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Monday, September 14, 2009

Penne with Tomato Meat Sauce

I'll just post what I prepared for lunch and might be my "packed lunch" for work later.

Penne with Tomato Meat Sauce

See the herbs on top of the sauce? Makes it more Italian. Yummmm! I am such a pasta girl. :P


  1. yum yum! <3 nag crave tuloy ako ng pasta haha :p

  2. oh wow i wish i knew how to cook, i'm hopeless x_x

  3. yummy pasta is my favorite and i love penne, cook for me pls..and air 21 it lol I'll pay you..promise! :P

  4. Nina, pasta's really yummy. :P

    Cha, were you able to get your pasta fix? :D

    Krissy, it is never hopeless to learn how to cook. :P

    Nikki, I don't think it'll get to you. They might eat it. :P

  5. Golden, ngayon ko lang nabasa to sis. Natawa ako. Haha! :P Kawawa naman sya, puro pasta ipapakain ko sa kanya. :D


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