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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Product Review: Fanny Serrano Cake Foundation - Mocha

This is one of the two foundations I have tried from local brands. The other is by Nichido. I am not a huge fan of local brands, not to be snotty or what but it's just a matter of preference. I like Japanese brands better and MAC too. :) But this one is something I really like. I tried it way back in college and that was the first and last time I have used it in perhaps 5 years. I don't know why but I bought one on impulse the other week. I was given the shade Mocha which is the lightest for the yellow-toned foundies according to the SA. I had my eyes set on the In2It Oil Control foundie but I decided to buy it some other time. Used it a few times and here's what I think of this foundation.


  • - Provides medium coverage that is buildable. Can be heavy depending on desired coverage.
  • - Gives a matte but not flat finish.
  • - Texture is really smooth.
  • - Powder is finely milled.
  • - Does not cake but it might if too much is applied.
  • - Locally available since it is a local brand. :P
  • - Price. PHP395 for one compact that will most likely last for months.
  • - It is suited for Filipina skin.


  • - The scent! It smells like granny make up or perfume. (Sorry, grannies. :()
  • - The sponge does not have a separate compartment so it is an issue for me. Plastic won't do much.

In between:

  • - Staying power is just so-so for me. Stays on my skin for 2-3 hours tops.

Will I buy again? Maybe not. I'm off to try In2It Oil Control foundation next. :)

Overall rating: 3/5

FS Mocha on me
F21 Mystical Mauve on my lips

And oh, I got a Fashion 21 (Another local brand) Color Mood l/s in Mystical Mauve. Shade looks pretty and sorta reminds me of NARS Dolce Vita.


  1. The lipstick is okay. It goes on sheer and it applies smoothly. But staying power isn't great.

  2. Can't blame you for preferring Japanese brands to local ones! I myself am scared to try relatively cheap, locally made foundations because I have really sensitive and acne-prone skin so I don't want to risk it. I don't have issues with local lipstick and such things though, just haven't gotten the chance to try them. That's why I love your reviews for featuring both high end and low end products!!

    Btw, re In2It, I use it and like it! It's also from Japan and looks like it has good quality control but it's cheap yay.:D

  3. Not to sound snotty or anything, but I can't get myself to purchase any local cosmetics aside from eyeliners (I use the waterproof eyeliners from Fashion21). Eyeshadows are usually chalky and don't really have an impressive pigmentation. Face powders and blushes often break me out ;( Lucky you.

  4. Soapaholic, I, too, am scared of using other local products. That's why I only have a few in my stash. I dunno but the brand I am mostly scared of is Ever Bilena. I swore I'll never buy their products when the Sex Bomb Girls endorsed the brand. :D But I ended up buying one blush from them and an eyeliner and that's it.

    Yeah, In2It is also a Japanese brand and I am itching to try it. :P

    Tish, I totally agree with the eyeshadow and blushes being too chalky and not at all that pigmented. I really feel lucky when I did not break out with the EB blush. :) And it's too you break out with local brands. Some are really nice, though. :)

    Tita Fanny ought to make quality products since he/she's using his/her name as the brand. :P

  5. Ooops. Erratum:
    *too bad that you break out.....*

  6. thanks for the review, I remembered smelling the tester and bid goodbye! lol so I know what you mean, I hate too much scented foundation, I'll go for unscented anytime! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on In2It, my friend bought it and she's super oily and it works for her!

  7. Nikki, I'd go for unscented too. I just don't breathe when I apply it and actually stay in front of the fan til the scent fades. One reason why i won't repurchase. I am excited with the In2it foundie too. :P

  8. Aha... another Fanny Serrano prod I'm eager to check out! Thanks for posting a review.

    Your post on the Fanny Serrano 'cheek' powder blush made me want that product after I read it (and so I bought it the next day).

    Yet another influentially evil post, Pammy. :D

  9. I heard that FS is one of the better local brands. I'll never try Ever Bilena though! I sound snobbish, but I can't bear to use anything endorsed by the Sex Bomb Dancers. I'm so baaad. Hehehe.

    If you try a foundation brush will it be less prone to caking?

  10. Kaye, we have the same reason for not patronizing Ever Bilena. Haha! Meanie. :P

    I actually prefer using a kabuki brush so as to have light-medium coverage. I have tried using a foundation brush with other foundies and found it makes the application and foundies less prone to caking. Hope that helps. :)

  11. You are sooo cute with the "Sorry grannies" line :D I think both products look good on ya :)

  12. I think Fanny Serrano is one of the better local brands out there. I will never buy from Ever Bilena after I bought one of their lipsticks. It had a horrible taste and it stung my lips. I emailed them about it and no one replied. Customer service here sucks. Their foundations are basically like tinted moisturizers. And don't get me started on the smell!

  13. Nina, EB that bad? Yikes! And I thought the EB foundies like Oriental had good reviews on GT. That's not good. They should email back their customers. :(

  14. i'm not a makeup snob either but i'm a bit hesitant to explore our local dept store brands, cause i'm scared that my skin will react badly :(

    the powder and the lipstick look very pretty and natural on you, sayang nga lang it smells like old granny perfume.

  15. Ida, that's exactly what I am scared of. I mean I break out even with brands like Olay, Garnier, and Pond's and they aren't local brands. :P What more if I use local brands? But this one is quite good sans the granny smell. :(
    Thanks, dear. :)

  16. I think fanny Serrano is one of the better local brands. i usually dont purchase local brands because they all look fake on my skin (im morena btw - which is odd because probably half of the population is too). Another thing I consider is most local brands probably have tons of titanium dioxide which makes it look too white on photograph :/

  17. ow pammy na miss kita and your blush addictionnnnnnnnn!!!!!!

    your blog is my blush guide... hahaha!

  18. Jing! Namiss din kita and your posts. Tagal mo nag-MIA. :P Nabawasan na nga tha blushes eh. :D

  19. Mystical Mauve looks good on your lips. :)
    Hmm, I'm thinking of switching my foundie to that of In2it. I'll wait for your review first. :D

  20. Golden, thanks sis. :) Naku, it will take months pa siguro before ako makapag-In2It.


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