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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flood + Work Update

Been MIA for a few days now. A few minutes after I made the "That's it!" post, water started coming in to the first floor of our house. It was something I never imagined would happen to us. That was the very first time we experienced that. Water rose in just a few minutes. We did our best to save stuff but the current was just too strong. We live in a big compound with 3 houses. We are all relatives. And ours is the only house with a second floor. So everyone started coming and bringing stuff with them. There are only 2 rooms on the second floor and it housed 4 families. One family is from San Mateo who pretty much lost everything. My kuya's (cousin) family was trapped on the second floor of their house and 2 cars went under water. While saving stuff, I even fell down the stairs because there was no electricity and I hit my head so hard it bounced back, So I ended up having a big bump on my head and a big bruise on my hip. It was a complete disaster as we relied on a few canned goods we were able to save for almost 3 days. The only time it sank in to me was when we were sorting stuff and realized I had to throw some things that belonged to my dad, mostly older than I am. I really felt bad because those are some things that reminds me of him and now I had to let go of some of the. It was a traumatizing experience in a sense that there was almost nothing to eat and we couldn't go out and buy food because the cars won't start and every store was closed and everyone's hungry. What made it even harder is having the kids tell us how hungry they were and we couldn't give them anything to eat. We are just thinking how lucky we still are because we never really lost our home. We lost part of it but we still have each other in the end. On my way to the office last night, I saw some parts of Marikina and I couldn't keep the tears from falling because it wasn't the Marikina I knew. It looked like a ghost town. We are basically natives of Marikina and seeing how devastated the place was was really hard for me. One more thing, I still have relatives in Vista Verde, Cainta who are still trapped on their roof. Lost their dogs, though. At least they are still alive. There was a speculation that a dam in Montalban, Rizal released water without warning, thus, causing the disaster. It would be hard to explain how the water rose very fast. Of course they would deny it if there is any truth to it because they will be held responsible for all the lives lost due to their stupidity. Here are some pictures I was able to take. I was supposed to take a picture of the bus moving with the water. That's how strong the current was but I was a little too late for that.

View from the second floor

The Aftermath (kitchen)

We are able to get by and we are thankful for it. However, there are families that lost their homes in our area and we would still like to extend help to them. We would like to give them food over the weekend. So please, if you can spare a few pesos for a pack of noodles or canned goods, please do let me know. Yes, my family has also been a victim but that doesn't mean we should stop helping the less fortunate ones.


I finally resigned!!! Can you believe they still asked me to report to work last night even though they knew about what happened to us. Heartless! When I got to the office, someone told me that they saw a memo being prepared for me. They are planning to terminate me so we knew I had to beat them to that. With the help of someone, she printed my resignation letter and that is effective immediately. I stated inadequate training and unhealthy employer-employee relationship as reasons. I was more specific on the latter when I explained that it was unhealthy in a sense that it is so unprofessional to scheme and connive behind an employee's back. They accepted my resignation and I got my check. Before that, I had to let the seatmate know what I had in mind, I wasn't talking to her but to the other two but I made it clear how happy I was to finally put an end to all their bullshit. I thought it was over. They, too, thought it was over. When I was about to leave, together with the other girls who are going to take their breaks, I said goodbye and the boss even had the guts to say "Bye! Take care!" in a nice way. So plastic. I was on the door and I answered back, "Yeah, I will. And I hope no one will bitch-slap me behind my back again." and went straight out. I heard her calling my name and it seemed like she was going to confront me. But I'm so tired of the drama that I ran towards the stairs and went down as fast as I could so she won't catch up on me. Can you believe I took the stairs from the 9th floor all the way down to the ground floor? When the security men saw me, they asked why I had to take the stairs and I simply told them I was exercising. :P When I got out, I saw the girls there, without the boss. They were all smiles and they told me that the boss came down with them but at the last minute decided to just go back up. Maybe she chickened out. Hehe. I don't like humiliating anyone but as for that moment, I knew how I humiliated her in front of her subordinates with my one-liner. And I don't feel guilty at all. She deserved it. It was like endorphin rush for me. My knees were shaking from both the walking and the excitement. They had to go back to the office and I had to go. So that's finally the end of my appearance at my own hell's kitchen. :P I am so happy, girls. Freedom from stress, bullshit, and the loads of crap they have given me. I'm sure there's something better in store for me. Thank you for being supportive. Mwah! :P


Thiamere and Gracie

Unfortunately, the packages for you were lying on the couch at the sala and yeah, there was water inside the pouches. Even though they were bubble-wrapped, I had to open each and every single blush and lightly stroke them with a small brush to see if they were damaged and thank God they weren't. So please don't be surprised if the seals are broken.


