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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saizen Mini Haul Part 2

I went to Saizen together with a couple of colleagues this morning. I was supposed to buy 2 charcoal masks from them so I can stock up on it but I saw someone post at GT that it was already out of stock. Looks like someone from GT hoarded. -_- I just left my number so they can reserve 2 for me once they have stocks again. I just ended up getting these few things instead.


1. Multi-Cheek Pink Blush
2. Neo Color blush & highlighter duo B
3. 12-piece make up sponges
4. small pink storage box

They're all pink. :P

Of course, I am starting with the blushes. I got the same brands that I got before.

Multi Cheek Blusher in Pink
- This is such a very pretty candy pink blush.
- Buildable
- Quality isn't so bad for the price

Left: Pink Right: Beige

Neo Color Blush & Highlighter B
- A subtle pink shade
- Buildable
- Again, the price is cheap but the quality is quite okay, considering that the first one I bought, shade A, is like a dupe of NARS Orgasm/Deep Throat

I actually bought this to test if the shade is good enough for my giveaway. :P

Top: Shade B
Bottom: Shade A

Make Up Sponges
- I have yet to try these sponges. But for 12 pieces and the price is only PHP85? Not bad, right?

Storage Box (Pink)
- This is actually a MD and cassette box, whatever the heck MD is. Er, could it be medicine?Anyway, I thought I can use this to store my blushes. :P
- I am actually planning to buy a couple more for the rest of the blushes.

I need two more! I have 7 blushes coming next week. ^_^

Anyway, we were supposed to have lunch by the pool at work and actually swim. But since it was raining since yesterday, we just stayed inside the office and we didn't dare go swim at the 6F. The water might be freaking cold and we could get sick. :P

We had brownies and I think it had this thing that makes people laugh so hard for no apparent reason. 3 of my colleagues were laughing non-stop and doing Michael Jackson dance steps. It was really funny, my cheeks felt a little numb from too much laughing. I am starting to love the people I work with. And I have to admit I am happy so far. The "boss: (owner) will be arriving next week (along with our orders from the company). It'll be a little serious for us. :D

So long! :P


  1. hello! pretty haul sis :)
    ang sikip ng mga blushes mo dun sa lalagyan haha, ang dami kasi heehee tapos you'll have 7 more blushes coming this week pa whoa hihi ^__^
    have a nice weekend pammy! <3

  2. I finally went to Saizen last week and wow..they have so many wonderful stuffss..yay for container..for your blushes! LOL

  3. Cha, thank you. :p Punta ka na kasi sa Saizen so you can buy good stuff na rin from there. :D

    Nikki, I certainly won't bring a credit card when I go there. I promised to never go beyond 500 bucks for every trip to Saizen. :D
    And yey for the blush container. :P

  4. hi sis! wow! it's really cool! thanks for the review. where can i find this store sa rob? thanks!

  5. pammy!! waah.. i really wanna go to saizen na tlaga?? yan lang ba ang blushes dun?? my shimmer ba yan o matte?? thanks.. mwah

  6. hehe.saizen!!.layo ko kasi jan eh..nice ,ay out pammy..uso talaga mga japanese at korean etc products ngayon..ako din gusto ko mag collect

  7. saizen is the place to be talaga.
    ubos oras ko dun :)

  8. wow ang ganda! how much yung blushes sis? sana may saizen dito huhu =.(

  9. hi pammy, the blushes looks cute. where can i find saizen? :) want to try them too :)

  10. Bejeejeefied, it's at the 3rd floor, If you see Lee, turn right on that corner. :P

    Donna, there are other blushes. Both have very subtle shimmer. Go there na! :D

    Shobe, yeah. These products are really cheap but good. Japanese and Korean products are really made for Asian skin kasi eh. :P

    Imlee, yes it is. Too bad I was in a hurry again yesterday. Ako lang pumasok sa Saizen, they were all waiting outside of Saizen. :)

    Khymm, both blushes cost PHP85. Everything at Saizen costs 85 bucks. :P

    Charry, 3rd floor, turn to that corner when you see Saizen. :P Just take the escalators with the Saizen labels/signs. :D


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