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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flood + Work Update

Been MIA for a few days now. A few minutes after I made the "That's it!" post, water started coming in to the first floor of our house. It was something I never imagined would happen to us. That was the very first time we experienced that. Water rose in just a few minutes. We did our best to save stuff but the current was just too strong. We live in a big compound with 3 houses. We are all relatives. And ours is the only house with a second floor. So everyone started coming and bringing stuff with them. There are only 2 rooms on the second floor and it housed 4 families. One family is from San Mateo who pretty much lost everything. My kuya's (cousin) family was trapped on the second floor of their house and 2 cars went under water. While saving stuff, I even fell down the stairs because there was no electricity and I hit my head so hard it bounced back, So I ended up having a big bump on my head and a big bruise on my hip. It was a complete disaster as we relied on a few canned goods we were able to save for almost 3 days. The only time it sank in to me was when we were sorting stuff and realized I had to throw some things that belonged to my dad, mostly older than I am. I really felt bad because those are some things that reminds me of him and now I had to let go of some of the. It was a traumatizing experience in a sense that there was almost nothing to eat and we couldn't go out and buy food because the cars won't start and every store was closed and everyone's hungry. What made it even harder is having the kids tell us how hungry they were and we couldn't give them anything to eat. We are just thinking how lucky we still are because we never really lost our home. We lost part of it but we still have each other in the end. On my way to the office last night, I saw some parts of Marikina and I couldn't keep the tears from falling because it wasn't the Marikina I knew. It looked like a ghost town. We are basically natives of Marikina and seeing how devastated the place was was really hard for me. One more thing, I still have relatives in Vista Verde, Cainta who are still trapped on their roof. Lost their dogs, though. At least they are still alive. There was a speculation that a dam in Montalban, Rizal released water without warning, thus, causing the disaster. It would be hard to explain how the water rose very fast. Of course they would deny it if there is any truth to it because they will be held responsible for all the lives lost due to their stupidity. Here are some pictures I was able to take. I was supposed to take a picture of the bus moving with the water. That's how strong the current was but I was a little too late for that.

View from the second floor

The Aftermath (kitchen)

We are able to get by and we are thankful for it. However, there are families that lost their homes in our area and we would still like to extend help to them. We would like to give them food over the weekend. So please, if you can spare a few pesos for a pack of noodles or canned goods, please do let me know. Yes, my family has also been a victim but that doesn't mean we should stop helping the less fortunate ones.


I finally resigned!!! Can you believe they still asked me to report to work last night even though they knew about what happened to us. Heartless! When I got to the office, someone told me that they saw a memo being prepared for me. They are planning to terminate me so we knew I had to beat them to that. With the help of someone, she printed my resignation letter and that is effective immediately. I stated inadequate training and unhealthy employer-employee relationship as reasons. I was more specific on the latter when I explained that it was unhealthy in a sense that it is so unprofessional to scheme and connive behind an employee's back. They accepted my resignation and I got my check. Before that, I had to let the seatmate know what I had in mind, I wasn't talking to her but to the other two but I made it clear how happy I was to finally put an end to all their bullshit. I thought it was over. They, too, thought it was over. When I was about to leave, together with the other girls who are going to take their breaks, I said goodbye and the boss even had the guts to say "Bye! Take care!" in a nice way. So plastic. I was on the door and I answered back, "Yeah, I will. And I hope no one will bitch-slap me behind my back again." and went straight out. I heard her calling my name and it seemed like she was going to confront me. But I'm so tired of the drama that I ran towards the stairs and went down as fast as I could so she won't catch up on me. Can you believe I took the stairs from the 9th floor all the way down to the ground floor? When the security men saw me, they asked why I had to take the stairs and I simply told them I was exercising. :P When I got out, I saw the girls there, without the boss. They were all smiles and they told me that the boss came down with them but at the last minute decided to just go back up. Maybe she chickened out. Hehe. I don't like humiliating anyone but as for that moment, I knew how I humiliated her in front of her subordinates with my one-liner. And I don't feel guilty at all. She deserved it. It was like endorphin rush for me. My knees were shaking from both the walking and the excitement. They had to go back to the office and I had to go. So that's finally the end of my appearance at my own hell's kitchen. :P I am so happy, girls. Freedom from stress, bullshit, and the loads of crap they have given me. I'm sure there's something better in store for me. Thank you for being supportive. Mwah! :P


Thiamere and Gracie

Unfortunately, the packages for you were lying on the couch at the sala and yeah, there was water inside the pouches. Even though they were bubble-wrapped, I had to open each and every single blush and lightly stroke them with a small brush to see if they were damaged and thank God they weren't. So please don't be surprised if the seals are broken.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Update- That's it! I'm done here!

