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Thursday, March 29, 2012

March Goodies

What nicer way could perk up a sick makeup lover like me than to receive goodies when you're stuck in bed, sneezing and coughing your heart out, looking like a red-nosed reindeer on a rainy day? That'd definitely perk and cheer me up. I was handed a few goodies that I got way back December last year from Apothica and the mailman also arrived to hand me something. I decided to just post almost all the goodies I have acquired for the whole month of March before the month ends in 2 days so you'll definitely see some products that have already been featured on previous posts. So I'd like to share what cheered me up on a gloomy, bed weather afternoon-evening.

1. Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Second Skin Nude Makeup 2
2. MAC Blot Pressed Powder in Medium
3. Burberry Light Glow Blush in 04 Peony (which replaced Blossom which I also purchased this month)
4. Becca Mineral Blush in Flowerchild
5. Becca Beach Tint in Guava
6. Benefit Bella Bamba Mini
7. Skinfood Sugar Cookie Blush in Winter Cherry
8. YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in Rose Dahlia
9. Clinique Happy
10. Caudalie Paris Lip Balm
11. The Balm Down Boy Blush/Shadow (not in picture)
12. Burberry Light Glow Blush in 05 Blossom
13. Random samples from Phytomer, Ahava, Nuxe, and Skinfood.

More reviews to follow then. :)

Happy Thursday evening, super awesome peeps! :)



In the Limelight: Purbasari Lulur Mandi Putih Scrub - A Product Review

Happy rainy Thursday, everyone. Today, I am finally able to post a review of the product I received from Genson way back in October last year. I decided to use it for months before finally giving it my verdict so I have fully tested it before doing so. Exfoliation is important in keeping our skin, healthy, radiant and glowing as dead skin cells tend to make our skin dull and unhealthy-looking. I, personally exfoliate only once a week because doing it everyday could be harsh and potentially trigger my skin asthma. I was quite excited to use this scrub because I read somewhere that this is better than a different brand of lulur scrub I was using at that moment. Now after using it for 5 months now, here's what I think of the Purbasari Lulur Mandi Putih Scrub.

What I like:

  • The texture is rich and creamy and all you need is a small amount for the whole body. I find that its texture makes it easy to spread all over.
  • The beads are very fine and I find them to be non-abrasive. What I like even more is the fact that the beads are rounded. Other scrubs have uneven shapes, some with sharp edges that actually hurt the skin instead of just removing dead skin cells.
  • My skin looks and feels more radiant after exfoliating with this scrub.
  • One full size jar has product enough to last you for almost a year (with non-daily use). It has been five months and I'm not even halfway through it. It still depends on how frequently you exfoliate.
  • A little goes a long way. A small amount is enough for my body.
  • No irritation and no allergic reaction from this product.
  • Locally available at Watson's and inexpensive too. Priced almost the same as the other famous lulur scrub.

What I don't like:
  • When I first opened it, I immediately noticed the scent. It is soapy and grandma-ish which turned me off a bit. It is a scent I personally do not like and find a little too strong. The scent lingers while in the shower but goes away after washing the scrub off.

Overall rating:  3.5/5 I like the scrub a lot since it does its job well in removing dead skin cells and making my skin look radiant and healthy. I also like the texture much better than the other lulur scrub. However, the scent is the deal breaker. It justifies my exfoliating once a week because I seriously find it quite hard to tolerate the scent.

Will I buy again? If they come up with a better smelling variant, I would. But as for now, I'll just have to finish the huge tub before making the decision of whether I would repurchase or not.

*It says something about whitening. While I am not too keen on that aspecct, I observed and noticed minor lightening on my skin. I think it can help with prolonged usage to whiten one's skin though I cannot guarantee that it will work and give you satisfactory results based on your preference.*

Have you tried this scrub? How do you find it?

Disclaimer: Product received for review and PR consideration but does not affect my view on the said product.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Foundation Day: Swatches and Mini Reviews of Base Makeup- Kanebo, RMK, Shu Uemura, YSL, Giorgio Armani

Hello guys! It's rare that I would post on a weekday but after being advised by the doctor to stay home and rest for a couple of days (I've been sick for a couple of days now), I decided to update my blog as I didn't want to get bored from resting too much. I've been sleeping pretty much the whole day, getting all the rest I need, and it's becoming pretty tiresome. Going back to today's topic, I decided to post swatches and a little review on each foundation that I have. I don't have tons of foundations so this'll be short and sweet.

