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Sunday, February 5, 2012

In The Limelight: Kanebo Coffret D'Or Beauty Lasting Liquid UV - A Product Review

From being an avid powder foundation user, I slowly switched to liquid foundations. I thought the latter isn't suited for my skin type - combination-oily - so I avoided them at all cost. It was only until the last quarter of 2010 that I have started using liquid foundation. I must say that I liked it better because it looks so much more natural than powder foundation, of course, still depending on what formulation and coverage you prefer and how and how much you apply. I prefer sheer-light because I don't like the mask and cement-like feel some liquid (and cream) foundations give, not to mention how heavy it feels on the skin which possibly does not allow my skin to breathe.

Anyway, I realized just recently that Japanese brands of liquid foundation work best for me because I have let go of those Western brands (I'm still talking about foundation) in my stash though the last one standing is YSL Matt Touch Foundation which I will be reviewing pretty soon. As some of you know by now, I adore Kanebo and my HG powder foundation is also from the same brand. So I couldn't pass up the chance to own the liquid version of the Coffret D'Or Beauty Lasting variant that was being sold online which is the product in the limelight for this post.

Huh. I really do tend to blab.

According to Kanebo Coffret D'Or, this is what Beauty Lasting Liquid UV is:

Formulated with Pure Proof Powder
A soft, dewy translucency. For truly pure skin that lasts.

Liquid foundation that offers a more lush and soft touch than ever before, creating skin with refinement. Covers textures and pores, while comfortably blending with skin and freshly applied elegant finish that lasts for hours.

What I like:
  • The packaging looks wonderful without the heavy feel. The cap, however, can be used to get your fingerprints in case the cops suspect you of something bad.
  • It has SPF 26 PA++. Though this can never be a substitute for sunscreen, I like that it already contains such especially on days when I am in a hurry, which I usually am.
  • The texture is kinda watery which makes it easy to spread on the face. However, it can get a bit drippy so make sure that your face is ready to catch the foundation.
  • It feels very light on the skin, as if I use just a tinted moisturizer.
  • Dries to a matte finish while still allowing your skin's natural glow to show.
  • Scented but it isn't something that bothers me, given how sensitive my nose is to scents.
  • Stays on my combi-oily skin for a long time though I need to touch up every 4 hours, which isn't really that bad for me.
  • Once it mixes with the natural oils on my face, my skin looks dewy and not disgustingly oily.
  • Does not oxidize on me. The shade BE-B matches my skin tone well. Though on flash photography, my face looks lighter than my neck which could very well be due to the SPF in it.
  • No break outs, no allergic reactions either.
  • I think it's still locally available on most Kanebo counters nationwide.

What I don't like:
  • It only contains 25mL
  • Pretty pricey for $39.5 or Php 1685 if purchased in HK but that's still much cheaper than if you purchase this locally as I'm pretty sure it costs more than 2k.
  • It dries easily so you better be quick in spreading and blending it on your skin.
  • If you prefer full coverage, you might not like this as it provides light coverage. You still need to use concealers for dark circles and blemishes.

Overall rating: 4.75/5

Will I buy again? If I run out of foundations and if this is still available, I would, but only online. I remember mentioning in one of my posts that the Coffret D'Or line is being discontinued according to the local Kanebo SAs, but seeing the Coffret D'Or website being still up, I'm keeping my hopes up. :)

Have you tried any Kanebo foundations?

Have a wonderful second week of February, everyone! :)



  1. Huh. I really do tend to blab.- LOL! cute mo tlg PammY babe!xox

  2. It think it looks nice on you.. :) did you buy this online?

    1. Thank you, dear. :) Yes, I got it online. I almost do all my shopping online except for shoes, clothes, and necessities. :D

  3. This foundation looks good on you. Does Kanebo have many shade selections?

    1. Glad you asked! I failed to mention that with Kanebo, there are usually seven shades to choose from. :)

  4. It looks really great on you. I agree though, you would need a separate sunscreen as well.

    1. Thank you. Agreed, though it's something I almost always forget. ;D

  5. I've heard great things about Kanebo foundations but haven't tried any myself. It's too bad they're discontinuing this one because it sounds really good in your review. I prefer dewy finishes over matte ones too :)

  6. pammy they're discontinuing it at rustan's but it will be sold in landmark and robinson's. :) so don't fret. you make me wanna try this one too. :p i like the kanebo lunasol foundie hihi~ i got tons of samples which i am about to run out of soon. :(

    1. I can't thank you enough for the good news, sugarpaopao, that I am willing to buy you ten Happy Lemon RCS in one go! :D

      You gotta try this!

  7. yay! another foundation brand to try! thanks for the review ^^
    it looks natural on you.. i love the coverage!

  8. oooh i super love your lipstick shade in the pic you used here.
    this article made me wanna try this foundation ^_^ i have the kanebo mineral liquid foundation and i really like that. i would like to try something dewy like this one you reviewed here ^_^ thanks for sharing

    1. This foundation is great if you like sheer-light coverage ones and if you do not need to do a lot of concealing, or probably just too lazy to do some concealing (like me!). :D

      The lipstick is MAC Sheen Supreme in Ultra Darling, by the way. :)

  9. LOL at the fingerprint thing! I like how it looks on you :) And that even though it dries matte, your face doesn't look matte-flat :D

    1. Thank you. That's completely true and that's the reason why I fell in love with this foundation. :)

  10. you are glowing there!! this is sucha detailed review - thank you! I haven't used foundation in such a long time... I love Japanese Base - their bb creams are excellent :D

  11. Oh no, I hope they don't discontinue this! It looks great on you, as in! From your cheek color to your lips, this by far is my fave FOTD of you, Grace. Super luv!


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