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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Product Review: NARS Blushes (A review on all my NARS blushes)

As you all know, I love blushes. I've been called a blush girl, blush addict and a blush whore, which I love and I am proud of. :P

So I decided to do a review of all the NARS blushes that I have and had. Had because I am including reviews of the 2 shades I once had but let go of. NARS has to be my ultimate favorite brand when it comes to blushes. And I know a decade isn't enough to finish all the NARS blushes I have and will have. :D

I love NARS for the reason that it takes forever to finish one pan. My first NARS blush is the hyped Orgasm which took me more than 2 years to finish. It is so worth it given the hefty price tag. :P But I had to try out other shades and now I'm even more in love with NARS. I like that they don't release collections as often as MAC does. And what I like even more is that they don't have LE blush shades.

So on to the reviews. This is gonna be a long one. Let's start with my very first NARS blush.

NARS Orgasm
- This is one of the much-hyped products all over the planet. Many times it has been claimed as universally-flattering for all skintones from the palest to the most chocolatey. Well, is it true? No. Just the reviews at MakeUpAlley alone can prove that the claim isn't true. It doesn't show up on everyone, even some of those with the fairest skin.

- Very pretty peachy-pink shade with gold shimmers.
- This colour easily shows up on me and I am NC30 for reference.
- Pigmented and I only need one swipe on the pan for each cheek.
- Gives off a certain glow when worn.
- Good staying power even on my oily skin.

- A little too shimmery for some but not over the top kind of shimmer.
- May not show up on some skintones.

NARS Deep Throat
- This is the blush a lot of people said what they hoped Orgasm would be. I never hoped Orgasm to be like Deep Throat because if it is, Deep Throat might not be this pretty. This is actually the cousin of NARS Orgasm as they look almost the same, only this is peach.

- A lovely peach blush with shimmers.
- Less shimmery than Orgasm.
- Well, the only peach blush that works for me.
- Makes you look glowing when worn.
- Staying power is good.

- Might not show up on some skintones as well due to its being light.

NARS Crazed
- This blush is Crazed indeed! I actually got pretty scared at first because when I tried it at home the first time with my EcoTools blush brush, I ended up looking like someone beat me up.

- A very pretty raspberry red blush with shimmers.
- Really looks natural when applied with a light hand.
- Not too shimmery when on the cheeks.
- It has a better staying power than both Orgasm and Deep Throat.
- This is really pigmented so a little goes a long way.

- Really really pigmented and if not applied right, you will look like a clown or someone just punched you in the face.
- This really needs a stippling brush.

- Now this is one blush that is really underrated. I don't see many raves or reviews about this blush. There may be some reviews on MakeUpAlley but it doesn't get as much reviews as the other three on top. I must say this is my ultimate favorite NARS blush out of the ones that I have and had.

- This is a really really really pretty desert rose blush with shimmers.
- This blush gives me the natural flushed cheeks look, like I just came from a run.
- Very pigmented and needs a very very light hand when applied.
- Staying power is as good as Crazed.
- Looks scary in the pan but once you apply it right, it will give you an ooomph!

- Will literally make you look weird if too much is applied as it is uber pigmented.
- This, too, needs a stippling brush.

NARS Lokoum
- This is a cream blush that I received from a fellow girltalker. It sort of resembles NARS Taos. I cannot really put in a lot of pros and cons for this product since I find it difficult to apply cream blushes. They end up on my fingers and there isn't much product left on my cheeks.

- Really pretty rose shade with shimmer.
- If you are a cream blush user and you love the flushed cheeks look, this will work for you.
- Can be used as a lip color and I must say it is very lovely on the lips.
- Easy to blend.

- Might not be for oily skin.

Now, time for the 2 shades I once had.

NARS Super Orgasm
- As described by others, this is Orgasm on steroids. NARS amped up Orgasm by coming up with this shade. There is no Super Orgasm hype, though.

Lucky, I found a picture of Super O on my files.

- A pretty peachy-pink blush with gold glitters.
- Less shimmery than Orgasm when applied.
- Pigmented as well and staying power is good.

