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Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Blush Giveaway Winners and Recent Mini Haul

Sorry it took me so long to post the giveaway winners but I just got home from a date with my mom. :P

My friends and I can't come up with a decision, it's really hard even though there are only a few entries like a little over 10. But we came up with one decision. I have to do the draw lots thingie since we can't decide. I know, what is the sense of swatching and showing a pic of you wearing it if it won;t be used anyway? Sorry. I'm really bad at making decisions and I recently found out that some of my friends are even worse than I am. -_-

I took pictures while doing the draw lots thingie. I didn't cheat and play favorites, I promise! :P

The first winner is...

THIAMERE!!! She gets the 2 blushes + 1 Kryolan 1g sample + freebie.

The Milani blush on the pic is the one I have and I used it just for photo purposes. The one to be given away is brand new and sealed. Might come in a different shade, though.

The second winner is...

GRACIE!!! She gets 1 blush + 1g Kryolan sample + freebie.

Ladies, please send me an email with your names and shipping information so I can ship your prizes on Tuesday or Wednesday. :-) I will definitely add more stuff to your prizes.

For all those who joined, THANK YOU. I really wish I can make everyone a winner. :P


My boss arrived last night from the US. Or should I say early this morning. He knocked on our door and he left a suitcase full of lingeries and stuff. Our orders came. I got the following:

- Squeem Cotton-Rubber Waist Cincher
- Fashion Forms Softback Bra Extenders
- Braza Flash Tape

Got 50% off everything! :P

I got the waist cincher because I need to trim my waist. And my colleague used to wear the XLarge size and after a couple of months wearing it, she's now wearing a Large. I got the Large size because my waist measures 30-31 inches now. Gah! I'm in such a bad shape. -_- Not only that, since I have scoliosis, it helps correct the posture, helps relieve back pain. Both are true! My back didn't hurt while wearing it. And my waist measured 27 inches again! :p Well, it will take a couple of months before I am back to measuring 27. I'm liking the product mainly for my back. :) This is actually one of our best selling products. It received positive reviews so getting it for half the price is such a great deal! :D It can also be used as an accessory, worn on top of a blouse or a shirt.

I got the Fashion Forms Softback Bra Extenders because I have a couple of bras that aren't my size and I want to be able to wear them and this is the problem solver! :P

And lastly, the Braza Flash Tape. Don't you just hate it when your skin peeks out from the inside if your blouse? And your boobies are flashing like it has a Mardi Gras of its own? This will solve that problem. Safe to use for the skin and won't leave patches or marks on your clothes.

I am getting a free bra which is made for clothes with really low necklines. It is cute! :P

These 3 items cost roughly $30. Thanks to the big discount. I wonder what I'll be getting next. :P


As I've mentioned earlier, I had a date with my mom. We haven't gone out in a long time so today was the perfect time to take her out. We just had late lunch at French Baker at a nearby mall because it started raining just as we were about to leave the house. After lunch, we went to the department store where I saw an Elianto booth and I got the Peach nail polish for only PHP99. Pretty! My mom went to a certain section at the department store and I didn't wanna go there so I decided to check out the G-lish booth instead. I ended up getting 2 stackable blushes - Shades 5 and 7. Shade 7 reminds me of MAC Dollymix. For PHP100 each, it's so worth it. They are pigmented and really pretty. I'm planning to buy every shade there is of the stackable blushes, as long as they will suit my skintone.

See how pretty the blushes are? And they are also pigmented. I only had to dab my finger once on the pan and look at the color pay off. :P

By the way, here's my current nail color. Caress Belgian Nude.

By the way, I'm sick again. Grrrr.

Have a happy weekend, everyone!


  1. congratz for the winners !
    oh how come ur boss is so generous?loll
    ohh i wanna try elianto !haha

  2. Thanks, Vanilla. :P
    He had to be generous. After all the work we do for him. :D
    Go try Elianto. Don's miss their baked blushes. :)

  3. yey for thiamere and gracie! :)

    wow,more blushes for pammy! heehee :)
    the pigments and price of those g-lish blushes are really nice heehee

    ooh and i love bra extenders!! LOL


  4. Cha, the blushes are really nice. Might get hooked into those. :P

    Yes, the bra extenders are love. :D

  5. *gasp*
    i won!

    thank you!

    that's such a nice waist cincher
    unlike the usual waist trimmer that is available
    reminds me of the good ol' corset during the old times

    a stackable blush..
    how nice!
    its small enough to fit in a purse

    nice find!

  6. Dear, email me at :P

    Yeah, it looks like a corset rather than a waist cincher or as the oldies call it, girdle. :D

  7. Nina, thank you for joining. :)

    Twinsouls, thank you. And thank you for joining. :)


  8. nice waist cincher! can i buy one too at 50% off? haha

  9. Congratulations to Gracie and Thiamere! :) Girl, I can remember my first eyeshadow is from Gelato..and it is made of good quality and great pigmentation :)

  10. i am luvin ur haul from d states, great stuff!

    and nice nails :)

  11. congrats to the winners! nice haul, and really great find on those items!

  12. wow congrats sa winner.. super lucky nila ;))

  13. Lelila, sure! The boss is going back to the US by November and he'll come back here in December. Let me know if you want one so I can order for you. :)

    Nikki, I looked at the eyeshadows too but I thought they were too shimmery for my liking. :( So I'm sticking with the blushes. :P

    Mia, thank you. :) I am loving the cincher and the bra extenders. :P

    Amy, thank you. I am happy with my purchases. I can't stop looking at the blushes. :P

    Trizh, thanks. Try G-lish blushes. :P


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