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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Product Review: Saizen Ellefar Powder Foundation

This is the powder foundation I got at Saizen (Daiso) last week. I remember stating that this is a must-buy on my Back with Hauls post. And yes, this is indeed a must buy. Want to know why? Read on.

*I'm keeping this review short and sweet because my internet connection is acting up once again. It has the freaking speed of a dial up connection. Did all the tech stuff I know but still.... Jeez!*

- Very cheap! Costs only PHP85 (a little over $1.50).
- Coverage is really good.
- Texture is silky and powder is finely milled.
- Smooth and flawless finish.
- Unscented. No make up-y smell that I hate.
- Blends well with the skin.
- Buildable coverage.
- Locally available at Saizen (Robinson's Galleria)
- Compact is small and sleek and light and can easily fit any purse.

- Only a few shades to choose from.
- Compact looks a little cheap.

- Made in China. I have nothing against Chinese made products and our Chinese friends :P but with the melamine scandal that broke out earlier, I have to be a little careful.

Will I buy again? Undecided as of this moment. I have 6 other foundations to use up.

Overall rating: 4.75/5

See how it blended well with my skin? I like it! :P
Go get yourself one. With the price, you've nothing to lose. And you might even like it. :)


  1. Waa! I have to try that! I hope Saizen will invade Baguio soon.

    Have a nice day sis! Mwah!

  2. Golden, I hope so too. You'll keep coming back. :P

    I am having a nice rainy day. I hope you are too. :)

  3. great things doesn't have to be expensive no? i'm glad this is a good buy

  4. Wow, I wish Robinson's Galleria was closer to my home.

  5. It's worth going to, Chrissy. You'll find lotsa cute stuff there. :)

  6. wow.pretty foundation from saizen!
    i hope they have my shade <3
    arghh.hindi pa din ako nakakapunta hehehe.
    thanks for the review sis <3

  7. Sure, Cha. Naku, you should drop by Saizen na. :P

  8. im missing a lot by not going to saizen
    it's nice to find hidden gems,no?

    a nice product that doesn't break the bank..

  9. I'm Chinese, and I'd rather not use China-made beauty products :) I'm with you on the quality issues. China should try to improve its product quality standards if it wants to be taken seriously as a global producer, right?

    Anyway, I should drop by Saizen soon! It's been a long time :) I keep ignoring the beauty stuff there since I don't know the brands. I should check out their stuff, especially the charcoal mask!

  10. Thiamere, you should really drop by Saizen one of these days. And it won't really hurt your wallet unless you totally hoard. :P

    Kaye, you are so right. They should improve on the quality of the products. :) And yes, go get the charcoal masque. But it takes forever to restock. :(


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