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Friday, September 25, 2009

Sneaky Little Devils

I am so fuckin' pissed right now. I thought I found the best people I've worked with. Well, I met two who really cared about me. I just found out that my boss was looking for someone to replace me because I always get sick. And they are doing it behind my back. C'mon! If they have a problem about it, why couldn't they just be upfront with me and tell me, "Hey, we have to let you go because you always get sick and we don't want sick people in the company." It'll be easier instead of doing a stupid connivance. I expect them to at least be professional about it, but heck NO! What do you call someone who acts behind your back and smile when you are with them? They are fuckin' stupid lying conniving bastards! I don't normally curse like this but this time, I am really fuckin' pissed. Can you believe they wanted me to go to work last Monday when I have sore eyes?! I went to work on Tuesday because they asked me to even though I still have sore eyes and when I got there, they wanted me to go home! I stayed. They're not even going to pay for my cab home! The other girl was so pissed because they are putting everyone else at risk. I have sore eyes, for goodness' sake! She told me to stay which I really intended to do that night. I wouldn't mind losing this job because seriously, the only reason why I still go to work are the new friends I found there. But the job itself? It's fucked up, really! I take calls, do sales, customer service, take care of backorder emails, respond to email queries, and take care of live chat too all at the same time. All at the freaking same time! I am no ubermensch! I can't believe I stayed there for 2 months. And I get sick all the time. I am stressed out. I've never been this sick before I started working at that company.

I rejected 3 offers from other companies just to stay with them and this company will just fuck wirth me?! The hell with them. I wish I can just give my resignation letter next week effective immediately and when I hand it to my boss, I'd tell her, "I am resigning today effective immediately. Here's my resignation letter and you can just shove it up your ass!". But I was advised by a friend I met there to just simply maintain my composure and surprise them with my resignation effective immediately and there will be no extensions. Those conniving bitches should eat my dust. Haha! Well, those two friends are really as upset as I am. And they still want me to come when they go out of town and I'll just be as normal as I can be since I will be there for them and not for the boss and her partner in crime.

Sorry ladies, I am not really like this and I don't talk trash but this time, it's really fucked up. They have been giving me nothing but rubbish! So on Monday, I am going to this company that called me yesterday asking if I am interested to work with them. And they can just shove their freakin' lingeries up their lily white asses! Those sneaky little devils.



  1. Hi Joops. Thank you.

    Working for Lauren Silva Group was a big mistake.

  2. Too bad you worked so hard, imagine getting sick because of work?? oh well, sorry for them and good for you, i hope you hand them your resignation today. hahaha.

  3. naku, they should have told you naman sana.. hay.. sorry to hear that pammy..

  4. Thanks, Charry. I will do that after getting my paycheck next week. Hehe. :P

  5. Thanks, Khymm. Lahat sana nadadaaan sa maayos na usapan eh. But no, it's like they bitch-slapped me behind my back.

  6. that is the worst case ever! I have a boss like that before, who don't like it that I'm getting sick and wouldn't even care if we commit an accident, as long as you're alive, no matter you're bleeding to death, YOU HAVE TO GO TO WORK! I'm glad I don't work for him anymore.

    Sis, *hugs* I'm sure there's always a reason for everything, that's why you found out about this early on, so you can maintain your composure and leave the company with pride! I'm sure there are better companies out there who needs your services :)

  7. Thanks, Nikki. Yeah, there must be a good reason for this to happen. I know I deserve better than that.

  8. awww hug! i hate people that talks about me behind my back too. nakakagigil. LOL. God has better plans for you pretty <3 im sure its much much better. <3

  9. Aww...thanks, Cha. You guys make me feel better. :)

  10. so sorry to hear this girl!! i know exactly how you feel, the same thing happen to me at my old job where my boss acted like we were cool and everything was going great, they even gave me a good review and said they were going to give me a raise but next thing I know they were laying people off and I was one of them! I was so mad and sad at the same time because I felt cheated and I thought me and the boss were friends and I was worth more than that and the least they could of done was give me a heads up or tell me the truth :(

    Don't worry you will definitely find a better place and work with better people..good luck to you!

  11. Amy, exactly! i wonder if they get any satisfaction at all from backstabbing other people.


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