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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lemming: Luminaze

In a couple of years, I will be turning 30 and I know I should focus more about skin care and anti-aging. My skin has acquired damage over the years of not wearing sunblock, which I know is a mortal sin, and even though the effects are not yet that visible to the naked eye, I know that in just a few years, it will finally take its toll on me. So when I was searching for a product that can repair my skin (as early as now), I came across a new beauty product called Luminaze.

It was actually the first time I encountered the brand which promises to repair blotchy skin appearances, corrects dark spots and sun spots (which are now becoming more and more evident on my skin) while it does that in a natural and harmless way.

What really caught my interest is that the enzyme the brand uses is actually harvested from a mushroom and I love mushroom on a few dishes and on my pizza. But this mushroom grows on trees that are found in the Swiss Alps and the areas or bark that surrounds the mushroom are not that coloured or dark so they formulated something from it. They found out that the enzymes break down melanin in the skin that will decrease or minimize the appearance of sun spots, dark spots, and other signs of skin aging and damage.

I really want to try this product enough to make a lemming post about it. It is not everyday that I post a skin care lemming which means that I badly need such a product in my beauty regimen. I am not after skin whitening as I am already satisfied with my skin color but what I want is to simply minimize if it’s not totally possible to get rid of skin discoloration or those nasty spots on my face and even on my hand and shoulders. Yes, if I get my hands on this product, I will use it on other parts of my body as well unless it says I can’t.

What do you think about it?

Happy weekend, super awesome peeps! :P



  1. I'd be interested to see how it works on you. Hydration for your skin is always good and I use a lot of products that have hyraulic acid in it :)

  2. pammy BI alert! >.<" whyyy pammy? LOL! hahaba nanaman ang wishlist natin! :P

  3. im currently exploring skin care products now pams cause im badly breaking out prolly cause of my pcos ill try and check this

  4. Sounds fantastic. It really does not look like you're nearing your 30s. i'm guilty of not wearing sunblock as well, but i am trying on putting it in my everyday regimen, just that i'm running out of sunblock.

  5. Wow, nice post!!! I am trying on putting it in my everyday regimen, just that i'm running out of sunblock.


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