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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Red Lips: A First for Me! Using Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Berry Freeze

I took pictures of me wearing my very first red lipstick - Clinique Berry Freeze. I have always been scared of red lipsticks but I read somewhere that every girl should have at least one tube of red lipstick. Let me know if it's a Yay or Nay for me wearing red lipstick. :-)

I'm wearing shades on the pictures, I know. But I was on my way out when I decided to take the pics. Was going to the church, sit on the ground in front of it with a donation box beside me and play the guitar while singing. Kidding. Anyway, lemme know if I'm okay with reds. Thanks!

Happy weekend!


  1. not used to it at first glance but after looking closer, you actually can pull this shade! :) Go go go on more red lips!

  2. Nikki, weee! Thanks! :P I actually just bought a red lippy from Clinique. :P

  3. that's so nice. super yay! wear more red! it makes you look whiter :)

  4. Taray! Pammy, you look like a VIP with the shades on :) Haha! The red lippie fits you, good shade.

  5. Yey! Thanks, Crystal. :P

    Mia, thanks. I am loving this red. :P

    Trace/Dawn, thank you. Haha! :P

  6. definitely a "YAY"! It makes you look fairer, Pammy! You should try MAC Red or Russian Red! :)

  7. Weee! Thanks. I've tried Russian Red before and it scared me. Or maybe I just wasn't ready yet. I'll try it one of these days. Thanks for the recos. :P

  8. That shade of red suits your skintone and made you look fairer. :)

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  10. Your very first red lippie??? you look so pretty with red lips and you should wear it more often!

    thanks for sharing your bangs story. I pretty much clip my bangs so it wont bother my face lol.

  11. Hi Elle, thanks for the invite. I'll check it out. :)

    Becky, yes!!! My very first red lippie. Thanks! :P

  12. Pammy, it looks good on you! At first im scared of red lippies din, pero masasanay ka rin.. =)

  13. you look great,hun!
    though i think you can pull off a brighter shade of red better because your skin is fair & flawless!

    but you still look,awesome,hun!
    hope to see you donning reds more!

  14. i say it looks good on you. so it's a yay!

    i was also quite hesitant in using red lippies, but it just makes you feel so sexy huh!

    more power! just recently followed your blog... :)

  15. Pammy, i like pink and peach hues on you the best.

    i think this looks a lil reddish brown huh? why not try something bright red and maybe i'll like it more than your darling pink lippies. :)

  16. Khymm, thanks! I bought another red lippy pala and I'll receive it tomorrow. When I was at the mall earlier, I was checking out red lippies more than the usual nudes, pinks, peaches. :P

    Thiamere, thanks! I'll be receiving a brighter shade of red tomorrow. Let's see if I can rock it. :P

    Ranyah, thank you! :P Wearing it felt like I was in the 60's. T'was nice and I'm liking it so far. :P
    Thanks for following my blog too. Followed yours. :)

    Arj, I still like them the most too. :P Yeah, it's somewhat brick red/reddish brown. I'll post photos of me with the bright red lippy once I receive it. :P


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