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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mini Mini Haul

I went to the grocery with my mom, helper, my niece/goddaughter and their helper this morning. I tagged along because I wanted to go to the American 99.99 store thingie, I'm not sure of the exact store name. The little girl went with me and my mom and the two girls went straight to the grocery.

I saw lotsa make up for less than PHP100! LA Colors, Black Radiance, Aziza, Jordache, and some other brands I saw for the first time. I was checking out the nail polish rack but I didn't find the shade I was looking for so I grabbed one lip gloss instead from LA Colors. I got it in Tickled Pink. The little girl wanted a lip gloss palette but I don't think her mom would like it if I buy here one because she's onbly 6 years old. :P I got her a "fairy wand" as she called it instead. Then I saw some more make up on another section. I saw LA Colors blushes but there is only one shade and it's plummish. I grabbed it but then I just passed on it since plums never work for me. I always end up looking like I have a bruise on my cheeks. Then I got the Suave Juicy Green Apple shampoo.

The little girl got hungry and wanted siomai so we went to the siomai stall where she had her fix while I had my HongKong Style noodle fix. Followed to the grocery where I found the cosmetics section and grabbed 2 Bobbie nail polish bottles. The first one's Fave Bikini - pastel/pale purple with no shimmer stuff - and the second one's Flower Girl - a pretty candy pink nail polish (glaze).

So here's what I got for today. It's a mini mini haul.

Shampoo not included
Bobbie Nail Polish
- I will try the purple one tonight, will be my NOTW

LA Colors Moisturizing Lip Gloss - Tickled Pink
- I am loving the color, a pretty pink shade
- It has a mild fruity vanilla-ish scent to it which my nose can tolerate
- A bit pigmented and for the PHP99.99, it is worth it

On my lips

Careline Extra Shine Lip Shimmer 03
- My first time to try something from this local brand
- It is really pigmented so a little goes a long way
- The glitters is bothering me a bit, I didn't find it that moisturizing when I tried it on
- A little too sticky for my liking
- The color is really pretty, sort of berry-ish
- Has Vitamin E
- Price isn't so bad for PHP67.50

On my lips


No blushes for today. Can you believe it? Haha! :P

Anyway, I'll be watching Barbie and the Three Musketeers online with the little girl. See yah!

Ta! :P


  1. Bobbie has been coming out with pretty nail polish shades lately. I should check out the grocery/drugstore if they have new colors. haha.

    I'd like to see your NOTW :)

  2. *shocked* no blushes..I am super shocked! lol those 2 Bobbi nail polishes look very pretty!

  3. Tish, I see a lot of new pretty colors so they are worth checking out. They are just a bit runny but for a nail polish cheapskate like me, this'll do. :P

    Nikki, shocking! Haha! :P Yes, they are pretty. :P

  4. where is that store located? hehe..I don't like Bobbie nail polishes that much coz they are not that pigmented and I need to put 3-4 layers before the color show up :(

  5. Gale, so true! I had to apply 3 layers to make the purple nail polish look even. It's in Marikina Riverbanks, which is far from you, I suppose. And I heard there's one in Farmer's, Cubao. :)


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