Update at work. I know it's something I shouldn't be posting here and you guys might not be interested with what's going on at work. But anyway, I have to have some medium where I can say what I have in mind lately.

So I went to work last night and I tried to act normal as I could. When the boss got to the office, she greeted me. And right at that moment, I wanted so much to punch her in the nose for being plastic and pretentious. But of course, I want to have the last laugh so I controlled myself from doing that. But I guess I am really not as good as they are in acting because after just an hour of being there, it's getting obvious that I am not in a very good mood because I didn't wanna be there. I was seated right beside someone who is just as pretentious as the boss. And she's connived with that boss in backstabbing me. So the other girls were trying to make me feel better and telling me to just keep my cool and try to act normally as if I have no clue as to what they are doing.

Here's one more thing. How stupid do they think I am? I saw a girl (a stranger) sitted at the couch and she was there for an interview. The moment I saw her, I knew she will be interviewed for my post. That's what you call "harapang gaguhan". Do they really think I am that dumb to not know what they are doing? Someone told me that that girl is applying for my position. She saw 10 resumes and they are all applications for my post. She actually checked the resumes for me. I wanted to approach the applicant and ask her, "Do you know what you're getting yourself into?". Hehe. :P

Hours passed and I tried to get hold of my emotions but one thing really made me tell myself, "That's it! I'm done here!". We use voip and my phonebox is busted. It's been having problems since day 1. The BOSS (the owner of the company) was trying to fix it. And they found out that the phonebox belongs to the biatch boss. She goes to the room where the BOSS was right beside me since he was fixing it, tapped my shoulder and here's the flow of the conversation.

B**ch: Did you change the phonebox?
Me: No, it was already there when I got here.
B**ch: Did you know it was my phonebox?
Me: No. I just noticed that it was different and the lights were blue instead of yellow so I figured someone must've fixed it.
B**ch: Didn't I tell you to let me know everything about the phone problems?
Me: .....

(I was stunned. She just humiliated me in front of the BOSS.)

Then the person sitting next to me finally said that she's the one who switched the phonebox trying to fix my phone.

B**ch: Oh okay.

So where is the "Why didn't you tell me....blah blah blah yaddah yaddah yaddah" speech she gave me earlier? Beats the shit out of me.

The thing is when the shift just started, I rebooted my phonebox and I told the seatmate that the lights are now blue. And she said, "Maybe they fixed it."

SABOTAGE!!! It was a clear sabotage.

She could've told me she switched the phonebox when I initially told her about the lights, right?! And she chose not to. And she had to wait for a few minutes before telling the boss and the BOSS that she was the one who switched it. What the heck am I supposed to think about that.

That is my "That's it! I'm done here" moment.

I so wanted to hit them with the keyboard and throw the phonebox at them (the boss and the seatmate) but I know I shouldn't so I just went to the restroom and slammed the door. I made sure the seatmate heard it. I had to let my anger out so I just started crying. I super hate them! I don't deserve to be treated like crap. My parents didn't raise me up just to take shit from anyone. (OMG, just thinking about it makes me cry)
I stayed in the restroom sobbing for quite a long time. Because I had to let everything out.

When I got back to my desk, the three other girls added me on an msn conference where they all asked how I am at that time, and they tried to make me feel better. They knew everthing that's going on. One of them was even more upset than I am. They're all telling me I deserve better than that. And yes, I do deserve better than that. They knew my plan of resigning and are supportive about it. I was exchanging sms with the more-upset-than-I-am girl yesterday and she told me she was with her sister at that time who also got upset with what the boss is doing to me. They were telling me I don't have to take all that bullshit from them. And yes, I've had enough. And when I resign, I am definitely giving the boss a piece of my mind. Just because I have never defied her doesn't give her the license to treat me like I am some kind of an inferior creature.

Before going home, I spent an hour with the three girls. We talked about it and they made it clear to me that they are not happy with what's being done to me. The more-upset-than-I-am girl was really talking the whole time and it's funny how affected she is. I am really touched as to how they are supportive of me. And that they don't think the replacement can learn everything in a few weeks just by self-training (which is their training style) like I did. Not to be arrogant or what but they said even seatmate took 2 years to learn everything I learned in just 2 months. I'm better off with another company who will not treat me like shit. I am definitely going to miss them and the happy times.