  1. Good for you! I mean about finally getting rid of a nasty boss and beating her to it and shaming her too! =)

    I am so sorry to hear about what happened to you and your family though. I am glad that you guys are okay. Ive been seeing the videos and pictures from badly hit places including marikina and have some relatives from Cainta as well who went missing for 2 days. God is still good, and the solidarity among filipinos here and abroad is very overwhelming. Now if we can only be like this all the time..anyway yeah glad to know you and your family are okay!

  2. thank god ok ka pammy.. whoa.. the typhoon that swept manila felt like end of days for all of us and we are lucky and BLESSED that we are left unharmed. and with the resignation thing--- YOU GO GIRL! may mga tao talagang ganun,, and unless you step up they won't stop being mean.. stay safe. godbless. :D

  3. Wow good for you for leaving the darn office! So proud of you, and its time for you to move on!!!! There are definitely better companies out there, and girl? I'm glad your safe, we are lucky!

  4. i'm sorry to hear about what happened to your house but i'm glad to finally read a post from you and know that you & family are ok sis! and good thing you were still able to resign and get the last laugh!

  5. awww...
    im so sorry to hear that you were affected by the flood.thank god you & your family are safe from the ordeal.

    it's really something that im pretty sure we would never expect in hundreds of years or so. i have not seen marikina yet, but im pretty sure that if ever i pass by that place, i would also feel what you felt. it's really horrible.

    suportahan taka,sister!
    tama ang ginawa mu! your boss or rather ex-boss is a low excuse for a person...if she does behave like that, im pretty sure she got the position dahil sip-sip siya..wehehe
    im bad

    don't worry about it,sis
    no problem with me

  6. Yay! I'm glad you finally resigned!!!
    Although I'm sorry with what happened to your home. I'm glad all of you are okay.

  7. i'm sorry about what happened to you. marikina ka pala. let us know if ever you need any help. and i'm glad you resigned already. you're right, you don't deserved to be treated like this.

  8. I'm glad you and your family are safe sis..and congrats on resigning..God bless

  9. I'm glad to know that you and your family are safe. And sis, I really like your guts. You did the right thing. :)

  10. whew! you go girl! you'll be in a better work place soon :)

    aww ondoy is just nasty :(
    glad to know that you're safe ..
    take care pretty! <3

  11. I followed the work tale from beginning to end, so exciting, hehe. I'm so happy for you!!! I can just feel your relief, it must be so liberating.:)

    On the other hand I'm sorry to hear that you were one of those affected by Ondoy. I'm glad you and your family are safe, and I find it admirable that even if you also lost so much, you still find it in you to help those who are worse off.

  12. Donnarence, thank you. I just feel lucky. And I still wanna help the others that need help more than we do.
    And yes, I had to step up.

    Nikki, thank you. I was really happy that I finally left the office and letting them know what I thought of them was really necessary.

    Ida, thank you. And yes, I was laughing right after I did that. :P

    Thiamere, thank you. And yes, what they did was really LOW. :P And you are so right, she is such an asskisser.

    Nina, I am so glad too! And I am also happy that we are safe. :P

    Crystal, thank you. A couple of friends and I are supposed to do a little community service but because of this new storm, we had to cancel for today. And yes, we need more help for the other victims. :)

    Imlee, thank you. :)

    Gale, thank you so much. :)

    Golden, thank you for the support. :)

    Cha, yeah, I am better off with another company. Thanks, dear. :)

    Soapaholic, it was like a novel with 3 parts. Hehe. It was exciting in the end when I had the last laugh. I wish there was a video of me telling her about the bitch-slapping thingie and me running down the stairs, laughing. :P Thank you. Who else would help each other? Of course, us, Filipinos. :)

  13. Unfortunately the same thing happened to me and my family. But then, we had no second floor so I got to experience the roof :-/

  14. haha! I was laughing while reading your blog! Astig! I admire you for what you did to your former boss! XD

    Let's all treat ourselves to some Stila products when our reserved goodies come ^.^

  15. Chelle, I laugh every time I remember that stairs incident. I was laughing all the way down to the ground floor and I had a dog smile on my face. It was crazy! :P

    Yeah, Stila treats. :)


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