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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Skin Consultation with Clinique + ELF Studio Eyeshadow

I was scheduled yesterday to be skin typed by a Clinique consultant at the Clinique Counter in Rustan's Makati. I received an invite from Ms. May Samson of Clinique, unfortunately, I was not able to meet her yesterday as my Mom and I already left Makati when I read a couple of SMS from her that she was already at the counter. :(

The Clinique stuff + the 2 Elf Studio Eyeshadows I bought from a fellow girltalker.

When I was skin typed, I was surprised that I have Dry Combination skin, which is Type 2, as opposed to what I have thought all along that I have Combination Oily skin. It is because my cheeks are dry and there are sometimes flakiness and tightness on that area without moisturizer. I was given samples of the 3-Step Skin Care System and I started using it last night. Will post my review once I have finished all the samples.

I also received a sample of Long Last Lipstick in Berry Freeze and a Lash Power Mascara in Black Onyx.

Here's how Berry Freeze looks like.
I will do a separate review on this lipstick but I like it. I was lemming for a red lippy and this is somewhat red with a hint of brown. Really nice! :P

Anyway, here are the 2 eyeshadows from ELF Studio Line - Mystic Moss and Pebble.

Left: Pebble; Right: Mystic Moss

Swatches (Pebble and Mystic Moss)

I will do a review on these eyeshadows too. Between the two, I am liking Mystic Moss more. :)

Anyway, weekend's almost here. :P


  1. are the clinique stuff samples? glad to know you finally got to be sure of your skin type! hehe you make me want to go too! I was just there last sunday. lurvey's SIL bought some Clinique too! :)

  2. G, yes they are samples. I'd still like to think my skin's Combi Oily because I woke up with so much oil on my face this morning, (gross, I know), and I used the DDML last night. The consultant's nice and accommodating, go! :P

  3. wow you got a lot of samples pammy! hehe.. i recently got skin-typed too! Glad I have normal skin with slightly oily t-zone hehe

  4. I want to have my skin assessed too! Can they check on my skin too even wala akong bibilhin? :P

  5. oh wow they assess your skin at the counter? that's great, cuz I really don't know what my skin type is. I love the clinique moisturizer you got, I used that for years!

  6. Khymm, good for you that you only have slightly oily t-zone. :P

    Bec, I think so. :)

    Nikki, oo nga.I find it weird because you talk about your dry skin and I talk about my oily skin. :P

    Pop Champagne, yes they did. Wow, glad it works for you. :P


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