The boss is such a liar. She told the more-upset-than-I-am girl that the openings are for an Admin Assitant and Purchasing Assistant posts yet on the 10 resumes, it clearly stated there that they are all applying for my post. What a liar!

Since the boss likes calling one's attention and sort of scolding them right in front of everyone as if to humiliate them (just like what she did to me), I am definitely going to let her know how it feels. I will certainly give her a piece ogf my mind. In front of everyone. And I'll make sure she won't be able to say a word when I'm done. Being a bitch is sometimes totally called for. She'll never know what hit her. Of course, it will still be work-related and I am going to target her professionalism and work ethics. No personal insults. Maybe there really is a good reason for this to happen. And maybe, just maybe, I was meant to work at that company for a reason. To teach that boss a lesson she and everyone else in the company won't forget. And that is to never ever treat your subordinates like shit because it will definitely get back to you.


By the way, I have a couple of interviews next week. Just my luck. I hope I get hired. I am not going to include this company on my resume. I'd rather not talk about dirt and stuff.

Thank you for bearing with me.


I love the rain but when it starts to flood, that's not cool. This is the first time i saw our street get flooded.

And to Thiamere and Gracie, so sorry I haven't shipped out your prizes. I've just been really stressed lately. Will ship it on Tuesday, promise.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sneaky Little Devils

I am so fuckin' pissed right now. I thought I found the best people I've worked with. Well, I met two who really cared about me. I just found out that my boss was looking for someone to replace me because I always get sick. And they are doing it behind my back. C'mon! If they have a problem about it, why couldn't they just be upfront with me and tell me, "Hey, we have to let you go because you always get sick and we don't want sick people in the company." It'll be easier instead of doing a stupid connivance. I expect them to at least be professional about it, but heck NO! What do you call someone who acts behind your back and smile when you are with them? They are fuckin' stupid lying conniving bastards! I don't normally curse like this but this time, I am really fuckin' pissed. Can you believe they wanted me to go to work last Monday when I have sore eyes?! I went to work on Tuesday because they asked me to even though I still have sore eyes and when I got there, they wanted me to go home! I stayed. They're not even going to pay for my cab home! The other girl was so pissed because they are putting everyone else at risk. I have sore eyes, for goodness' sake! She told me to stay which I really intended to do that night. I wouldn't mind losing this job because seriously, the only reason why I still go to work are the new friends I found there. But the job itself? It's fucked up, really! I take calls, do sales, customer service, take care of backorder emails, respond to email queries, and take care of live chat too all at the same time. All at the freaking same time! I am no ubermensch! I can't believe I stayed there for 2 months. And I get sick all the time. I am stressed out. I've never been this sick before I started working at that company.

I rejected 3 offers from other companies just to stay with them and this company will just fuck wirth me?! The hell with them. I wish I can just give my resignation letter next week effective immediately and when I hand it to my boss, I'd tell her, "I am resigning today effective immediately. Here's my resignation letter and you can just shove it up your ass!". But I was advised by a friend I met there to just simply maintain my composure and surprise them with my resignation effective immediately and there will be no extensions. Those conniving bitches should eat my dust. Haha! Well, those two friends are really as upset as I am. And they still want me to come when they go out of town and I'll just be as normal as I can be since I will be there for them and not for the boss and her partner in crime.

Sorry ladies, I am not really like this and I don't talk trash but this time, it's really fucked up. They have been giving me nothing but rubbish! So on Monday, I am going to this company that called me yesterday asking if I am interested to work with them. And they can just shove their freakin' lingeries up their lily white asses! Those sneaky little devils.



Thursday, September 24, 2009

Product Review: NARS Blushes (A review on all my NARS blushes)

As you all know, I love blushes. I've been called a blush girl, blush addict and a blush whore, which I love and I am proud of. :P

So I decided to do a review of all the NARS blushes that I have and had. Had because I am including reviews of the 2 shades I once had but let go of. NARS has to be my ultimate favorite brand when it comes to blushes. And I know a decade isn't enough to finish all the NARS blushes I have and will have. :D

I love NARS for the reason that it takes forever to finish one pan. My first NARS blush is the hyped Orgasm which took me more than 2 years to finish. It is so worth it given the hefty price tag. :P But I had to try out other shades and now I'm even more in love with NARS. I like that they don't release collections as often as MAC does. And what I like even more is that they don't have LE blush shades.

So on to the reviews. This is gonna be a long one. Let's start with my very first NARS blush.

