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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yum Moments: Random Dishes and Black Forest Cheesecake

How's your weekend, everyone? Anyway, it's been a year since I've posted anything food-related. There are a lot of food here today since it's my uncle and aunt's birthdays today. I'd just like to share some pics of those yummy dishes.

Roasted chicken in lemongrass and pepper, shanghai rolls, barbecue, pininyahang manok (chicken in pineapple and milk), and cassava cake.

They saved these for me since I woke up in the evening but I only had 3 sticks of barbecue. Haha! :P

There was also shabu shabu and menudo but it was all gone in less than half an hour. Was not even able to taste it.

For dessert, there was blackforest cheesecake.

Cake without the cream cheese icing.

Cream cheese and cherry filling.

With cream cheese icing and cherries and shredded chocolate on top.

Here's my small share.Not a huge fan of chocolate as I do not have a sweet tooth. Only ate the icing and cherry here though. :P

It was fun making the cream cheese icing. Yum!

Happy Monday tomorrow! :P


  1. Haha! I just realized that I'm a bit hungry and barbecue and icing aren't enough. :P

  2. hi, new follower here. i can't help but comment. the food looks good and made me hungry.

  3. Hi Eliza. Thanks for following my blog. I am hungry too. :P

  4. wooohhhh...

    that looks so yummy!
    i love pininyahang manok

    the cake looks good!

    cream cheese! it's been a while since i've had cream cheese.
    i knew i should have bought that tub of Philadelphia cream cheese a while ago..hehe

    hope you are having a great day,hun!

  5. nomnomnom!!
    the roast chicken is calling my name LOL. :)

    aww you're not a chocolate fan? :(
    chocolate is one of my friends heehee.

  6. Thiamere, pininyahan is one of my fave Filipino dishes together with sinigang. :P I love cream cheese to. I sometimes end up eating it without any bread or crackers. :)

    Cha, the roast chicken was yummy. Yeah, not a chocolate lover. Except for curly and flat tops. :P


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