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Friday, October 16, 2009

Where to go for product reviews...

Before buying any product, I always make sure to check out reviews first before hitting the mall. I have to base my decision on other people's reviews and of course, if my lemming is really strong. I would rather use a product that has been tried and tested by other people than risk being the first to use it. Here are some websites that I often check and feel very helpful when it comes to checking out reviews.

These are some of the websites I visit and find very helpful. (In no particular order)

1. MakeUpAlley - This is my number one go-to for make up reviews. It provides reviews from different people with different types of skin, different skin tones, colors, and from different countries. I always consider the reviews here before finally giving in to one product.

2. Girltalk - Since this is a Filipino website, I really take the time to read on product reviews here about the products available here in the Philippines. And this is one of the reasons why I got hooked into make up. You'll discover new goodies as reviewed and recommended by fellow girltalkers. Here is where I discovered DWH Toner, ACV as toner, OCM.

3. Blogs - I love reading blogs. I have fun reading product reviews, seeing hauls, and even rants. I always find it cool when bloggers get to show products that are really awesome and especially the cheap ones tht turns out to be really good finds.

4. Temptalia - I always go to this website for collections and swatches. Other than reviews, seeing swatches of products such as blushes and lippies is one factor I consider before buying anything.

5. Youtube - I really like product reviews and tutorials.

6. Pebble - This is a recently-discovered website for me. I checked it out the first time and find it to be a helpful one. It doesn't only come with make up reviews. I like that you can find reviews and Q&A's about the latest gadgets as well. And it does not only show reviews when you search on a product. It also shows the items available at different stores at bargain prices which is really cool.

7. Make up talk - Another make up forum which I also find helpful reviews at.

Of course, googling a product for reviews is one thing I always do and it leads me to different sites like the ones I mentioned. When in doubt, Google it. :P


  1. i love checking out makeup alley and girltalk too!

    youtube is very helpful as well, not just for product reviews.

    will check out pebble. it's the first time ive heard of that. :)

  2. gT and make up alley..spektra and temptalia for swatches...blogs and videos for the makeup tut and review hehe..thanks for the pebbleeeee

  3. I'm a big fan of MUA! It's terrible, though, because it makes me buy more hahaha. I also like Cozycot, though a lot of their stuff aren't available here. I'm not a big fan of GT because a lot of members use textspeak, which drives me crazy. I can't stand it hahaha.

  4. makeupjunkie, yes, those websites are really helpful. Go check pebbles, it's good not only for make up reviews.

    Sol, how could I forget Specktra! Silly me. :P

    Shobe, I totally agree with everything you said. :P

    Kaye, i'm not a fan of cozycot. :P however, you are so right about GT. It really annoys me when I see red textspeak thingies on some members' post. Typing each letter is absolutely free. Tsk tsk.

    Khymm, you're a super girltalker. :P

  5. also i go to specktra if im looking for swatches

  6. Pareho tayo. I also google products before buying them. And of course, I also check Girltalk for feedbacks. Girltalk is very helpful, it taught me how to become kikay. LOL.

  7. Vsnilla, silly me forgot Specktra. :P

    Golden, yep. It is indeed very helpful. :) And I started to really like make up because of GT. It probably is innate but GT has such BI powers. :P

  8. i love makeup alley!! Recently i got into girl talk (and I see you post there haha) because id rather get stuff that I can buy locally so girltalk helps a lot! :) I go to temptalia to drool at new collections. I also like modelmayhem, to research on techniques and good products esp for photoshoots hehe

  9. Modelmayhem? I'll check it out. :P And yes, I see you at GT too. :P


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