. I'm just cutting back on soda and junk food. :P

  3. yes you did lose a few inches.. congrats. i might have to start cutting back on my potato chips and chippy hihihi

  4. chips and soda are really the culprits no? Looking great! =)

  5. wow noticeable talaga na you lost a few inches!

  6. wow pammy! impressive. now we realize how bad soda and chips are! too bad they're so yummy! :))


  7. Belle, thanks! Go go go! In my case, coke and cheezy are the culprit. Haha!

    Dang, true. My mom has been telling me to stop munching on chips and making coke my water. I'm glad I heed her advice. :)

    Khymm, thanks! Didn't realize that til I wore that yellow shirt kanina. :)

    Mia, I agree. They're so yummy but I never thought I can keep myself from munching on them. I probably will but just like once a week or every 2 weeks so as to not totally deprive myself. Thanks! :P


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