NARS Orgasm
- This is one of the much-hyped products all over the planet. Many times it has been claimed as universally-flattering for all skintones from the palest to the most chocolatey. Well, is it true? No. Just the reviews at MakeUpAlley alone can prove that the claim isn't true. It doesn't show up on everyone, even some of those with the fairest skin.

- Very pretty peachy-pink shade with gold shimmers.
- This colour easily shows up on me and I am NC30 for reference.
- Pigmented and I only need one swipe on the pan for each cheek.
- Gives off a certain glow when worn.
- Good staying power even on my oily skin.

- A little too shimmery for some but not over the top kind of shimmer.
- May not show up on some skintones.

NARS Deep Throat
- This is the blush a lot of people said what they hoped Orgasm would be. I never hoped Orgasm to be like Deep Throat because if it is, Deep Throat might not be this pretty. This is actually the cousin of NARS Orgasm as they look almost the same, only this is peach.

- A lovely peach blush with shimmers.
- Less shimmery than Orgasm.
- Well, the only peach blush that works for me.
- Makes you look glowing when worn.
- Staying power is good.

- Might not show up on some skintones as well due to its being light.

NARS Crazed
- This blush is Crazed indeed! I actually got pretty scared at first because when I tried it at home the first time with my EcoTools blush brush, I ended up looking like someone beat me up.

- A very pretty raspberry red blush with shimmers.
- Really looks natural when applied with a light hand.
- Not too shimmery when on the cheeks.
- It has a better staying power than both Orgasm and Deep Throat.
- This is really pigmented so a little goes a long way.

- Really really pigmented and if not applied right, you will look like a clown or someone just punched you in the face.
- This really needs a stippling brush.

- Now this is one blush that is really underrated. I don't see many raves or reviews about this blush. There may be some reviews on MakeUpAlley but it doesn't get as much reviews as the other three on top. I must say this is my ultimate favorite NARS blush out of the ones that I have and had.

- This is a really really really pretty desert rose blush with shimmers.
- This blush gives me the natural flushed cheeks look, like I just came from a run.
- Very pigmented and needs a very very light hand when applied.
- Staying power is as good as Crazed.
- Looks scary in the pan but once you apply it right, it will give you an ooomph!

- Will literally make you look weird if too much is applied as it is uber pigmented.
- This, too, needs a stippling brush.

NARS Lokoum
- This is a cream blush that I received from a fellow girltalker. It sort of resembles NARS Taos. I cannot really put in a lot of pros and cons for this product since I find it difficult to apply cream blushes. They end up on my fingers and there isn't much product left on my cheeks.

- Really pretty rose shade with shimmer.
- If you are a cream blush user and you love the flushed cheeks look, this will work for you.
- Can be used as a lip color and I must say it is very lovely on the lips.
- Easy to blend.

- Might not be for oily skin.

Now, time for the 2 shades I once had.

NARS Super Orgasm
- As described by others, this is Orgasm on steroids. NARS amped up Orgasm by coming up with this shade. There is no Super Orgasm hype, though.

Lucky, I found a picture of Super O on my files.

- A pretty peachy-pink blush with gold glitters.
- Less shimmery than Orgasm when applied.
- Pigmented as well and staying power is good.

- The chunks of glitters! I had to tap my brush to get rid of the glitters.

I sold it because, well, I don't like glitters on my face. In fact, I never liked glitters. I hate how it sticks on your skin and a little difficult to get rid of. But now I miss it and I regret selling it. I only wish it made its new mommy happy. :)

NARS Penny Lane
- My first NARS cream blush.

I cannot find a picture of it on my files.

- Very pretty pale pink blush
- Blendable.

- Might not show up on some skintones due to its being really light.
- I really cannot make it work for me as it makes me look pale when I use it. And of course, I am stupid in applying cream blushes.

I sold it because it just doesn't work for me no matter how I tried. It now has a new mommy.

Alright. Here are photos of the swatches I made with the 5 NARS blushes I have.

Left: Lokoum
Top to Bottom: Orgasm, Deep Throat, Crazed, Taos

Overall rating: 4.75/5
Will I buy NARS blushes again? YES! OUI! SI! OO!

