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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Etude House Dual Fibre Cheek Brush (Glow) and freebies

The raved Etude House Dual Fibre Cheek Brush arrived early this morning. Of course, it was delivered by the new snotty grumpy rider. I was the very first one that received delivery for this day from him. :P

The brush is so cute with the pink Etude House logo. :) The bristles are bigger than MAC 188 and denser, only the handle is shorter. I got it for PHP535. It came with a lot of freebies, thanks to babyjapnurse from GT.

See the cute logo? :P

The freebies!

I can't wait for the brush to dry and use it! Will review the brush soon. :)

Good morning y'all! :P


  1. wow goodies and etude brush woot - let us know how it works :D

  2. Hi sis. Keep us posted ha? I can't wait for your review. Have a nice day. *hugs*

  3. aww I've read great reviews on Etude house brushes, I hope to try them soon :)

  4. Sure, Golden. Have a wonderful day. :P

    Nikki, go get one. It's just cheap, you can buy 3 etude stippling brushes for the price of 1 MAC 188 and there's change pa. :P

  5. nice! ill stay tuned for the brush review too :). nawala ang lemming ko sa charm duo fiber. napalitan na ni etude house :) atska mas cheap pa sya!! <3

  6. wow..
    i did not know etude house has a stippling brush...

    if im gonna buy one, i'll give this a go.

    will be waiting for your review

    i just opened the package that you sent me. my mom received it yesterday but she forgot to gave it to me yesterday.
    i love everything!
    feel like it's my bday..
    come to think of it, it is my birthday!
    thanks again!
    me so happy!

  7. that's so pretty. i'll check back for your review. hooray for freebies!

  8. Yey! Glad you loved 'em. And it's your birthday! :P *huggies*

    Jackie, yeah. Yay for the freebies! :P

  9. wow! the brush looks dense..i'll wait for your feedback :)


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