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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New layout

I decided to change my blog layout, I'm bored here in the office. What do you guys think? Is this better or should I revert to my old blog theme? :P

I love cats but I think this is more appropriate for the posts I usually make. :) I only wish the girl is holding a blush and a blush brush instead of a nail polish. :-D

I am digging this but the only thing I don't like much about it is that you have to click on continue reading. It's not quite fun doing that. :(


  1. it is cute but I like the cat one better hehe I love animals kasi :)

  2. Thanks, girls. :P I'll just put a cat's photo here to remind me of my love for cats. :P

  3. i actually like your layout
    it looks so girly & sassy

  4. Thank you, Louie :P

    XOXO, I just foun this template somewhere in the net. :)

  5. I love this template! But I gotta admit I miss your old page's persian kitty... :)

    i saw your 'kitty section' on the left part of the page. can't help but agree. some people are just sick to hurt cats...and kittens.

    heard of the UP Serial Cat killer? I bet you already have. grrrrr.

  6. I didn't know that kitty is persian. :P I miss her too. She's so me, always sleepy. :D

    Yeah, I hate that killer. :(


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