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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Recent Haul & End of Giveaway (pic heavy, as usual)

I am so excited to post this one. 2 packages came in today and another one from yesterday. They are mainly blushes and a few lippies.

I forgot to include the lippies and nail polish in the picture. :D

The blushes

Milani Glimmer Stripes - Berry Glimmer

Milani Glimmer Stripes - Terra Glimmer

Milani Glimmer Stripes - Cocoa Glimmer

Milani Double Impact Blush - Cherries on Top

Almay Brush on Blush - Cinder Red


L-R: Berry Glimmer, Cocoa Glimmer, Terra Glimmer

Milani Sunset Beach

Milani Sunset Beach was not opened since it will be part of my blush giveaway. :P Ooopsie, I ruined the surprise. :D I am still waiting for one more package to arrive with one more blush and a few Missha samples. Might get here tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I am so excited for that blush.
On to the lippies

Victoria's Secret Duo Lipgloss - Wet/Babe

Stila Plumping Lip Glaze Trial Size - Cherry Mint
Nail polish...

L-R: Caress Belgian Nude, Caronia Minst Frost, Caronia Chinese Rose Frost, Wet & Wild Ice Crystals

My NOTW, which, I hope will last for a week - Chinese Rose

- Wet & Wild Rock Solid Ice Crystals
- Dove Cream Oil Intensive Body Lotion


It is already September 16th and my giveaway officially ended last night. :P I will post the winner by Saturday. Since it'll be hard to decide, I will get help from my friends in making a decision. If we don't come up with a winner, I will just write your names on a piece of paper and draw. :P

Will there be just one winner? I don't think so. Because there will be TWO winners. I think it'd be unfair to pick just one after all the time and effort you girls gave to join this giveaway.

I will post the prizes when I announce the winnerS this Saturday, September 19th. One winner will get 2 blushes + 1g of Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder + a gift. The other one will get one blush + 1g of Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder + a gift. Good luck to all those who joined! I am so excited. :P



  1. blush addict ka talaga sis! hehe. nice ba yung Milani shimmerbricks?

    excited na me sa winner ng giveaway.. =) **crossing my fingers**

  2. They are nice! Pretty yung Berry Glimmer and Terra Glimmer. :P My Terra and Pink sa eBay. ;)

    Hehe, pag nahirapan kami, bunutan na lang. :D

  3. lots of blushes! heehee im loving the shade of the berry glimmer :)

    ooh can't wait to know your prizes heehee <3

  4. addictttttt!

    bat ganun, di ko type amoy ng milani haha

  5. Cha, berry glimmer is really pretty! :P And so is Cinder red. :D

    Lelila, di ko napansin amoy. Inamoy ko tuloy lahat ng Milani ko, magkakaiba scent pero may kakaibang amoy. Di ko na lang aamuyin, baka ma-aching pa ako. Hehe. :P

  6. whoa.. i love it.. i have been wanting to hoard like crazy on blushes but i always end up buying foundations lagi.. hehe is the cinder red pink??or red parang natural flush..

  7. donna, reddish-pink na natural flush ang effect. :P

  8. BLUSH WHORE! You are back!!! With a vengeance! LOL :) Lovely stuffs you bought :)

  9. Haha! That made me laugh, Nikki. And yes, I'm back with a vengeance. :P

  10. whoa!! nice haul! :)

    ok ba yung glimmer?is it super shimmery?

  11. It's not super shimmery. It adds just the right glow to the cheeks. Pero I use the last 2 or three stripes lang for blush. I noticed na shimmery yung stripes on top eh. And nice as eyeshadow too. :)

    I am loving terra glimmer. :P

  12. pretty! i tagged you <3 hehee
    check it out ^__^

  13. wow sis kakainggit yung milani blushes mo! hehe. berry looks nice. :)

  14. littlemisssnowbunny, Berry really does look nice. :P

  15. Super cute ng Milani Berry Glimmer! I wonder who's the lucky winner??? I wish!


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