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Friday, October 23, 2009

Yum Moments: Joey Pepperoni + Outreach Goodies

My mom and I went to the grocery this afternoon to buy noodles for tomorrow's outreach thingie with my friends. I was assigned to buy 150 pieces of noodles. After that, we had late lunch and early dinner at Joey Pepperoni. It was our first time to eat there and we were not disappointed at all.

The paper place mat :P

Inside Joey Pepperoni

I like the lanterns.

Did I see that right? Pasta all you can for PHP150? Yum!

My order: Pesto with mozzarella sticks and salsa with 2 garlic breads
The whole meal with iced tea for PHP160

My mom's meal: Penne carbonara with salad and garlic bread
PHP155 for the whole meal with iced tea

I love pesto. Their pesto has potatoes and string beans. I can taste the basil and garlic and the mozzarella sticks remind me of TGIFriday's, only cheaper. My mom said that her salad and carbonara is really good. She liked the garlic bread so much she asked for one of mine. :P There is no service charge and we only paid PHP315 for both meals. It is really cheap but the food is really good. We are definitely going back to eat here again. :P Good thing we are just 15 minutes away from the place. :)

And here's the box full of noodles.
This is where all the money from my Blog Sale for a Cause went. To all those who bought from it, THANK YOU SO MUCH! It means a lot to me. There was a discrepancy with today's pick up so your items will be picked up tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

We are going to the place at 7:30am tomorrow. I hope we can make those people ion a way happy with what we have to offer. Will post pictures tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everyone! :P


  1. I haven't tried Joey Pepperoni pa but planned to! thanks for sharing your experience and great for the outreach!!! God bless your kind heart and your family, hows your li'l bro?

  2. Nikki, go try Joey. :P Yeah, I hope it will be a success tomorrow. Thank you. :P

    But I think you confused me with Thiamere. :P I do not have any siblings. :D

  3. we tried the pasta all u can before.. maka 2 plates k lng sulit na! haha :D

    oooh those mozarella sticks look goooood!

  4. hi pammy, is this joey p's at blue wave? my family loves their food kaso suuuuper bagal ng service.

  5. Hi Amy. Yes, it was so cheesy and yummy. :P

    Mia, yes they are good. I wanna try the pasta all you can. Only it's pesto all you can for me. :P

    Arg, yes it's the Joey Pepperoni at Blue Wave/Marquinton. Kinda slow nga their service. :P

  6. i love pasta! the food looks good. and good to know their prices are affordable :)

    btw sis i received the package last week, thanks a lot! i would've bought more if i weren't on a no-buy and if i had more budget. hope your outreach went well!

  7. Ida, yes, the food is good and the prices are affordable. :P

    Thank you for buying sis and it went well. :)


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