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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Skin79 + Missha Mini Mini Haul

Here's the part 2 of my recent mini haul. I got these Korean cosmetics from a very nice seller on eBay. I got the following:

- Skin79 Diamond Collection Star Glow Cheek
- Missha Cleansing Oil Sample x 2
- Missha M Signature Radiance Foundation Sample x 2
- Skinfood Grape Seed Oil Body Shower Gel as a freebie

Skin79 Diamond Collection Star Glow Cheek
- It is a very pretty cheek color.
- Gives a gorgeous glow on the cheeks.
- I like it but there is a funny smell that reminds me of string beans or veggies. It really smells weird but at least my nose can tolerate the smell. But I can smell it when I applied it on my cheeks.
- A little powdery but it's fine with me.
- I got it for PHP511 and it's not so bad.
- I really love the pink and silver compact, really pretty and chic. ;)

I'll just make follow up posts on the Missha Cleansing Oil and the Missha M Signature Radiance Foundation.

Oh, I tried the foundation but its coverage is so-so. It's just like BB cream, which I am not a fan of. :P


  1. I'm sorry that you don't like the coverage of the foundation! :( The blush looks super pretty though..but does the color show up on your cheeks?

  2. Nikki, it does, but after like 2 or 3 swipes. Not so pigmented. :(

  3. the compact sure does look pretty. but that's a weird smell for cosmetics. haha! :) i'm not too fond of bb creams either.

  4. missha cleansing oil is super! i also tried one sample packet and i got hooked, i ordered a full bottle and it arrived today :)

  5. lovely haul Pammy. btw, what's the site? Oh and I love the diamond cheek color! very pretty

  6. Ida, it really does smell weird, I swear! :P

    Imlee, really? That is a bad sign, I might get hooked into it too. :P

    Charry, got it from and the seller is bhappywithme :)

  7. haha!:P

    it's oil but it's not greasy at cleans thoroughly and it leaves no oily residue

  8. Oh shoot! I think I'm gonna let myself be BI'd with the Missha Cleansing Oil. :P

  9. nice haul! the diamond glow cheek is so pretty

  10. Hi Amy. It is pretty, I only wish it doesn't smell like string beans


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