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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm hoping...

...that someday, there will no longer be violence.
...that we will no longer live in a sick and sad world.
...that no man will ever lose his life in the hands of another man who has no divine right to take another person's life.
...that mankind will have high regard for a person's life.

No more killings, please. I'm getting tired of the news all over the world about murder, violence, deaths. But I can only hope.


After the torture incident, the rest of the world will once again despise us for the hostage taking that took place earlier here in Manila. I'm sure videos are now posted in YouTube and are getting nasty comments that sometimes attack us as a nation - a country so violent where innocent tourists gets hostaged and shot to death. Double whammy as the earlier incident involved a policeman and now, another policeman (or ex) got involved. What's happening to our policemen is beyond my understanding. All I know is that no one deserved to die, not even the hostage taker.

My sincerest condolences to everyone who lost their loved one.

No one in that incident deserved to die. Not a single soul.


  1. I really feel for this post of yours Ms. Pammy... Probably the whole world is watching our country right now because of the unfortunate incident yesterday. So I agree when u said that we could only hope as well as pray for the betterment of our nation…

  2. the hostage taking yesterday really sadden and terrified lots of people i hope everything will be better.
    God bless the Philippines

  3. Lady Mitchelli, yeah. We surely need hope and prayers for the betterment of the whole wide world. :P

    Cha, yeah. I hope so too. God bless the whole world. :P

    Seriously though, I don't think the man was evil. Something definitely ticked him off and brought him to insanity. There always has to be a stimulus in every action a man makes. In this case, his own injustice even before he did this horrible thing was the stimulus. Anyway, I hope the country can still rise up and start over.

  4. :( may the victims rest in peace... I really hope that the police learn from their major mistake/s and be more efficient with handling situations like this. after everything our country has been through, im still proud to be a filipino.

  5. So sad no? How lives can easily be taken away from you :*(

    God bless the victims and the people who watched it and were traumatized!

  6. grabe pams when i was watching it parang wala akong masabi kung di "bakti may taong ganyan pa" buti nalang yung mga kids pinaalis ata,but still.lives were lost

  7. G, I, too, am still proud to be a Filipino. It's just sad reading comments of our fellow Filipinos saying how ashamed they are of their country and of being a Filipino. Be ashamed of the act but never your being a Filipino.

    Nikki, really sad. I feel for both the victims and their families as well as the HT and his family too.

    Camille, I couldn't watch the live telecast but after seeing everything on youtube, grabe. I can only shake my head.

  8. I saw news about what happened in Manila :( Very sad!!!


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