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Friday, September 4, 2009

My humble make up collection

We are doing Makeup Collection posts at Girltalk and I decided to share some of mine here just like what sis Martha did.

These are some of the make up I decided to share. I know this isn't much but oh well. This isn't complete as I couldn't find my other make up bag. It's been missing for a few months now, I don't have the time to look for it. :(

Of course, I have to start with the blushes. :P

Some of the mineral blushes I managed to find. :D


I have assorted blushes since I don't stick to just one or two brands. :)

Foundies and Finishing Powders




The one and only primer

Forget the eyeshadows and mascaras. :P


  1. wow!! B-L-U-S-H-E-S!!! haha :)ang dami heehee. what's your favorite sis? <3

  2. NARS is my current fave. :P
    But we'll see. More blushes on their way to my humble abode. :P Forget the other make up thingie, blushes are all I care about. :D

  3. nako baka your other make-ups might be jealous on your precious blushes hahaha. :) i'll sure stay tuned for more blush reviews!! ^__^

  4. wow.. blushes.. sis please recommend me a peachy color blush.. I have a hard time to find a good one

  5. Cha, oo nga. They might get jealous. :P haha!

    Gracie, peach blushes look muddy on me so I tend to stay away from them. But NARS Deep Throat is an exception though. That is the only peach blush that work on me. But I would recommend you check out Skinfood and The Face Shop for their peach blushes. :) And even local brands have nice blushes. :)

  6. wow! ang dami!! haha I tried cutting down my stash this past few months so my collection is only half yours haha ^_^

  7. sorry for the term but you are obviously a blush whore :) lol thanks for sharing :D

  8. Gale, I did that before and nagka-buyer's remorse ako so I ended up buying more than what I've let go of. :D

    Nikki, I love the term! :P

  9. sis pammy, dahil sa dami ng blush mo, na-inspire ako sumali sa contest mo heeheehee. i joined na :p

  10. Ang Dami! Nanliit yung number of blushes ko! Hahaha! Kaya pala you're sharing na tru your contest. Sana makajoin ako :)

  11. Kach, join ka na. :)

    The blushes I'm giving away are brand new and not part of my collection. :)

  12. thats a lot ..hehe dami blushes...=p..sarap kuhaan.

  13. Grammatical errors:

    ThankS, Cha! :P

    That is the only peach blush that workS on me.

  14. blush addict ka talaga sis! hehe.. excited na ako sa contest mo..

  15. Khymm, me too! I'm excited na din. :P

    Rayqueenbee, thank you. :)

  16. CHA! Di ko pala nasagot ng maayos your question. NARS Taos is my current fave. For some reason, nawala yung Taos sa response ko.

  17. nice collection! :D blushes galooore! :D

    how's the primer working out for u? u only have 1 so i assume u luvet :D

    i have the faceshop green makeup base but my face becomes too white bcoz of it! darn, should have gotten the span one instead

  18. Hi Mia! I only have 1 primer because I don't really like using primers. :P

    And I haven't even used half of it. :P


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