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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Organized Make Up

I finally managed to organize my make up stash. They can no longer fit in the one tool box that I used as a make up box so I had to use three separate storage boxes for all. This made me realize that I've acquired a lot over the past couple of months so I will be doing a blog sale soon. :P

The three make up boxes

Lippies, foundation, concealers, mascaras, eyeyeliners, etc.

Brushes and eyelash curler

Now this may seem a bit odd because the tin box is a Barbie product. I guess my childish side won over the older side of me. It caught my eye because it is not the usual cutesy pink Barbie stuff.

Well, it still is cute but not overly girly. :P

And the other blushes that won't fit inside Barbie. :)

And I can't help but take pictures of the blushes. Incomplete though. :P

FS Silky Coral and Chanel In Love not in the picture. :(

I hope you are all having a great weekend so far, ladies! Ta! :P


  1. amazing collection! i have that vintage barbie design on a tin pencil case. ^^

  2. Wow, you have too many blushes you could hold a yard sale :) Seriously though, how do you keep your blushes clean?

  3. Nikki, thank you. :P

    Kaye, I use wet wipes to clean the compacts every 3 days, or at least once a week when I am too lazy to do so. :)

  4. kaya pala nagtataka ako yun pala you change your name =D..BLUSH QUEEN amps

  5. Blush queen indeed! haha =) I love the tool box looks perfect for storing makeup

  6. It is, Sush. And it costs only PHP260 at Ace hardware. :P

  7. I like the barbie tin lunch box! it's soooo vintage! i love tin lunchboxes, looking forward to buying more. as of now, i have a dr.pepper lunchbox and a thomas the tank engine lunchbox. I'm looking for vintage tin lunch boxes. :)

    btw, where d'ya get the barbie lunch box? tia! :)

    since you have tons of make- up, why not buy them a traincase? quiapo has sooo many stores selling cheap yet fab traincases. :)

  8. Chrissy, yeah. It's blushes for me. I only have 3 eye shadows. I just thought I might share. :P

    Martha, I got the Barbie lunch box at SM department store for only PHP199. :P

    Quaipo's far. And I dunno where I can buy in Quiapo. :D Oh, if there's too much space left in the traincase, I might be obliged to fill it up, which means more gastos. Haha! :D


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