I hope this mini review helps. I had fun swatching them and I can't stop looking at the swatches. They are all lovely. Well, aren't all blushes pretty? :P

Disclaimer: This review is based on my own experiences. If you disagree with something, fine, you have a mind of your own and you are entitled to your own opinion. But then, I, too, am entitled to my own, right? :P Read more...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Product Review: Saizen (Daiso) Natural Pack Charcoal Masque

The Natural Pack Charcoal Masque is another raved product at Girltalk. This became a much-sought product after all the raves and the stocks would last for only one day at Saizen. It's always out of stock. I was lucky to get myself one tube of this masque as they just stocked up on it when I went to Saizen that night. I had doubts at first since it is, well, black. I still went ahead and tried it and after using it for a few weeks now, here is my review of the product.

I use the EcoTools Foundation Brush to apply it. Thank goodness, there are no black stains after washing it. :P

- It effectively pulls out whiteheads and blackheads
- It really brightens your face as dead skin cells are removed together with the masque
- I actually like using it as a nose pack
- It is gooey and I think it helps in effectively pulling out the nasty white/blackheads
- For the price of PHP85/tube, it is such a steal!
- Locally available

- Although it is locally available, it is always OOS -_- (I reserved two tubes but I had to cancel since I couldn't drop by Galleria)
- It is available only at Saizen which doesn't have branches other than the one in Robinson's Galleria
- It makes my face red after I peel off the masque
- Since it is gooey, I have to use a brush to spead it thickly and evenly all over my face
- Maybe a little hard to remove
- I will never use this again on the skin in between my upper lip and nose. It tugs at the facial hairs on that area and peeling it from there hurts big time.

Will I buy again? YES!
Overall rating: 4.5/5

Here's a picture of me wearing the charcoal masque.

My right eye's kinda sore, sorry about that. :P I couldn't make a wacky face since the masque is really tight and I can hardly move my mouth and cheeks. :-D

Monday, September 21, 2009


I decided to do a little blog sale. I need to let go of some items that I am not using. Please read the product description carefully. Payment via G-Cash only. Items will be shipped via Xend Express. Feel free to email me at

MUFE (MakeUp ForEver) HD Foundation 150 - PHP1150 (free shipping) - SOLD!!!
- No box.
- Shade suits NC35-NC40 ladies. I'm NC30.
- Selling because I have a hard time using liquid foundation so I finally decided to stick with powder foundation.
- Used 5-7 times
- Purchased at the MUFE counter EDSA Shang for PHP2250 last March or April (I forgot).
- Item will be sanitized since it comes with a pump.

ELF Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder - PHP225 - SOLD!!!
- Brand new in box
- Never used, bought as a back up but I figured I won't be needing it anyway since I barely use my first compact
- Please add PHP50 for Metro Manila Shipping and PHP100 for provincial shipping

Elianto Baked Blusher in Plum Red - PHP200
- Swatched once, never used since then.
- Still with box.
- SRP PHP339, purchased at Megamall last July
- Please add PHP50 for Metro Manila Shipping and PHP100 for provincial shipping

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in Fair - PHP100
- Used 3-4 times.
- Works perfectly well for dark undereyes.
- Really brightens the under eye area.
- Selling because I have other concealers to use up.
- Please add PHP50 for Metro Manila Shipping and PHP100 for provincial shipping

MAC Lipglass in Lychee Luxe - PHP500

- used 3 times max
- SRP PHP870
- Purchased at MAC Rustan's Shang
- Selling because I prefer tinted lip balms.
- Please add PHP50 for Metro Manila Shipping and PHP100 for provincial shipping

4U2 Glitz 2 Color Eye Shadow - PHP100 - SOLD!!!
- Used less than 5 times since I am not fond of wearing eyeshadows.
- SRP PHP234
- Very creamy and pigmented.
- Brown neutral shades.
- Item will be sanitized, original applicator won't be included for sanitary reasons.
- Please add PHP50 for Metro Manila Shipping and PHP100 for provincial shipping

Covergirl Tanfastic Bronzer in Soleil - PHP100 - Used twice
- Purchased for PHP299

Ellana Lip & Cheek Tint in Ruby - PHP100
- used less than 10 times
- Very natural looking when applied.
- Selling because I cannot rea;;y apply it well, I am stupid when it comes to cheeck tints.
- Please add PHP50 for Metro Manila Shipping and PHP100 for provincial shipping

Ever Bilena Eyeliner Black - PHP50
- Used twice, sharpened once
- Please add PHP50 for Metro Manila Shipping and PHP100 for provincial shipping

Bonne Bell Lip Lites Glossy Tint in Caramel Latte - PHP100 - SOLD!!!
-Bought as a back up for my other tube which I haven't been using much.
- Smells and tastes really yummy.
- This is new and hasn't been tested at all.
- A very pretty nude peach shade

Victoria's Secret Sext Little Things Black Bra - PHP200
- This is brand new, has never been tried on.
- Size waaay too small for me. It's a size 32C.
- Underwired, full cup bra.
- This was a gift from the US. My aunt thought this will fit me. Gah!

