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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is it a sin to want all these?

I want all these! But you can't have them all, right? -_-

Look at how gorgeous they look!

Benefit Coralista

Illamasqua Blush & Bronzing Duo

Illamasqua Powder Blush in Tweak (reddish pink) - what's with me and red blushes?!

CARGO Mendocino

Chanel Joues Contraste Tea Rose

But somehow, someday, I'll find a way to get my hands on them. :P

Christmas is nearing and if I'm a good girl, maybe I can have one or two. :D

Remember this blush I got for PHP85 at Saizen Daiso (Robinson's Galleria)? I decided to try it on just a few minutes ago and I swear it looked like NARS Orgasm/Deep Throat on the cheeks. Looks like I've discovered a very cheap dupe for NARS Orgasm/Deep Throat! :P

Ta! ^_^


EDIT: I just had to edit this post and show what my 6-year old niece/goddaughter gave as a belated birthday present.

It's a cute bracelet. :P

Can you believe a 6-yr old made it?

You'd better believe it. She did all these. :P

And she wanted me to take this shot of her holding all her stuff. ^_^

Kikay child, right? And she likes digging into my make up box and looking at all the blushes. I think we're gonna hit it off in a few years and be blush whores! :P


  1. Come to think of it, the price of Coralista on Tamera online is okay. Unless we buy it on with the shipping cost really cheap, then it'll be cheaper. :P But if bought from Benefit online, it's $28 + shipping. It'll most likely cost the same as the price of PHP1.8k on Tamera. Plus the waiting game. :P

  2. girl! for a blush whore like you?? YES! Its ok to want them, coz I want them too! :)

  3. Sis, it's never a sin. A girl can't have enough blushies, right? hehehe I should've gotten that coralista blush whilst in HK. For the meantime, pag may oras, pupuntahan ko ulit yung Saizen para makabili ng blush na tulad sayo sis. Maghsow kaya siya sis sa morena skin tone?

  4. Right on, sis! More blushes! :P

    Maybe it'll show. I'm not super maputi naman, I'm NC30 sa MAC and it shows really well. :P

  5. its not a sin dear! :) heehee
    im hearing lots of raves about cargo blushes! i want them too heehee

    ooh the saizen blush is intriguing heehee

  6. yeah, i never thought it could be that nice on the cheeks. :P

  7. Nothing sweeter than receiving a DIY gift from a little cute!!!
    All those blushes are beautiful, I want them all! It's not a sin! LOL

  8. Yeah, she's really sweet and thoughtful.I loved it. :)

    Yeah, let's have all those blushes! :D

  9. pammy: hay naku. yang coralista na yan. magkakaroon din ako nyan! haha. :D

  10. aww sweet cute girl! :) I love love blushes! Im pretty happy with the coastal scents blush palette but whenever I see new posts on other blushes I feel like I need to get out there and get one for myself haha subconsciously turning into a blush addict as well

  11. Maybe it's about time you explore on other blushes. But you might get hooked into it. :P

  12. You can get them all for yourself for christmas, or as advanced presents to yourself for christmas. haha! i'm getting coralista very soon :) oh Illamasqua, i've come across so many blogs about these, but i don't look into the products...dagdag gastos! :)

  13. Good idea, Ida. :P But I'll just be looking at Illamasqua for now. Hanggang tingin lang muna. :P

  14. Hey. I remember wanting / dreaming of having Cargo blushes too back in 2007. I have no idea on how I will be able to get hold of them since no relative is coming back from the us of a.

    I just saved their pictures and from time to time, I browse on them. I couldnt imagine my luck when my dad(went to sephora) gave me a Cargo set (the one with Tonga as blush) and my aunt (went on a trip) bought me a Louisiana!

    Anything is possible.

  15. ^
    That's awesome!

    I hope it'll happen to me too. Which reminds me, I can just email my cousin and have him buy me either of these blushes. :P


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