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Friday, October 30, 2009

New Layout

Special thanks to the very creative Dulcette. She was so patient in dealing with me as I can be one tenacious client. :D

So, how do you like it so far? I am digging it! :P


  1. cute layout you've got there sis pam.. :) love that cutie kitty. thumbs up! :D

  2. OMG!! i love the kitty!!huli siyang lumabas ang i giggled when it appeared!!

  3. It is so cute, Dulcette really did an awesome job!

  4. Donna, nakakatuwa sya. Bumubulaga. :D

    Nina, yes, she did an awesome job. ;)

  5. ang cute pammy! love the blushes and the kitty! =) ang galing talaga ni denise!

  6. Very pretty sis. It suits your personality. Dulcette is really talented 'no?

  7. Khymm, yes Denise is such a talented young lady. Galing. :P

    Gale, I realized it's so me nga talaga. :P

    Kaye, it's cute. It just pops up! Haha! :P

    Golden, yah, ang galing nya. And she did it in just a few hours. :P

  8. Martha, the kitty is the cutest thing sa layout. :P


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