L-R: Kanebo Coffret D'Or Beauty Lasting Liquid UV | RMK Liquid
Foundation | Shu Uemura Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foundation |
Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Second Skin Nude Makeup | YSL Matt
Touch Oil-Free Foundation

The swatches

All the foundations are yellow-toned but the ones with the least yellow in them are RMK Liquid Foundation and Giorgio Armani Face Fabric. They both have peach tones in them but they manage to turn yellow and blend well once on the skin. The most yellow turns out to be YSL Matt Touch followed by Shu Uemura Face Architect, and lastly, Kanebo Coffret D'Or.

As mentioned above, I will be doing a quick, mini review of each to somehow give you an overview based on my experience.
  1. Kanebo Coffret D'Or Beauty Lasting Liquid UV - Out of the five, this has the thinnest consistency which is almost water-like, thus, making it very easy to spread out. It gives a nice, semi-matte finish that dries down to a natural-looking, almost like second skin finish. For an in-depth review, please check out my post.
  2. RMK Liquid Foundation - Another liquid foundation from a Japanese brand created by makeup-artist Rumiko. This is fast-becoming an HG liquid foundation for me due to its very nice, natural-looking finish, and its ability to make my face still look fresh even after 12 hours of walking around where sweating was inevitable on a hot, sunny day for a work event. Pretty expensive but nonetheless worth it. Review coming up soon.
  3. Shu Uemura Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foundation - This used to be my HG foundation but was dethroned by another one. To know my review from last year, please click here. Sadly though, that HG phase was over when I noticed how after having it for half a year, the quality has somewhat deteriorated (and it's not even past its shelf life yet). It was no longer as easy to spread, oxidizes so bad that it turns to an undesirable orange shade after a short period and no longer as nice as it used to be. Really sad.
  4. YSL Matt Touch Oil-Free Foundation - I owe this product a review which I must include in my to-do list for my blog. The texture is very smooth and airy and applying and gliding it on the skin brings immense pleasure. Hey, don't get me wrong with "immense pleasure" but it really does feel nice on the skin. It mattifies my skin while making it smoother than smooth, making my pores less visible. It lasts a pretty long time too. 
  5. Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Second Skin Nude Makeup - My latest foundation acquisition. Got it early this month and has been a favorite since then. Really feels like second skin because it barely offers any coverage but it somehow evens out the skin tone keeping it matte for a couple of hours. It is lighter than YSL Matt Touch but they are both in the gel/mousse foundation family. Will also be doing a review soon.
So to sum up this post, I am glad that I do not have a huge collection of foundations because I get to appreciate everything and actually focus on each foundation. I can still say I am quite partial to Japanese brands with the exception of both YSL and Giorgio Armani. Nothing beats the suitability of Japanese foundations on Asian skin if you were to ask me but it still boils down to personal preference.

I hope this post somewhat helped you decide which foundation you can most probably give a try next. 

I wish you all well and happy week, everyone! :)

P.S. Local readers: My 3rd year on blogspot (Xanga being the first platform that I used) is fast approaching; thus, I am thinking of doing an anniversary giveaway which I have not done yet. It's not going to be a huge (bongga) one but at least something I think you all can use. :)



Monday, March 26, 2012

In the Limelight: Burberry Light Glow Blush in 05 Blossom - A Product Review

One of the blushes I have been lemming for over a year now is a gorgeous coral-peach with a touch of pink shade from Burberry Beauty which is the Light Glow Blush in 05 Blossom. I've been wanting to own one for the longest time but have set aside the lemming for other blushes from other brands. Then I became torn between Blossom and one of the more popular shades from the same brand which is 04 Peony as I have been growing a certain fondness for pink blushes lately. But when I was given the chance to try and finally own Blossom, I did not let the chance go so before I digress and start to babble about the time when Blossom and I met for the first time, I will now let you know my thoughts on this blush.

This is what Nordstrom says about Burberry Light Glow Blushes:

Get a bright and radiant finish with warm glowing skin, reminiscent of the freshness of a spring morning.

Formula: This airy micro-powder ensures rich shades. Silicones provide an easy glide.
Benefits: An effortlessly natural fresh complexion and a healthy glow.

Protection: Provides moisturizing benefits.

How to use: Apply Burberry Light Glow on the hollow of your cheek to slim face, or apply it at the top of the cheek to highlight the face.
Includes protective fabric pouch debossed with Burberry check.
By Burberry.

