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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Product Review: Chifure Powder Foundation

I would like to share with you guys another Japanese brand of powder foundation that I like. It is Chifure. It doesn't sound quite as posh as Shu Uemura, Shiseido, and Kanebo but trust me, this is at par with those brands when it comes to foundation. Well, at least in my opinion. I've had this for over a year now, I dunno why it never crossed my mind to review this before. So now that I have rediscovered this foundie, here's what I think of it.

A separate compartment for the sponge

I've hit pan!

- Very smooth and silky finish
- Medium coverage (Which may be a con to those who prefer heavy or full coverage)
- Buildable coverage
- Powder is finely milled
- Not chalky nor powdery
- Pretty decent staying power
- Face looks dewy when it starts to oil up
- There is a very very light scent which I can't describe but it's not funky
- Very sleek and chic and cute compact

- It has whitish cast on pictures
- Not sure if it is still available

Overall rating: 4/5 If only there is no whitish cast on pictures

Will I buy again? Maybe. I still have other Japanese foundies to use up. :)

Happy Halloween, everyone! :P


Friday, October 30, 2009

New Layout

Special thanks to the very creative Dulcette. She was so patient in dealing with me as I can be one tenacious client. :D

So, how do you like it so far? I am digging it! :P Read more...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Benefit Coralista

This morning, I received a P.O. notice from the post office. I was surprised because this is the first time I had to claim a package from the P.O. as they usually deliver my packages right at my doorstep and with no charge at all. And oh, it was also my first time to pay the PHP35 P.O. fee. I got the notice at 11:30a and at 11:45a, I was already there claiming it because they will close at 12nn for lunch. I knew it's Benefit Coralista because it was the only package I was expecting from the US.

So when I got home, I hurriedly opened the package and here it is!

Gorgeous warm coral pink blush!

How did I know it's authentic? I peeled the back label.

The ingredients were listed in different languages. :P I researched on it and I knew what I received is the real deal. :)


On moi

I am so happy with my purchase. Hopefully, this will be my last blush purchase for this year. It's an early Christmas gift. :D


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mini Mini Saizen + Watson's Haul

This morning, I received an sms from a friend asking if I can join her at Galleria and will do bargain makeup hunting. Of course I said yes. We first went to Saizen where she hoarded stuff, including the infamous charcoal masque. The foundation I was raving about is out of stock and so are some blushes and the nose contouring make up. Gah! I ended up getting just the charcoal cleansing foam. Then off to the department store. She really shopped while I only got 2 lipsticks for 25 bucks each. It's a cheap-o local brand and it's cute. I figured if I do not like it, I've nothing to lose as it's only for 25 bucks. Oh, she paid for one of those lippies for me. :P Once we were done, we headed to Gloria Jean's to have coffee where we met up with her S.O. and his friend. They two guys went ahead and we headed to Globe and decided to drop by Watson's. We ended up buying masks. After that, she went back to the office and I headed home. Oh, before I did, I went back to Saizen and grabbed one more tube of charcoal masque. Hehe.

Here's how much charcoal masques are left at Saizen.

The stuff I got for the day.

See the HEFTY price tag? :P

This is a thrifty mini haul because I did not spend more than PHP500 bucks for all these. :P

Have a great evening. Ta! :P


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Make Up or Culinary School?

My mind was set on enrolling at a culinary school since I love cooking. But now, my love for make up has grown and I found myself checking out make up schools. Now I want to enroll at SOFA (School of Fashion and The Arts) and take up the short course for Basic Make Up. I am now confused and torn between culinary school and make up school. I love both! Gah!

Culinary School or Make Up School? Hmmmm... It's gonna be a difficult decision.

I'm thinking I can always cook. But then I can also apply make up anytime. Jeez! I can't decide.

If you were in my shoes, which would you go for? :P (Although I know you are all make up lovers.) I mean if you were to decide for me, which one would it be? :)

Haaaalp! :D

Monday, October 26, 2009

Outreach + ELF Studio Blushes & Saizen Charcoal Masque

Been meaning to post this last Saturday but internet connection's acting up, haven't been able to connect since Saturday.

We all went to the daycare center at Tumana, Marikina armed with the goods and meals we are going to give the kids. The place was jampacked with parents and kids that the owner had to ask the parents to leave because it was hard to breathe. We were there for 3 hours. It was tiring yet we felt so happy after.

Outside the daycare centre

Some of the kids

Some of the goods


(Blurred. Sorry, I was already tired when I took this shot)

Some of their stuff at the daycare centre

Kids enjoying their meals

Some of the goods we gave to the kids

There were more than 150 people and what we had wasn't enough for everyone. But at least we made some of them happy. We had fun and games with the kids, they sang and danced Nobody (even though I hate that song), we gave them toys, rice, canned goods, noodles, medicine and alcohol. We made a joke that we now know what it feels like to be a farmer because we had to keep on bending while packing some of the goods and giving them to the kids. Some parents, no comment. It just annoys me. We gave the kids hotdog and rice meals and we were surprised that some parents took the food from their kids, leaving some of them hungry. Jeez! But I can't blame them. Still, it's not good. Anyway, we were all exhausted after and we headed to Gerry's Grill for lunch and had a few beers. Thirst quenchers. :P I was supposed to go out that night but I had migraine and splitting headache. It felt so good helping out other people that we decided to do it yearly. Next year would either be a home for the aged or an orphanage. :)

And when I got home, here's my reward.