- The chunks of glitters! I had to tap my brush to get rid of the glitters.

I sold it because, well, I don't like glitters on my face. In fact, I never liked glitters. I hate how it sticks on your skin and a little difficult to get rid of. But now I miss it and I regret selling it. I only wish it made its new mommy happy. :)

NARS Penny Lane
- My first NARS cream blush.

I cannot find a picture of it on my files.

- Very pretty pale pink blush
- Blendable.

- Might not show up on some skintones due to its being really light.
- I really cannot make it work for me as it makes me look pale when I use it. And of course, I am stupid in applying cream blushes.

I sold it because it just doesn't work for me no matter how I tried. It now has a new mommy.

Alright. Here are photos of the swatches I made with the 5 NARS blushes I have.

Left: Lokoum
Top to Bottom: Orgasm, Deep Throat, Crazed, Taos

Overall rating: 4.75/5
Will I buy NARS blushes again? YES! OUI! SI! OO!

I hope this mini review helps. I had fun swatching them and I can't stop looking at the swatches. They are all lovely. Well, aren't all blushes pretty? :P

Disclaimer: This review is based on my own experiences. If you disagree with something, fine, you have a mind of your own and you are entitled to your own opinion. But then, I, too, am entitled to my own, right? :P


  1. Thanks for the review, at least I have and idea of the shades to look out for. IF I do consider buying one. ;)

  2. Awww...You won't regret it, promise. Well, you will in a way because it will get you hooked into it. :P

  3. *drooling* heehee.
    very beautiful blushes pammy <3
    orgasm is so cute, but im afraid it won't show on my face. im kinda on the dark side LOL..
    NARS blushes are really good investments heehee. can't wait to have one <3

  4. I am proud to raise my be one of the few..who call you a "BLUSH WHORE!" Lol I seriously call you BLUSH WHORE!!!! :) Love your reviews and thanks for the wonderful swatches too, I know how hard it is to start purchasing just ONE blush from Nars first and don't know where to start :)

  5. Cha, try it on the counter. Lara, the famous SA, will assist you naman and she will honestly tell you which one works for you. She won't force something on you. ;)

    Nikki, yeah! One is not enough. Blush whore actually came from you. :P

  6. I don't own a single NARS Blush yet!! Thanks for the reviews, I really want NARS Angelika because i'm addicted to pinks :)

  7. O once had a NARS orgasm blush but I sold it after a couple of just won't show on me! so you know a shade of NARS blush that is peachy pink but shows up on NC25 (I'm not even sure if this is my shade haha)?

  8. Amy, Angelika is pretty. I just wasn't sure if it'll work on me since it is blue-tones. :)

    Gale, that's really weird. I'm NC30 and it easily shows up on me. Maybe it's the brush? Maybe super Orgasm will work better for you. :P

  9. wow! I dont own a NARS blush, i wanna try Orgasm..
    thanks for the swatches and reviews Pammy!

  10. Khymm, I hope you get to have your very own NARS blush soon. :P

  11. Wow! Dami NARS! I hope to get my own NARS blush too someday. I like your disclaimer by the way. Rawr! :)

  12. Hi :) Discovered your blog thru GTalk, and I've been reading regularly ever since!

    I finally bought my first NARS blush - Orgasm. I was actually thinking of getting Amour, since I'm not too fond of shimmery cheeks on me. But your posts are making me look for Deep Throat! :))

  13. helo sis pammy,

    i've been stalking ur blog for some time now... i'm also a nars blush addict like u... i often check ur reviews before deciding what nars blush to buy.

    i don't know if you still remember but i bought a lot of mineral makeup samples from u last year thru ebay... u were very generous in fact. u included tons of freebie samples. let me know when ul be vacationing here in bohol and lets talk about makeup over java... ciao sis!

  14. Jeez, this is a super late reply.

    Crissy, Deep Throat is a really really pretty shade. :P Go get it! :) Thanks for reading my blog. :)

    Purple Patch, hi sis! Of course I do remember you. :) I'll let you know if I go there in Bohol and have a make up java. :P Thanks for reading my blog. :)


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