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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Adopted blush: NARS Lokoum

You might probably wonder why the title has the word adopted. Well, this blush is really adopted. I am its new mommy. :-P

Last week at Girltalk, we were having fun at the NARS Thread when suddenly, sis babyjapnurse asked who wants to have the NARS blush she is selling at the Beauty Bazaar or pretty much something like that. Sis Antigone was the first one who answered that she wants it. But then I think my post had the perfect timing because I saw sis babyjapnurse edit her post that whoever gets to post MINE! first will get the blush. I wasn't really taking it seriously so I posted MINE? Haha! Then I received a private message from sis babyjap asking for my shipping information. It wasn't just for the sake of having fun and it was real! Haha!

Anyway, I was getting really worried that it might have gotten delivered to the wrong house since we recently changed house numbers and I have a bad history with Air21. They delivered my packages to a different house several times. >_< Eversince Kuya Taba (how I call the Air21 guy who was once assigned to our area) was I think reassigned to a different area, I started having probs with them. The good news was delivered this morning at 8:55am by the snotty rider. Our househelp called me because she's kinda scared of that guy. And he really got on my nerves. He was already told that I'm on my way down and he kept on calling my name loudly. He was the most impatient rider I ever encountered. Anyway, that's the story on how this became an adopted blush. :P It is NARS Lokoum, a very pretty cream blush. I am really bad at applying cream blushes so I had to do a little research on how to properly apply cream blushes. I noticed that it looks like NARS Taos. It's like the cream version of it. Look at my new baby blush.

My NARS blushes welcoming their sister and the latest member of their blush family. Maybe I should give my blush collection a name? :P

Saying their hellos. :-D

Now am I weird or what? :-P

The cases of NARS creme blushes tend to be sticky after a while. I experienced that when I had NARS Penny Lane last year. I tried to get rid of the stickiness but the NARS white logo was removed. Gah! I'm really good at destroying stuff. -_- So this is what I did with the compact.

I mentioned that it sort of resembles NARS Taos, right? Look at the pics and swatches.

Left: NARS Taos Right: NARS Lokoum

Left: NARS Lokoum Right: NARS Taos

Since I have dry patches on my skin right now due to the cold weather, I cannot use it as a blush yet. But I checked out MakeUpAlley and I found out that some girls actually used it as a lip color so I tried it and it is gorgeous! I just topped it off with a little Palmer's lip butter. Jeez, it is another MLBB!

But I can't keep myself from trying the blush on and here is moi wearing NARS Lokoum on my cheeks and on my lips too.

Special thanks to sis babyjapnurse for giving me this blush. Such a sweetie. :-)

Time to hit the sack!


  1. nice!
    a new addition to your nars collection

    i also do that with some cream-based products, use it as a base. whether it be lips, eyes or cheeks

  2. Thanks for the tip. Will try it on the eyes if I feel like adding a hint of color on my eyes. :P

    So it can be like an all over face color. :-D

  3. pammy!congrats on your new adopted blush! :) ooohhh just thinking about NARS blushes makes me blush having thoughts tuloy on having one na hahaha.

    PS, im loving the new layout heeheee

  4. it looks scary on the pan & swatch but looks very natural on you.. =)

  5. Lelila, thank you. :P

    Cha, go get a NARS blush. It'll take forever to finish one pan. :D

    Khymm, yeah. That's why I am digging red blushes now. :P Don't be scared of red blushes. hehe

  6. pammy: hay nako. naubusan ako ng luster sa glorietta at shang. frustrating. haha

    btw, pammy, how did you change your layout without losing your followers? thanks. :D

  7. so sad. magkaka-stocks naman for sure. and naeenganyo ako sa luster ha. :P

    di naman sila nawawala. when I added the gadget for followers, bigla sila sumulpot. :P

  8. i'll definitely get one pammy, hindi lang sure kung kelan hahahaha.

  9. Cha! I'm excited for you! Which shade are you getting? :P

  10. well, hindi ko pa alam hahaha. but i love the shade of dolce vita <3 hihi

  11. Is it ok to remind you that you're a blush whore again? LOL Those are wonderful blushes! Girl, I know about the Air 21 people! once I was on my way down and the guy told the helper din na they can only wait for 5 min!!! what the hell? I was only making him wait for a minute or 2!

  12. Cha, I was looking at Dolce Vita too but malakas tawag sakin ni Taos. :P Hopefully, si Lara mag-assist sayo para you'll love NARS na din. :P

    Nikki, I am proud to be a blush whore. Haha! :D

    Yeah, some Air21 guys are nice and they smile and remember me but some are plain rotten peeps. :D

  13. blush girl!! ^_^
    looks good on you!

    your new layout is very nice!

  14. that was nice of babyjapnurse :) the color looks great, especially on the lips. another lovely addition to your collection :)

  15. Yup, really nice of her. :P And it is pretty on the lips. Can't wait to leave wearing it on my cheeks :)

  16. Very nice blush, parang dark yung color tingnan pag nasa container pero it looks so nice and pretty when worn, very natural on your cheeks. ^_^.

    BTW regarding the knock off Clinique brushes, yung mga Maybelliine and Loreal products nila authentic ^_^ pero yung Clinique brushes indi ^_^. Sana indi na lang nila sinabi sa description na 100% authentic kasi ok lang naman kung aminin nila na knock off yun at least di sila nagsinungaling hehe ^_^

  17. The blush really does look natural when applied with the right amount. :P I now have 4 dark-looking blushes but they all end up looking really natural when applied with a stippling brush and with a light hand. :P

    Re: the "Clinique" brushes, I never paid attention to it when I first saw it because I thought it looked flimsy and I thought they were overpriced GWP. :P But yeah, I hate it when sellers do that. It's deception and somewhat a con. :(

    By the way, I just hoarded like 5 blushes from her. :P

  18. love the blushes!! :) use a stippling brush.. that's the best brush i use for cream blushes. :) set it with another blush similar in color or just a micro hd finpow. :)

  19. Shen, thanks for the tip! I'm scared to stain the 187 with the cream blush. :P I use the ecotools foundation brush instead. :)


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