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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Update- That's it! I'm done here!

Update at work. I know it's something I shouldn't be posting here and you guys might not be interested with what's going on at work. But anyway, I have to have some medium where I can say what I have in mind lately.

So I went to work last night and I tried to act normal as I could. When the boss got to the office, she greeted me. And right at that moment, I wanted so much to punch her in the nose for being plastic and pretentious. But of course, I want to have the last laugh so I controlled myself from doing that. But I guess I am really not as good as they are in acting because after just an hour of being there, it's getting obvious that I am not in a very good mood because I didn't wanna be there. I was seated right beside someone who is just as pretentious as the boss. And she's connived with that boss in backstabbing me. So the other girls were trying to make me feel better and telling me to just keep my cool and try to act normally as if I have no clue as to what they are doing.

Here's one more thing. How stupid do they think I am? I saw a girl (a stranger) sitted at the couch and she was there for an interview. The moment I saw her, I knew she will be interviewed for my post. That's what you call "harapang gaguhan". Do they really think I am that dumb to not know what they are doing? Someone told me that that girl is applying for my position. She saw 10 resumes and they are all applications for my post. She actually checked the resumes for me. I wanted to approach the applicant and ask her, "Do you know what you're getting yourself into?". Hehe. :P

Hours passed and I tried to get hold of my emotions but one thing really made me tell myself, "That's it! I'm done here!". We use voip and my phonebox is busted. It's been having problems since day 1. The BOSS (the owner of the company) was trying to fix it. And they found out that the phonebox belongs to the biatch boss. She goes to the room where the BOSS was right beside me since he was fixing it, tapped my shoulder and here's the flow of the conversation.

B**ch: Did you change the phonebox?
Me: No, it was already there when I got here.
B**ch: Did you know it was my phonebox?
Me: No. I just noticed that it was different and the lights were blue instead of yellow so I figured someone must've fixed it.
B**ch: Didn't I tell you to let me know everything about the phone problems?
Me: .....

(I was stunned. She just humiliated me in front of the BOSS.)

Then the person sitting next to me finally said that she's the one who switched the phonebox trying to fix my phone.

B**ch: Oh okay.

So where is the "Why didn't you tell me....blah blah blah yaddah yaddah yaddah" speech she gave me earlier? Beats the shit out of me.

The thing is when the shift just started, I rebooted my phonebox and I told the seatmate that the lights are now blue. And she said, "Maybe they fixed it."

SABOTAGE!!! It was a clear sabotage.

She could've told me she switched the phonebox when I initially told her about the lights, right?! And she chose not to. And she had to wait for a few minutes before telling the boss and the BOSS that she was the one who switched it. What the heck am I supposed to think about that.

That is my "That's it! I'm done here" moment.

I so wanted to hit them with the keyboard and throw the phonebox at them (the boss and the seatmate) but I know I shouldn't so I just went to the restroom and slammed the door. I made sure the seatmate heard it. I had to let my anger out so I just started crying. I super hate them! I don't deserve to be treated like crap. My parents didn't raise me up just to take shit from anyone. (OMG, just thinking about it makes me cry)
I stayed in the restroom sobbing for quite a long time. Because I had to let everything out.

When I got back to my desk, the three other girls added me on an msn conference where they all asked how I am at that time, and they tried to make me feel better. They knew everthing that's going on. One of them was even more upset than I am. They're all telling me I deserve better than that. And yes, I do deserve better than that. They knew my plan of resigning and are supportive about it. I was exchanging sms with the more-upset-than-I-am girl yesterday and she told me she was with her sister at that time who also got upset with what the boss is doing to me. They were telling me I don't have to take all that bullshit from them. And yes, I've had enough. And when I resign, I am definitely giving the boss a piece of my mind. Just because I have never defied her doesn't give her the license to treat me like I am some kind of an inferior creature.