Feel free to send me an email or comment on this post if you find anything interesting.

Ta! :)


Sunday, September 20, 2009

MAC BPB Joyous and G-Lish Gelato Cheek Treat 5: Spend vs. Save?

I was just fixing my blush stash when I noticed how similar G-lish Gelato Cheek Treat 5 is to MAC Beauty Powder Blush in Joyous. They looked similar I had to take pictures.

I haven't really taken pictures and made swatches since I am still trying out both blushes, to see if they really look like each other and would work as spend vs. save.

My NOTW, hopefully. Elianto Peach.

Gah! my throat hurts like hell. Weekend's almost over. :-(


Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Blush Giveaway Winners and Recent Mini Haul

Sorry it took me so long to post the giveaway winners but I just got home from a date with my mom. :P

My friends and I can't come up with a decision, it's really hard even though there are only a few entries like a little over 10. But we came up with one decision. I have to do the draw lots thingie since we can't decide. I know, what is the sense of swatching and showing a pic of you wearing it if it won;t be used anyway? Sorry. I'm really bad at making decisions and I recently found out that some of my friends are even worse than I am. -_-

I took pictures while doing the draw lots thingie. I didn't cheat and play favorites, I promise! :P

The first winner is...

THIAMERE!!! She gets the 2 blushes + 1 Kryolan 1g sample + freebie.

The Milani blush on the pic is the one I have and I used it just for photo purposes. The one to be given away is brand new and sealed. Might come in a different shade, though.

The second winner is...

GRACIE!!! She gets 1 blush + 1g Kryolan sample + freebie.

Ladies, please send me an email with your names and shipping information so I can ship your prizes on Tuesday or Wednesday. :-) I will definitely add more stuff to your prizes.

For all those who joined, THANK YOU. I really wish I can make everyone a winner. :P


My boss arrived last night from the US. Or should I say early this morning. He knocked on our door and he left a suitcase full of lingeries and stuff. Our orders came. I got the following:

- Squeem Cotton-Rubber Waist Cincher
- Fashion Forms Softback Bra Extenders
- Braza Flash Tape

Got 50% off everything! :P

I got the waist cincher because I need to trim my waist. And my colleague used to wear the XLarge size and after a couple of months wearing it, she's now wearing a Large. I got the Large size because my waist measures 30-31 inches now. Gah! I'm in such a bad shape. -_- Not only that, since I have scoliosis, it helps correct the posture, helps relieve back pain. Both are true! My back didn't hurt while wearing it. And my waist measured 27 inches again! :p Well, it will take a couple of months before I am back to measuring 27. I'm liking the product mainly for my back. :) This is actually one of our best selling products. It received positive reviews so getting it for half the price is such a great deal! :D It can also be used as an accessory, worn on top of a blouse or a shirt.

I got the Fashion Forms Softback Bra Extenders because I have a couple of bras that aren't my size and I want to be able to wear them and this is the problem solver! :P

And lastly, the Braza Flash Tape. Don't you just hate it when your skin peeks out from the inside if your blouse? And your boobies are flashing like it has a Mardi Gras of its own? This will solve that problem. Safe to use for the skin and won't leave patches or marks on your clothes.

I am getting a free bra which is made for clothes with really low necklines. It is cute! :P

These 3 items cost roughly $30. Thanks to the big discount. I wonder what I'll be getting next. :P


As I've mentioned earlier, I had a date with my mom. We haven't gone out in a long time so today was the perfect time to take her out. We just had late lunch at French Baker at a nearby mall because it started raining just as we were about to leave the house. After lunch, we went to the department store where I saw an Elianto booth and I got the Peach nail polish for only PHP99. Pretty! My mom went to a certain section at the department store and I didn't wanna go there so I decided to check out the G-lish booth instead. I ended up getting 2 stackable blushes - Shades 5 and 7. Shade 7 reminds me of MAC Dollymix. For PHP100 each, it's so worth it. They are pigmented and really pretty. I'm planning to buy every shade there is of the stackable blushes, as long as they will suit my skintone.

See how pretty the blushes are? And they are also pigmented. I only had to dab my finger once on the pan and look at the color pay off. :P

By the way, here's my current nail color. Caress Belgian Nude.

By the way, I'm sick again. Grrrr.

Have a happy weekend, everyone!


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