What I like:
  • I'll start with the packaging. This is by far the classiest and chic packaging I've ever seen in a blush - even beats Guerlain and Chanel by a mile - at least for me. The blush is housed in a gunmetal case with the classic Burberry check design that simply looks sleek. It comes with a velvet pouch with the same check design and a big mirror with a brush for quick touch ups. *Kinabog sina Chanel at Guerlain*
  • The moment I opened the blush, I fell in love right away. It was love at first sight, swatch, and try. Blossom is a gorgeous coral-peach shade with a tinge of pink. It has got to be one of the prettiest coral shades I have ever seen. It somehow looks similar to Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Blissful, just a tad prettier. 
  • The texture is smooth and satiny, completely expected from a high end brand.
  • Staying power is pretty decent and lasts for a few hours on my skin. Say 4-5 hours?
  • Does not irritate my skin at all, no allergic reactions either.
  • Has a shelf life of 3 years which gives me the chance to stray and eventually go back to it.

What I don't like:
  • For something so sublime, it utterly disappoints me that it oxidizes on me so bad that from a lovely coral-pink on my cheeks (upon application), it turns to a ridiculously repugnant rusty-orange/brown shade. I have never experienced any blush turning that way on me even though most oxidizes on my skin due to my being acidic.
  • Burberry Beauty is not locally available so you have to purchase it abroad or have a good soul purchase it for you instead.
  • The blush is scented and some may find it a bit overwhelming. Surprisingly, though, my nose can tolerate it.

Overall rating: 3/5 I could not totally give it a lower than low rating since it is not completely the blush's fault that it turns that bad on me but I also couldn't totally blame myself as I have never gotten such a reaction from other blushes. I tried to make this work but it just won't.

Will I buy again? Not this shade. I have recently purchased the other shade which is 04 Peony which turns out to be a lot better than this one.


And this is how it initially looks on me when freshly applied. Give it just a few minutes to turn appalling on me. I have no decent shot wearing this due to the reaction. And pardon the face, I was not wearing any makeup aside from the blush and a tinted lip balm.

Have you tried Burberry blushes? Will you purchase this shade? :)

Have a wonderful week, everyone.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lemming: Luminaze

In a couple of years, I will be turning 30 and I know I should focus more about skin care and anti-aging. My skin has acquired damage over the years of not wearing sunblock, which I know is a mortal sin, and even though the effects are not yet that visible to the naked eye, I know that in just a few years, it will finally take its toll on me. So when I was searching for a product that can repair my skin (as early as now), I came across a new beauty product called Luminaze.

It was actually the first time I encountered the brand which promises to repair blotchy skin appearances, corrects dark spots and sun spots (which are now becoming more and more evident on my skin) while it does that in a natural and harmless way.

What really caught my interest is that the enzyme the brand uses is actually harvested from a mushroom and I love mushroom on a few dishes and on my pizza. But this mushroom grows on trees that are found in the Swiss Alps and the areas or bark that surrounds the mushroom are not that coloured or dark so they formulated something from it. They found out that the enzymes break down melanin in the skin that will decrease or minimize the appearance of sun spots, dark spots, and other signs of skin aging and damage.

I really want to try this product enough to make a lemming post about it. It is not everyday that I post a skin care lemming which means that I badly need such a product in my beauty regimen. I am not after skin whitening as I am already satisfied with my skin color but what I want is to simply minimize if it’s not totally possible to get rid of skin discoloration or those nasty spots on my face and even on my hand and shoulders. Yes, if I get my hands on this product, I will use it on other parts of my body as well unless it says I can’t.

What do you think about it?

Happy weekend, super awesome peeps! :P



Sunday, March 11, 2012

Updated: What's in my Kikay Kit (Makeup Kit)?

Hi everyone! Another week has passed and pretty soon, the first quarter of the supposed last year according to the Mayan Calendar will be over. Anyway, I like taking a peek on what most of you ladies stuff in your kikay kit and I have been meaning to post an updated what's in my kikay kit since the last one was way back in 2009, I think, but haven't gotten around to doing so until now. What I am going to show you is what I have in my kit at the moment because it changes on  weekly or daily basis depending on my mood and how lazy or not I am in changing the products I use everyday. So without further ado, here's a  peek on my kikay kit and what's inside.

