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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Product Review: Saizen (Daiso) Natural Pack Charcoal Masque

The Natural Pack Charcoal Masque is another raved product at Girltalk. This became a much-sought product after all the raves and the stocks would last for only one day at Saizen. It's always out of stock. I was lucky to get myself one tube of this masque as they just stocked up on it when I went to Saizen that night. I had doubts at first since it is, well, black. I still went ahead and tried it and after using it for a few weeks now, here is my review of the product.

I use the EcoTools Foundation Brush to apply it. Thank goodness, there are no black stains after washing it. :P

- It effectively pulls out whiteheads and blackheads
- It really brightens your face as dead skin cells are removed together with the masque
- I actually like using it as a nose pack
- It is gooey and I think it helps in effectively pulling out the nasty white/blackheads
- For the price of PHP85/tube, it is such a steal!
- Locally available

- Although it is locally available, it is always OOS -_- (I reserved two tubes but I had to cancel since I couldn't drop by Galleria)
- It is available only at Saizen which doesn't have branches other than the one in Robinson's Galleria
- It makes my face red after I peel off the masque
- Since it is gooey, I have to use a brush to spead it thickly and evenly all over my face
- Maybe a little hard to remove
- I will never use this again on the skin in between my upper lip and nose. It tugs at the facial hairs on that area and peeling it from there hurts big time.

Will I buy again? YES!
Overall rating: 4.5/5

Here's a picture of me wearing the charcoal masque.

My right eye's kinda sore, sorry about that. :P I couldn't make a wacky face since the masque is really tight and I can hardly move my mouth and cheeks. :-D


  1. ohh.. i like it! but its always oos.. i hope i can get 1 soon

  2. Just leave them you name and number and they will contact you once they have it in stock. :)

  3. black mask on face and you still managed to look cute than scary?? LUCKY!!! :) thanks for the review, I don't know why I never plan to order any masks as it could trigger my super dry skin :) But I'm sure the oilies will appreciate it more :) Thanks Pammy!

  4. Nikki, haha! My niece got pretty scared of me and our helper kept on staring at me like i was insane to put black stuff all over my face. :P
    And yes, the oilies really did appreciate it more. :)

  5. wow that mask looks nice! but im so lazy to use one! hehe.. you guys are lucky! we dont have a saizen store here.. =( love the blushes you posted before..

  6. What's the phone number? I want to reserve too! :)

  7. Khymm, the blushes are pretty. And this mask is really good. If you want, I can buy some for you since you don't have Saizen there in Cebu. :)

    Nina, I'll look for their number in my inbox. I hope I haven't deleted their message. I'll let you know. :)

  8. what i got was the nose pack, its white instead of black but basically the same principle.. apply, let it dry and peel off...yes, it hurts BIG TIME! haha! but i just used mine on my nose.

  9. i want to try this pammy and i want to try it on my bf too. LOL. :)
    but i haven't been to saizen yet. :(

  10. it's so black! hehe :) it's great that it removes blackheads effectively, i've been looking for a product that can really do that...saizen is so far from me though.

  11. Donna, it is a must-try. :P

    Cha, try it when you get the chance to. :P But it's always oos. :(

    Ida, it is so black. Hehe. I can buy for you if you want. ;)

  12. i miss the blush addict...

    pammy i miss you...

    nice post.

  13. looks promising! i have read Crystal's review about this product too. i wanna try!!! for P85!? what a steal. but i'm too far from Robinson's. :( hays...

  14. oohh.. really hope i can get hold of this one.. always OOS..

    u look cute even with the black mask on sweetie.. :)

  15. Jing, i miss you too and your posts. :P

    Nehs, it is so worth it. If you go to Saizen, I doubt if you will go home empty-handed even without the charcoal masque :P

    littlemisssnowbunny, go get it. :P

    Kay, thank you. Go ahead and try this product. You'll like this. :P

  16. great review!! the mask is so dark hehe I definitely want to try it now

  17. How do you remove the mask? Washing it off? Or peeling it off? I work VERY near by Galleria so I am checking this out. Just wanted to see some reviews before I get this! Thanks for blogging about this.

  18. Peeling it off, otherwise, it won't pull out the blackies and whities. The excess, I just wash it off.

  19. Aww, what happened with your eye dearie?

    Again, (I think I mentioned it a lot of times before) I wish we have Saizen here in Baguio.

    Anyhoo, I'm too lazy to apply mask on my face. Hubby likes it though and is one of our bonding moments. :)

  20. allsecretsrevealed- 3rd floor. I forgot which wing :D

    Golden, i rubbed it too much. :D That's a cute bonding moment. :P

  21. is this product good to get off white heads?

  22. Hello sis Pammy! I'm Yhen, the one who sent you an e-mail. hehehe. Made a new blog, hope you could follow someday. I manage three blogs but just decided now to just have one to have less hassle. :)

    Love your review about this product that makes me rave for this. pheww.

    Hope to hear more updates and reviews from you.

    God bless

    P.S. We're the same when it comes to blush-on addiction. LOL

  23. Hi Yhen! :P Nice seeing you here. I already followed your blog. :)

    I'll let you know for sure if I am going to Galleria for the charcoal masque. Might go there next week. :)

  24. Hi Yhen! :P Nice seeing you here. I already followed your blog. :)

    I'll let you know for sure if I am going to Galleria for the charcoal masque. Might go there next week. :)

  25. hi! new follower here.. does the mask have to be peeled off? or can i just wash them off?

  26. Bibay, so sorry for the uber late reply. I saw your comment just now. It's a peel off mask.


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