The ELF Studio Blushes in Candid Coral and Blushing Rose and the Saizen Natural Pack Charcoal Masque. :P

Special thanks to sis September (WhizDy) for dropping by Saizen and buying the charcoal masque for me and including it in my ELF package. Mwah! :P

Candid Coral

Blushing Rose


Blushing Rose and Candid Coral

The blushes are so NARS-ish save for the small window on the compact which allows you to see the actual shade or color of the blush. I am so happy with them I want more. :P

Reviews next time. Ta, ladies! :P

Friday, October 23, 2009

Yum Moments: Joey Pepperoni + Outreach Goodies

My mom and I went to the grocery this afternoon to buy noodles for tomorrow's outreach thingie with my friends. I was assigned to buy 150 pieces of noodles. After that, we had late lunch and early dinner at Joey Pepperoni. It was our first time to eat there and we were not disappointed at all.

The paper place mat :P

Inside Joey Pepperoni

I like the lanterns.

Did I see that right? Pasta all you can for PHP150? Yum!

My order: Pesto with mozzarella sticks and salsa with 2 garlic breads
The whole meal with iced tea for PHP160

My mom's meal: Penne carbonara with salad and garlic bread
PHP155 for the whole meal with iced tea

I love pesto. Their pesto has potatoes and string beans. I can taste the basil and garlic and the mozzarella sticks remind me of TGIFriday's, only cheaper. My mom said that her salad and carbonara is really good. She liked the garlic bread so much she asked for one of mine. :P There is no service charge and we only paid PHP315 for both meals. It is really cheap but the food is really good. We are definitely going back to eat here again. :P Good thing we are just 15 minutes away from the place. :)

And here's the box full of noodles.
This is where all the money from my Blog Sale for a Cause went. To all those who bought from it, THANK YOU SO MUCH! It means a lot to me. There was a discrepancy with today's pick up so your items will be picked up tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

We are going to the place at 7:30am tomorrow. I hope we can make those people ion a way happy with what we have to offer. Will post pictures tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everyone! :P

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hey girls. My friends and I are finally pushing through the outreach thingie we've been planning since Ondoy came to our lives. So this blog sale is different. I am doing a blog sale for a cause. All proceeds will be used to buy food to donate to the needy in Tumana, Marikina. We are going to the daycare center and will be helping out the kids. So please, please, please support this blog sale as I am not doing this just for myself. Thanks

VOV Show Case Ball on Cheek in Bebe Pink - PHP425
- Purchased for PHP450
- Tested once with my own brush. Puff unused but has pink marks from the balls.
- Can be used as a blush, highlighter, or all over face color.

4U2 Magic Blush - PHP220 - SOLD!!! Thank you
- SRP PHP424, purchased at Watson's
- Swatched once

Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream - PHP500
- Used less than 10 times, 95-97% full
- Purchased at Skinfood Megamall for PHP975
- Shade 1
- Selling because MAC Studio Finish is my HG concealer.

Lot of 2 Saizen Blush & Highlighter Duo - PHP100
- Purchased at PHP85 each.
- One was used thrice, the other was used twice. Both brushes unused.

MAC Lipglass in Lychee Luxe - PHP450
- used 3 times max
- SRP PHP870
- Purchased at MAC Rustan's Shang
- Selling because I prefer tinted lip balms.

PAC Lipgloss - PHP100 RESERVED
- Used 5 times max with a lip brush
- Purchased at PHP399

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in Fair - PHP100
- Used 3-4 times.
- Works perfectly well for dark undereyes.
- Really brightens the under eye area.
- Selling because I have other concealers to use up.

Covergirl Tanfastic Bronzer in Soleil - PHP100
- Used twice
- Purchased for PHP299

Ellana Lip & Cheek Tint in Ruby - PHP100 SOLD!!! Thank you
- used less than 10 times
- Very natural looking when applied.
- Selling because I cannot really apply it well, I am stupid when it comes to cheeck tints.

Everyday Minerals Angled Blush Brush - 150 SOLD!!! Thank you
- used less than 10 times.
- EDM label is gone due to washing
- Will be washed and sanitized before shipping.

Lot of 18 Mineral Make Up - 100 SOLD!!! Thank you.
- Consists of blushes, foundation, and eyeshadow.
- Pre-owned but still has a lot of products left, used just a few times.

Brown Kimono Top - 100 SOLD!!! Thank you
- Never used, stored in the closet for months. Still in very good condition.
- Fits medium to large frames.
- Will be washed and ironed before shipping.

Black Kimono Top - 100 RESERVED
- Never used, stored in the closet for months. Still in very good condition.
- Fits medium to large frames.
- Will be washed and ironed before shipping.

People r People Top - 100 SOLD!!! Thank you
- Used once, still in very good condition.
- Fits medium to large frames.
- Will be washed and ironed before shipping.

Roxy Top - 100 SOLD!!! Thank you
- Used twice, still in very good condition.
- Fits medium to large frames.
- Will be washed and ironed before shipping.
- There is a mark left when it was ironed the last time.

Payment: G-Cash only
Please add 50 for shipping within Metro Manila and 100 if outside Metro Manila.
Email me at or leave a comment here.
Reservation for 2 days only.
Thanks! :P


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