I am using a cosmetic pouch from Estee Lauder

Face/Base Makeup - Giorgio Armani Face Fabric 2 | Maybelline
Dream Mousse Concealer - Cream | MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural
- Light | Kanebo Kate High Coverage Pressed Powder UV

Cheeks - Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric 2 | Chanel Joues Contraste -
Tea Rose

Lips - Vaseline Lip Therapy Advanced Formula | Models Own Lip Balm
- Tangerine | MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Ultra Darling | YSL Rouge
Pur Couture Lipstick in 17 Rose Dahlia

Eye Area - Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero | Kiss Me Heroine
Make Volume & Curl Mascara | Browlash Ex Water Strong W Eyebrow

I wear makeup to a minimum especially with the kind of weather we have which is beyond description. Well, it is the type which can easily make one sick overnight. Here is my everyday look using most of the products in my kit. I don't normally use eyeliners because almost all that I've tried smudges on me but I am liking UD Zero so far. Products usually change but it's pretty much the same look everyday for me. And oh, the lipstick I am wearing here is Bewitching Coral from Max Factor's Elixir lipstick line which is something I really don't wear to the office but picked it up today just for this post. It is a tad bright for my liking.

Have you updated your kikay kit lately?

Happy Sunday, super awesome peeps! Another work week again. I badly need a massage. :-\


Sunday, March 4, 2012

In the Limelight: Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara - A Product Review

If there is only one eye makeup that I would use, it'd certainly be mascara. I like how it instantly opens up the eyes, giving a much more awake look, and makes the look a bit more posh. So after having tried out a few, I think I have finally found my HG (Holy Grail) mascara and that is the Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Frame and Curl Mascara. I guess you know by now that this post will contain mostly raves because of the HG status but then again, there is no perfect product. So here's my review after using it for a few months now.

Product Description taken from the Sasa website:

Kiss Me Heroine Make New Impact Frame & Curl Mascara is the most black and glossy formula ever. It enables even application and no cake is resulted even if multiple layers are applied. Highly resilient styling wax supports and curls up lashes. The special-designed brush soaks a great amount of fiber, making lashes richer. Eye-catching black color performs larger and sharper eyes.

What I like:

  • The brush seems complicated at first glance because there are two sides of it. The one that's kinda flat lifts the lashes and adds volume to it. The other one with bristles separates the lashes and lengthens them. 
  • Waterproof, smudge-proof, sweat-proof. I've worn this mascara for almost 20 hours straight and my lashes still looked pretty much the same as when I freshly applied this mascara. Well, there may have been a few budges here and there but it held the curls well and there was absolutely no raccoon eyes.
  • One coat already defines each lash. Two coats make them look thicker and richer and fuller. And my lashes are kinda "thin" (not sparse and not short either but are just simply thin) to begin with.
  • The formula is wonderful and does not easily dry. My first tube (which I think already croaked) still isn't dry.
  • It looks natural with just one coat but you can build it up if you want more drama to your lashes.
  • Does not cause any eye irritation even though it has fibers.

What I don't like:
  • Such a pain to remove. You can't expect water and soap to take it off. You'll need an eye makeup remover before it finally stops clinging for its life on your lashes. Japanese mascaras are darn good at it, don't you think so too?
  • Takes time to get used to using the brush. On the first few applications, I always end up smearing some on my eyelids but after some time, I can apply it even while inside a moving vehicle. Plus it can clump if you apply too much.
  • Not locally available and has to be purchased abroad or online. Purchased mine from
  • Pretty expensive for a mascara at $16 but if you're the type who uses mascara everyday, I think you really won't mind the price at all since you get a bang for your buck with its good quality.

Overall rating: 4.75/5 I am willing to overlook the cons as I absolutely adore this mascara.

Will I buy again? You can bet on it! I am already on my second tube and plans to get another one soon once I am out of the Volume & Curl variant.

The brush

On my lashes and the makeup I wore when I took my niece to the mall earlier today- click on the picture to enlarge and see my eyes better.
Face: Celeteque Hydration Facial Moisturizer | Kanebo
Coffret D'Or Beauty Lasting Liquid UV | Maybelline Instant
Age Rewind Double Face Perfector | Kanebo Kate High
Coverage Pressed Powder | Browlash Ex |  Laura Mercier
Topaz Eyeshadow | Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Frame
and Curl Mascara | Shu Uemura Glow On M Pink 30 | Kiehl's
Lip Balm | YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in Rose Dahlia

Have you tried Kiss Me mascaras or those from Japanese brands? Which would your recommend?

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone. :)



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