Before going home, I spent an hour with the three girls. We talked about it and they made it clear to me that they are not happy with what's being done to me. The more-upset-than-I-am girl was really talking the whole time and it's funny how affected she is. I am really touched as to how they are supportive of me. And that they don't think the replacement can learn everything in a few weeks just by self-training (which is their training style) like I did. Not to be arrogant or what but they said even seatmate took 2 years to learn everything I learned in just 2 months. I'm better off with another company who will not treat me like shit. I am definitely going to miss them and the happy times.

The boss is such a liar. She told the more-upset-than-I-am girl that the openings are for an Admin Assitant and Purchasing Assistant posts yet on the 10 resumes, it clearly stated there that they are all applying for my post. What a liar!

Since the boss likes calling one's attention and sort of scolding them right in front of everyone as if to humiliate them (just like what she did to me), I am definitely going to let her know how it feels. I will certainly give her a piece ogf my mind. In front of everyone. And I'll make sure she won't be able to say a word when I'm done. Being a bitch is sometimes totally called for. She'll never know what hit her. Of course, it will still be work-related and I am going to target her professionalism and work ethics. No personal insults. Maybe there really is a good reason for this to happen. And maybe, just maybe, I was meant to work at that company for a reason. To teach that boss a lesson she and everyone else in the company won't forget. And that is to never ever treat your subordinates like shit because it will definitely get back to you.


By the way, I have a couple of interviews next week. Just my luck. I hope I get hired. I am not going to include this company on my resume. I'd rather not talk about dirt and stuff.

Thank you for bearing with me.


I love the rain but when it starts to flood, that's not cool. This is the first time i saw our street get flooded.

And to Thiamere and Gracie, so sorry I haven't shipped out your prizes. I've just been really stressed lately. Will ship it on Tuesday, promise.


  1. so sorry about you experiencing that,hun

    nobody deserves to be humiliated in front of others.

    but im might proud for you because you were able to hold your temper.
    it only goes to show how educated you are compare to that uneducated person

    where are her manners..

    as what we say here in the Philippines "may karma din yan"

    goodluck on your upcoming interviews,hun
    im pretty sure you'll be able to find a more suitable job

  2. sis, there are other jobs out there! better pa!
    it's not effin' worth it to get all stressed out just for that 1 stupid job! now, take out all your blushes and breath deeply....relax! ^_^

    good luck in your coming job interview

  3. i admire your self control sis pammy, kung ako yun nako baka hindi ako nakapag pigil. heehee.

    karma's a bitch my dear heehee im sure of that. im sure God's smiling at you right now because you handled His challenge for you very well, like what thiamere said, you handled it on a very educated way :)

    goodluck on your upcoming interviews pammy! a sweet girl like you deserves much much better. <3

  4. You deserve so much better sis so don't sweat it... I understand how u feel though, I would feel the same if I were you..

  5. im so sorry to hear that. it just surprises me how unprofessional some ppl can be

    ur better off sumwer else girl

    hope u find a new job soon!

  6. Aww goodluck on the interviews! And yes, you deserve better. I have authority isues and I sorta got pissed justreading your post. Id love to hear how it goes when you do get to tell her off hehe.

  7. you are's "that's it" moment, you deserve way goodluck sis with your interviews next week :D

  8. i'm sorry to hear that you went through that sis. you don't deserve all that stress. i hope you're safe from the floods too!

  9. that's awful.. sending you virtual hugs right now! ♥♥

  10. kakaiinis isipin may mga taong ganyan.. good luck sa interview sis.. *muah!

  11. thanks, girls. mwah! you all made me feel better.

    ida, we weren't safe from the flood. :(

  12. Dealing with those kinds of people really makes me wanna be self-employed, I'd rather be my own boss than to be treated like shit. Anyway, so sad to know that you weren't spared from the flood, hope everything is fine!

  13. I can relate with the whole work thing! My last day at work is friday and I cant wait!

    I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you. At least you're not hurt. What happened to our country is a test to our faith. Let's continue praying.

  14. Caby, it's Saturday! I hope everything went well on your last day at work yesterday. :P


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