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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Product Review: Wet 'n' Wild Wildshine Lip Lacquer in 926 Flirtatious

While I've had this lippy for only a couple of days now, I was able to immediately put it to test. And I am excited to share with you guys another inexpensive but good product. Normally, I would wait for a few days to review a product but I developed this habit of immediately reviewing it once I get to test it and like it. But before my review, here are a few pictures of this lippy.

What I like:
- Creamy and glides like butter on my lips.
- Pigmented. One swipe and I can see the color on my lips.
- Texture is really smooth.
- Long lasting. A little goes a long way. I applied this last night and even after having dinner, I can still see color on my lips.
- The color is really pretty. Looks peach brown on the tube and upon application. But after a few minutes, it turns to a nice pink-brown shade with a hint of peach on my lips. That's probably how it reacts with my body chemistry but it's another MLBB for me. The color somehow reminds me of NYX RLS Frappucino but without the nasty scent.
- Moisturizing. I applied this the other night and I fell asleep without removing it. When I woke up, my lips felt so smooth, hydrated, and there's still pigment. The lines are less visible and my lips just felt great.
- It works like a tinted lip balm that is super pigmented.
- No shimmers or glitters. Gives a glossy finish that is just pretty.
- No annoying scent that makes me sneeze.
- Cheap. Got it on eBay for only PHP60 (around $1.50). I get value for money.

What I don't like:
- The slim tube is fine. It's just that the lipstick doesn't go all the way down into the tube and I have to very carefully remove or place the cap back on; otherwise, the lipstick that is exposed will get nicks and cuts and it doesn't look nice.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Will I buy again? Maybe. Not sure if I will get a back up of this but I'd like to since this is one of the most moisturizing lipsticks I've ever had. I hope it becomes available at Wet 'n' Wild, Watson's in Megamall.


Lip swatch

Happy Thursday! :P


  1. bagay sayo yung shade sis, it's also my kind of shade :)

  2. You got this for Php 60 lang?! will check ebay LOL.

    nice review!

  3. Crystal, I love these MLBB leaning towards to nude shades. :P

    Khymm, go! Last time I checked, there are still 9 tubes left. :P

  4. The shade looks good on you, parang lalo kang naging fair :)

  5. Madz, thank you. :P

    ERRATUM: Leaning towards nude shades.* (not leaning towards to nude which is grammatically wrong. :D)

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  7. Hi Maubrey, thank you. Sorry about the beautiful ladies. :P

  8. This product sounds so great! I love such stuff like glossy effect too :) And it looks so nice on your lips!

  9. Anastacia, thank you. I love glossy lippies too. :P

  10. Hi pammy...can I ask one thing
    Do I need to follow ur blog..?

  11. to be frank I like ur I love to follow ur blog also

    But the topic above the followers column is not suitable for u

  12. Oh alright. Thanks for pointing that out. I realized there are a couple of guys following my blog so I changed it to something else instead. Thanks.

  13. No need of thanks
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  14. sis bagay sayo yung color. pretty lips!

    anu ba yan sis ang kulit.

  15. Maubrey, I already did. :)

    May, corrected by! Ang sakit sa bangs. Haha! :P

  16. Nice, the shade is really natural! I think I own a similar shade, almost same..from In2It :D


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